Stellaris: What is Mastery of Nature and How Does it Work?

There is a noticeable hype about the Mastery of Nature in Stellaris. Let’s understand from 2 different Stellaris players how they feel about the Mastery of Nature (MoN) and how they take advantage of its various benefits. 

Stellaris is a strategy evaluation game series set in the year 2200 in space. Users control a species at the dawn of space exploration, just after the advent of starship technology. The user is in charge of a variety of ships, comprising research, engineering, and warships. The focus of combat is more on the larger picture, planning, and tactics. Coalitions and trade partnerships with other races also create diplomatic possibilities. 

The gameplay begins with the selection of a civilization, its ethics, and technological capabilities. Changing the ethics of an extraterrestrial can change the appearance of information, although any race can get any of the spacecraft construction styles. The player starts with a lone planet, a building ship, a research ship, three tiny warships, and a spaceport in their domain. Exploring and colonizing space is the center of early gameplay, while diplomacy and empire management are the focus of mid-game activities.

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Mastery of Nature (MoN) – What is it?

Mastery of Nature is a perk in Stellaris, previously in Tier 0 but currently a Tier 1 perk as a result of its slow effect in the game’s early stages. With that in mind, the more you advance through Stellaris, the stronger impact MoN has.

A great advantage of Mastery of Nature is that it saves energy for you, but its primary goal is to increase the number of maximal districts present on your planets. Since these can get quite expensive, Mastery of Nature can reduce their overall administration cost.

Now, let’s dive into Master of Nature (MoN), as two different Stellaris players (Mascen and Tokryva) see it.

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Mascen’s Mastery of Nature Gameplay

In his games, Macsen loves to take MoN early and often. The benefit includes free tile-blocker-removal specialists and a discount on tile cleaning. The free experts and less affordable power generation unblocking expenses have a genuine influence in the early game when pay is lower. In the early stages, the experts alone will typically cost as much as 20 months each. To remove most tile blockages, you’ll need 100 energy and minerals.

This means that MoN now saves 16 months’ worth of resources and several months’ amount of minerals. Macsen’s energy store will be depleted quickly due to the costs of colonization and armada support, and he has been spending his mineral income every month to stay under the restrictions. 

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Tokryva’s Mastery of Nature Gameplay

Tokryva points out that Mastery of Nature’s free experts can be obtained through normal means, whilst the other ascension advantages provide permanent benefits. You can crush each tile blocker evacuation just by exploring. What exactly is it that you want them to be in the spotlight for? Tokryva mentions that the free techs in Mastery of Nature can be obtained through conventional means, whereas the other arrival perks provide benefits that do not expire.By simply investigating, you can achieve every tile blocker removal. How do you even have them right away?

Tokryva is entirely accurate in that Mastery of Nature becomes less useful to the point of becoming essentially meaningless over time. 

Regardless, because he splits his custom selects between two trees, his climb perk decision took longer than it should have. Surprisingly, he did this to concentrate on the exploration custom from Discovery, but given the low investigation point reward of the early game, the percent reward from the practice will set aside some effort to make up for the lost time to the free exploration that comes with Mastery of Nature. 

Tokryva prefers a deal that has more solid earlier capability and engagement. Regardless, a good player will almost always win a game of Stellaris against the AI in the long run. 

When it comes to determining whether or not a starting position will eventually lead to domination in the hands of a solid player, we need to look at decisions in terms of how quickly they will arrive to such a condition, not whether or not they will. All things considered, it is possible to dominate a Stellaris match without using any advantages! It may feel bad later on when you see the futility of holding space, but early progress is critical to quickly and successfully attaining a solid step. 

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