How to Gift Items in Dota 2?

Dota 2 is not just a game, but a network where the community bonds together and allows their relationship to strengthen. In the gaming world, a way through which you can strengthen your bond with other gamers is by giving gifts to other players.

Although the process of giving a gift to a Dota 2 friend is pretty straightforward, there is still a prerequisite that must be taken care of in order to send/receive a gift to your Dota 2 community.

The first condition of sending a gift to another player is that the specific player must be your friend in the game for the past year.  However, this condition can be reduced to a minimum of 30 days in one case. You must have the Mobile Authenticator of Steam Guard activated on your Steam account, in order to bring down the restriction to 30 days.

If you are a pro at this game, and have been playing this game for quite some time, then making long term friends at Steam won’t be a problem for you.

Now let us look further to learn how gift items can be traded in Dota 2.

If you are familiar with the dynamics of the game, then you must agree that the process of sending gifts to other uses in Dota 2 is very simple.

The standard procedure of sending gifts to your Dota 2 friends can be done by using the gaming app itself.

Firstly, you have to open the Dota 2 gaming app. Then you have to select the Armory icon, which is located at the uppermost corner on the left side of your screen.

Next up, you must move the cursor towards the gift you wish to send to your friend.

Following that, you have to right-click on that specific icon, followed by a left-click on the option of ‘gift wrap’.

Now you have to select that specific friend you wish to send a gift to, click on that person’s name name and then double click on OK. Your gift will be sent instantly.

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Sending Gifts on Steam

If you are fond of sending gifts to your friends in the Dota 2 community, you must know that sending gifts through the game is not the only way to send gifts. There is another way of doing that as well, which is sending it through steam. To know further about sending gifts through steam, instead of the gaming app itself, follow the procedure listed below to send gifts by using steam.

  1. Firstly, you will need to launch the Steam window.
  2. Next up you have to go through the Games drop down menu on the screen.
  3. You now have to click on the ‘select gifts’ or ‘guest passes’ icon.
  4. From the list of games, you have to select Dota 2.
  5. Now you have to pick up the gift you wish to send to your friends by pressing Send.
  6. Lastly, you have to decide how you would like to send the gift. There are two options for that. Firstly you can send it through email. Secondly, you can send it through steam.

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Is It Possible To Sell Items You Have Received As Gifts?

If you are interested to know whether you can sell items that you have received as gifts, then we would be happy to break it to you that you can certainly put up items for sale which you have got as gifts from someone else. However, you must note that not all items are tradeable.

Still, most gift-able items can be sold, which means that if a friend has sent you an item as a gift, and you have used it enough or don’t wish to use it anymore, you can put it up in the inventory and sell it to other users.

If you are interested to know the procedure of selling gift items, then dive in to know how you can earn money through this process.

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Selling Gifts in Dota 2:

Selling a gifted item to earn money sounds like a great idea, as it can add worth to your account. The best way of selling a gifted item is by using the Steam market, as you can find potential buyers in the face of other players who would be interested in buying the gifted item that you are selling. The fun part is that you will always have the chance to negotiate the price on which the item could be sold or bought.

However, it must be sold at a price that justifies that actual value or worth of the item that you are selling.  Also, that price has to be decided mutually between the seller and the buyer.

The procedure of selling a gifted item is relatively simple. You just have to join a community thread, display the item that needs to be sold, and then wait for a buyer to approach you so that you can lock the deal mutually. 

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