How to Help Nyhofn Hunters in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

You can find Nyhofn Hunters in the game Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in the Vinland region. The game’s objective is to help Nyhofn hunters complete a new World event called Breaking Teeth, Not Hearts. It is a quest that can be trickier than you expect. Well, if you find yourself here to take this quest, you are at the right place because we will explain how you can navigate through it.

Normally, once you reach the Vinland region, you will be required to help some hunters to kill a mountain lion that has been terrorizing the area. Even from the quest’s name, you will understand that it can be pretty complicated than what you see – “Breaking Teeth, Not Hearts.” So, whose teeth and not hearts are you going to deal with? Let’s get started.

Where to Find Nyhofn Hunters in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

We’ve already given you a clue where to find Nyhofn Hunters. You must identify it on the map. You can find the Nyhofn hunting part on the eastern side of Vinland. You will find the hunters by a small fire talking about their next prey. You will hear them talking about whether it is a puma or mountain lion. However, the challenge is when you walk towards them, you might only see two or more hunters. The more the hunters, the bigger the party.

What is so special about this quest or world event? While you might want to finish the event immediately, it should be the last in Vinland since the other NPC you find and help will also join the hunters’ party. Nevertheless, the secret is to know what they need to hear that won’t break their hearts.

How to Gather the Hunters for the Hunting Party

Since you know that the more the hunters, the stronger the hunting party, how do you gather more hunters? Well, you need to recruit these hunters before going to the hunting party spot. Here is how you can recruit these hunters.

Once you finish the Flight of Fancy World Event, both Arne and Arne’s master will unconditionally join the hunters’ party. All you need is to complete the mission, and everyone will join the party.

Completing the Ursine Takeover mission and saving the Norse Man trapped by the bears is another booster. If the Norse man didn’t die, he would join the party.

If you complete A Dead Man’s Tale and collect the dead hunter’s body for his sister, you can invite her to the hunter party. However, you need to pick the correct answer when inviting her.

With these three additional hunters in the party, you have somewhere to start. Since you didn’t break their hearts by helping them in their difficult situation, they will attend the party. Once the party is ready, you can talk to the hunters standing close to the fire.

Once the event begins, follow the hunters towards the northwest side to take you to the hunting spot. With the hunters supporting you, the mountain lion doesn’t stand any chance to stop you. The lion will be easy prey for you to conquer.

To complete the event, you need to kill the mountain lion. The event ends once you kill the lion, and the hunters will return to Nyhofn. Remember, after completing the event, you should visit them to hear what they say. 

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