MapleStory Afterlands – The Ultimate Guide

Are you an online gaming enthusiast? If you are, you are probably familiar with the game MapleStory. If you haven’t yet played the game, you should know that it is well worth your time.

MapleStory is a 2D premier MMORPG side-scrolling, launched by Wizet, a South Korean Company, in April 2003. Over the years, several narratives of the game were introduced for specific regions or countries, each getting published by different companies. Nexon, Shanda, AsiaSoft, Gamania were included in this list.

In the game, you have to explore the Maple World. To move ahead, you need to defeat the monsters and develop their characters’ abilities and skills, just like other RPGs. MapleStory also allows you to interact with other players in multiple ways. Furthermore, you can create or join a group of players to join parties to hunt monsters and share rewards. 

This article will explain what the Afterlands on MapleStory are and other noteworthy features of this game. The Afterlands are a type of dungeon that is only available to people who have reached level 130 in MapleStory. The monsters in the dungeons are more robust than in the regular playing world. The rewards are rare items and equipment. Afterland bosses also drop the best equipment for the character’s level range so that it can be worth training.

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What Are the Afterlands?

The Afterlands are a type of dungeon that is only available to people who have reached level 130 in MapleStory. In these dungeons, you will find many monsters that are much stronger than those you would be able to see in the regular world and rare items and equipment that are not common in the game. Afterland bosses also drop the best gear for players’ level range so that it can be worth training.

MapleStory’s Afterlands: MapleStory’s Afterlands is a zone that is primarily divided into three areas:

  • Afterworlds is the area that all of the Afterworld bosses come from. 
  • Bazar is the main store that has some fun items and cosmetic upgrades. 
  • Offices are the last to act in the game, where players go to turn in quests or for supplies.

Why Should You Explore Them?

Players will encounter this monster after a room has been cleared. Gamers can also farm these monsters for specific items that are not obtained anywhere else. There are many powerful bosses. They all have 10% or more monster resistances. Some may drop quivers, bows, shields, boots, chest pieces, and other items. After the player has completed the dungeon, they will get the following rewards: 

  • Tome of the Fallen 
  • Seal of the Elements
  • Seal of the Storm Darksword
  • Garb of the Sky 
  • Queen Farewell Coin

The Afterlands are available after you’ve reached level 130. The Trophy Room is the first boss faced after entering the Afterlands.

Before accepting this task, players should make sure they have enough potions, equipment, storage space (both USE and ETC), and no other MapleStory work to finish. ETC inventory space is very important since you must gather a total of 13 keys as well as a variety of other things along the course, so having at least four lines available (16 slots) is the absolute minimum I’d recommend.

While you may enter and exit the Afterlands quest at any time, I usually suggest doing it in one session to avoid any bugs. It’s also worth noting that the option to escape the Afterlands is only accessible once you’ve progressed about a third of the way through the mission.

Other things to remember while finishing the Afterlands quest include:

  • Make sure you’ve set your basic attack to a key since you’ll need it for a few sections of this guide.
  • Your character’s level affects the content.
  • Remember to keep your NPC chat key pressed to have conversation go along much more quickly.
  • You may store certain things if you intend to finish the quest on several MapleStory classes. This will help you complete the task faster in the future.

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Where Can You Find Them?

The following is an in-depth guide to locating Afterlands bosses in MapleStory, as well as information on the specific items and boss rewards you’ll find. 

Players should walk through the Afterlands, but first, they will need to find the Afterlands. Each zone has its unique layout, so a map of them is located inside the city of MapleStory. First, open your map and navigate to the Afterlands or your town if you haven’t yet reached it. 

The first part of the map that you will be able to see contains all of the zones, and it is divided into eight sections:

  • Centre Maple Canyon
  • Elm Canyon
  • Black Canyon 
  • Maple Valley 
  • Vermillion Valley 
  • Grass Canyon 
  • Andean Canyon 

Note: These zones and the ones around them aren’t finalized as the game developers are constantly updating the game.

Rewards for Exploring the Afterlands

There are several rewards to be gained by exploring the Afterlands. 

  • Equipment: Find a boss to beat in an Afterland area. The bonus will be equipment that is better than anything you would get in the regular game. The items can range from equipped weapons and shields to legendary outfits and revered weapons. 
  • Daily Quest Items: Once you defeat a boss, you can redeem a daily quest from the NPC, Disco Hood (or Bellwether Hood depending on the Afterland you are in), for a random chance at a piece of equipment.

The Items Dropped 

The monsters can be hard to fight, especially for new players, as they are often so powerful that you might not be able to kill them before they respawn. Some of the monsters will be easy to kill, though, such as Green Greevil, who can be just as easily destroyed as one of the monsters you may have encountered in the regular game. When you reach the Afterland, you will receive a quest to kill the first set of five Afterland bosses. You can also add up to three other players to your party, which means you can team up for these dungeon quests to kill the bosses. After you have all cleared five Afterlands, you can use the option to “join this world.” This will allow you to stay in this world, letting you play in whatever dungeon dungeons you want.

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