How To Duel Another Player In Black Desert Online?

Black Desert Online (BDO) is an MMORPG where players can create their avatar or characters and interact with other players. In BDO, players have the opportunity to get involved with other battles, or duels, to become more potent fighters and gain more experience points.

In MMO games, players can either fight against computer-generated enemies or other players. The player’s combat system consists of a Player Versus Environment (PvE) and Player Versus Player (PvP) in all games. The core story of Black Desert is about a war between the two nations.

The leading player combat is PvE; therefore, dueling against other players is not the game’s central theme, but only for players interested in PvP.  Even if you aren’t involved in a PvP fight, someone could attack and kill your character.

One of the ways to have a PvP fight in BDO is to duel with another player. Duels consist of specific rules that must be followed and are sometimes interrupted by the NPC guards if they notice something suspicious. Therefore, to avoid being attacked by other players, you need to have a strategy for winning the duel.

You can enter PvP fights after reaching level 40 without any restrictions. However, you are also able to commence earlier if you would like to.

There is a quest that allows your character to compete with other players at level 35. There are two options: to wait or accept the quest.

When you complete the quest or reach level 40, a special button will become available on your screen. This button will activate Player versus Player mode. So all you have to do to attack other players is to toggle it.

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Check your skill level in the PvP zone:

Since BDO is a large-scale online game, not only will other players be more potent than you, but they also have an advantage over you. As more players participate in the game, it becomes harder to find other players within the same level range as yours. In addition, the game’s weather system changes with the seasons and people go outside at different times of the day. Therefore, dueling with other players is difficult without knowing more about that player and their skills.

How to Duel:

Press the key combination Alt+C or press the sword & shield icon to effectively activate the PvP mode.

The icon will turn red when activated. You’ll also get a notification on your screen and an icon aside your name showing that you’ve started PvP mode.

Once you enter PvP mode, you can attack any other player. To attack, you’ll need a weapon and armor. It would be best if you had at least 50% of your weapon’s durability left to use it for combat.

To turn off PvP mode, you can press Alt-C or press the sword & shield icon. The icon will revert to its original color and will provide a system notice. In case you just attacked another game character, it may take some time to defrag. If you can still be attacked but cannot yourself deal some damage, this attack will be ineffective.

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Zones for Duel

In Black Desert Online, you will be able to attack other players almost anywhere except for the large cities and villages.

To fight, turn on PvP mode. While you have this mode activated, it’s possible to attack any other player if you’re in the same area as them.

However, in some safe zones, including Velia and its surroundings, a safe zone system is available. When you enter one of these areas, you will automatically be unable to attack other characters.

If you’re playing in PvP mode, you can tell other players that you are ready to fight.

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