How To Calculate Gear Score In Black Desert Online

In Black Desert Online, gear development is critical. Attack points and defense attacks take priority over character categories. You can annihilate opponents in your way with the right armor, weaponry, and upgrades. You’ll have a difficult time moving through the game if you don’t have the proper gear.

Your initial priority should be to obtain a rosar, yuria, and elsh axe, as you’ll be utilizing one until you are able to obtain and begin improving boss gear. The set benefits are the reason why the armor is built up the way it is. Basically, you have two options: complete grunil or complete heve.

Everything is quite self-explanatory. Full asula is the main aim for accessories. However, for your offhand, you’ll want to obtain an oros as early as possible for hammering.

Everything will be the same as it was in the previous build in this scenario. At this time, the only item you have to concentrate on is getting all of the armor and weaponry to at least pair.

You can always use the supreme weapon reformation stone and the ultimate armor reformation stone to transform the gear to orange quality for the additional sheet stats. You wouldn’t have to, but enhancing the armor and weapons from yellow to orange will ensure you get the increased on-sheet statistics without risking your black stones.

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What Is Gear Score In BDO

A gear score is a number based on a person’s gear data. It is said to be a player’s highest performance capability.

In Black Desert Online, the gear score is determined by your strike power, summoned attack performance, and protection power. When you hit “I,” you’ll see the values underneath the gear.

You can grind in much more tough locations if your gear score is greater. For example, you can meet the basic attack points needed. However, with higher gear scores, you could grind in that region more easily. Yet, it is up to each person to deliver that level of performance.

You can view the benefits you earn for the attack points and defense points brackets you presently have after computing your Black Desert Online gear score. You may also scroll through all of the possible brackets to see what bonuses you can get in the next round. You can use an android app in the MMORPG Black Desert Online to calculate your gear score.

Gear Enhancement Ranges

Armour or weapons and equipment can all have a level of improvement that boosts their stats—for example, increasing defense factors and a variety of other metrics.

  • +20 (finest/maximum level) PEN (Mv)
  • TET (V) +16 TET (Viii) +19 TET (Ahs) +19
  • +17 TRI (III)
  • +14 DUO (I)
  • +13 PRI (V)

Grades of Gear

The rarity of gear in BDO is rated and shaded. The gear rating shows how helpful and efficient an armor, weapon, and accessory is in comparison to similar gear.

  • Blue Grade the highest level of quality.
  • Grade: Green
  • Grade: Yellow
  • Grade 1: Unskilled
  • Don’t make contact with White Grade!

Tip: Improved armor, weapons, and equipment have no character stage limits. Even just a phase 1 character can dress up like a PEN (V) ruler.

Fundamentals of Armor

The main advantage of armor is that it gives defense points. This may be a combination of diversion and damage discount. This means you’ll be able to avoid monster strikes more often and suffer less damage as a result.

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Advantages of Armor

  • Set bonuses and receive a buff by wearing two or more of the same type of material.
  • Customize your equipment and add extra stats using Crystal Slots.
  • Outcomes of merchandise are a bonus for wearing that piece of armor. Weight restrictions, for example, will rise, as will health factors, and so on.

Recently Released Gear

You must employ beginner Naru Gear until you have amassed sufficient cash to begin working on more advanced gear. Following Naru Gear, Tuvalu Gear is also an excellent next step. Unfortunately, season characters are now the only ones who can do so. Tuvalu Gear Details may arrive soon. For the time being, it is oblivious to this knowledge.

Naru Gear can be earned through completing Serendia’s main questline. To see the progression and see your mission rewards, use the O symbol and afterward the major tab.

There’s also a chance that Naru Gear would be released sooner. Naru Gear is occasionally dropped by monsters in the beginner zones of Balenos, as well as Serendia and Mediah.

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