How Does A Premium Water Of Life Work?

Has your pet turned into a doll and you don’t know how to revive it? Well, we know what you need to revive it. 

To give new life to your pet, you need Premium Water of Life.

Don’t know what it is? Let’s know with this article in detail about premium water of life and how you can get it.

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What Is Premium Water Of Life?

Premium Water of Life is an incredible element in Maplestory. You can get it purchased from a cash store to expand the expiration duration of animals to thirty days. In MapleStory, your several pets are merely functional for ninety days, although sometimes permanent pets can get bought from the Cash Store.

How Can You Get Premium Water For Life?

After the expiration of 90 days, the pet changes into a doll. For further playing, you need to restore the pet. 

To restore your pet, buy a Premium Water of Life from the Pets Store by using the Pet Skills section of the Cash Store. The item amounts to 1450 NX. Earlier it was 2400 NX.

You will also get it from the Maple Rewards Shop under the Event section. The payment amount is also the same here.

Double click on the item to move the Cash inventory item to Character inventory. Again click twice on the commodity to restore the pet. Plus, it will drive the piece from your Cash inventory to the character’s inventory.

Now in case you have more pets, you can choose anyone you like to restore. Restoring a pet will bestow it another ninety days of existence. 

In the case of non-reboot servers, getting yourself to purchase Wondrous Wonderberry of Wisp from the Cash Shop may give a Water of Life (Concentrated) that can revive pets for max. 90 days. The choice will amount to 4000 NX.

You will also get some more pet consumables with it. You will get the Blue Chick, Fruity Explosion Cherry Chick, and Choke Chick pets which you can use to obtain the skill of Fruity Explosion. This skill will boost your Magic Attack and Weapon Attack.

You will also earn pets like SlimeBuggy, Dalsoo, Yeticab, and Balloon Dog. Moreover, you will also get a pack of ten organic wonder cookies along with them.

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Some Other Important Things About MapleStory

What Is A Pet Dog Vacuum?

You can also call it pet dog vac or pet vacuum. It is a commodity that compiles all your collected stuff from monsters or bosses straight into your stock like a vacuum cleaner. You can purchase it from Shop of Aries Point for 24 hours and seven days.

You can also buy it for a maximum of 15 days. In between Animal Interface, all kinds of animals highlight their abilities and set results. 

Besides, you can provide a family pet as a feed to benefit yourself. In extension, you will get the skill to glimpse at all three animals along with their expiry date. You can enrich benefits in the cash shop to acquire stuff that generally costs NX or collect a rebate on some other material in the money store.

Are Pet Skills Permanent In MapleStory?

Your pet skills are lasting once pertained, even if your pet expires itself. Nonetheless, you must employ the pet skill within ninety days unless you need to purchase it again.

How Can You Get Pets In Reboot?

To get pets in the reboot, you only needed to get three Hilla Pets. To obtain them, reach level 200. Give your best and win a Hilla Pet. You could have this pet for at least one in ninety days.

Summing It Up

That’s all about Premium Water of Life. We hope you have a good time playing a game. Share this article with your game buddies. Furthermore, you can make enhancements to the information given above by writing it down in the comments section below.

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