The Ultimate Phantom Skill Build Guide In Maplestory

The Phantom is a unique class in MapleStory that can steal skills from other classes. This ability is a beginner Phantom skill known as the “Skill Swipe” and can take skills from different classes and then use them as its own.

A Phantom can steal and hold about 4 1st job skills, 4 2nd job skills, 3 3rd job skills, 2 4th job skills, and 2 hyper skills in its loadout. However, only one skill can be used for each job at a go.

Different situations call for different skills to be used; therefore, you should consider changing your loadout to be prepared for any environment.

The following are a few recommended skills to steal as a Phantom;

1st Job Skills

The 1st Job skills that you should steal are Haste, Dark Sight, and Cardinal Deluge.

Although in the 1st job, there are no buffs that significantly impact your character, you should pick Haste because it makes a difference in your speed and job boosts.

With Dark Sight, your character can become invisible and you can use this to dodge a few boss attacks.

2nd Job Skills

The second job skill to steal is Rage from Warriors, which increases your attack power and all of your party members while reducing the effect of any damage you receive.

You could also steal Heal, although it’s not functional until you reach bossing.

3rd Job Skills

The third job skills to steal are Holy Symbol and Dark Surge.

Holy Symbol is to be stolen from the Bishops. It increases the EXP you and your party members get from monsters. It will aid you in leveling up faster.

Dark Surge is to be stolen from the Dark Knights, and it impressively increases your final damage.

Dark Surge can be beneficial for bossing and training.

4th Job Skills

The fourth job skills to steal are Final Cut and Cannon Bazooka.

Final Cut is to be stolen from the Blade Masters, and it significantly increases your final damage. For about sixty seconds, your final damage will be increased by forty percent (+40%) when you activate Final Cut.

It is handy for bossing, although it can be handy for training players who have problems taking down enemies.

Cannon Bazooka is to be stolen from Cannon Masters. It gives players the ability to kill up to eight monsters at a time.

It is a fantastic skill for training because apart from its kill ability, it has a very long hitbox.

Hyper Skills

While you only have two slots for your hyper skills loadout, there are three skills that you should consider stealing. Out of the three, two are more suited for bossing while one is for training.

The first skill you should consider for your loadout is Bullseye Shot, and it is obtained from Marksmen. For thirty seconds, it dramatically increases your damage, critical damage, ignore enemy damage, and critical rate. When paired with burst, it is a truly formidable skill to have.

Sacrosanctity is the second bossing skill you should consider, and it is obtained from Paladins. It makes you invisible for thirty seconds.

The third hyper skill you should consider is Inferno Aura which is obtained from Fire Poison Arch Mages. It is handy for training because it continuously deals out damage to all the surrounding enemies every three seconds for a total time of thirty seconds.

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