How to Fix Steam Workshop Items Not Showing Up in Cities: Skylines?

Are you with us, loyal Cities: Skylines players? Are you ready for another article about this mega-popular game that has been gathering its fans since 2015? Of course, you are ready, we love to hear that. The Cities: Skylines game is a city-building simulation game published by Paradox Interactive and thus gave enviable competition to other similar games. 

Needless to say, the Cities: Skylines game has swept all the competition, and even today, 7 years after its release, it continues to do so. The real question is do you have everything you need to be the most precise builder and the best mayor of all time?

We will assume that your answer is yes. Well, then prepare for the adventure that awaits you and hone your creative and economic skills because it will be useful to you as you run the city and meet your citizen demands.

The Cities: Skylines is a relatively challenging game. This game asks you to start with empty ground, choose the map you want to play on and go into action. First you have to allocate residential zones (zone where family houses or buildings will be located, your citizens will live there), industrial zones (in this zone there are factories that produce various products from raw materials, and also represents jobs for your citizens) and a commercial zone (which will house stores that will sell products from your industry, and also provide citizens with jobs).

Please remember to move industrial zones from your residential zone, pollution is a nasty thing that will impair the quality of life of your citizens, and industries are the biggest polluter of the environment. After that, your citizens must have roads on which to drive their cars and move. 

You can choose from several different types of roads, place them so that they connect your city zones neatly and quickly. Your citizen must also have electricity and drinking water, these are their basic living conditions. Oh, and all the buildings in your town will produce garbage, you have to do your best to ensure that garbage is taken to the landfills.

Landfills also impair the quality of life of citizens by driving them away from the city. Not to mention the tourists who are really excited to visit the adrenaline park in your city and thus spend their hard-earned money that will go to your city budget. And what about educating citizens? 

In order for your citizens to be educated, schools and colleges are needed, the more educated the citizens, the less garbage they will produce, for example. You see how many rules are there, but we didn’t even get started!

There are many more tasks ahead of you in this game, so if you are ready to take the lead over the city and show them who is the best mayor, go to the Steam official site, find Cities: Skylines game and download it to your PC, MacOS or Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch if more you like game consoles.

This was a small introduction to everything this game has to offer, and now we will focus on the main topic of today’s article. It’s a question that often bothers players, and it’s about mods that just don’t show up in the game, no matter what they try.

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Subscribed Mods Do Not Appear In The Game – How To Fix It?

When downloading mods you always have the risk of the mod ruining your game, so it is recommended to download the mods at your own risk and save the game before inserting a new mod into the game. In most cases, players successfully download mods and thus improve their gameplay, but what if you are in a group of players for whom the mod simply creates a problem or is not displayed within the game?

When this problem arises it can be extremely frustrating for any player. Admit it or not, but mods really raise the quality of the game, so it is clear to us the frustration that arises when mods refuse to cooperate and just decide not to appear in the game.

To get started, you need to check your subscribed mods and assets. To do that, just go to Steam Workshop page, open your profile and click on the workshop items. Then click on subscribed items. A list of all subscribed items will open, choose one and search for bugs or incompatibilies that may appear with this mod.

It is important to check the last updated date, regardless of the fact that most old mods can work normally, sometimes it happens that the mod creators abandon the mod development and when a new version of the game appears, that mod will no longer be compatible with it. 

Also, don’t forget to read the comments of other players below the mod description. Here you will immediately be able to see if someone has the same problem as you, or if the mod is worth downloading at all. You can always unsubscribe from this mod and try to run the game again.

If this does not solve your problem you can try to run the basic game, without any assets and mods. Open the Steam app, right-click on Cities: Skylines, there you can set the launch options by writing ‘–noWorkshop’ and clicking the OK button. Run your game and you will be able to see how the entire Workshop content is disabled.

Try to start the whole new city to see if the error still occurs. If it appears, reopen the Steam app, verify the integrity of the files and run the game again. If this step fails try reinstall the game.

The next step is to try to type ‘–disablemods’ in launch options, if the problem still exists then it is probably caused by a corrupted asset, which is very rare but possible.

The fourth option is to check the output log file (output_log.txt). In this file you can find bugs and their types to get at least some idea of what causes this issue in your game.

You can also try to copy worskhop mod folders from C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ workshop \ content \ 255710 to C: \ Users \ ”Your Account Name” \ AppData \ Local \ Colossal Order \ Cities_Skylines \ Addons \ Mods to see if this will fix your game.

The last option is to unsubscribe to items one by one until you find those items that are causing the problem in your game. Keep in mind that this is the most time-consuming option, but it can also be useful if you have not yet deployed your mods and assets in collections. Now is the right time to do that and make your lists more readable.

In collections you can arrange different items, from trees, maps, items to different mods. So you can disable items you don’t need at any time.

We hope you found these tips helpful and that you will be able to resolve the issue in minutes and play with mods in your game again.

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Final Thoughts

Dear Cities: Skylines players, what do you say to our tips, did they help you solve the problem with mods in your game?

Once we find the perfect mode and install it in our game, all we want is to run the game and see that the mode is installed correctly and will improve our gameplay. However, sometimes something happens and the mode is simply not playable, and in that case it is necessary to solve the problem as efficiently as possible.

In this article, we have given a few examples of how to do this, and if all else fails, try reinstalling the game. Sometimes this is the only way to solve the problem (or unsubscribing to items). If you have another method not mentioned here, write it down below and help other Cities: Skylines players. Not to forget, we wish you good luck in building the city!

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