How to Add Diablo 3 to Steam?

As you already know, Blizzard’s Diablo 3 is only available on, and you cannot play the game on Steam. 

However, there is a way to add the game on Steam. This article explains everything you need to know about how to add Diablo 3 to the steam overlay. Read on.

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How to Add Diablo 3 to Steam


  • Open Steam on the PC where is installed. 
  • Open the Games menu, click the “Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library” option.
  • Click the Browse button in the Add a Game window and navigate to where the Battlenet application is installed. 

For Win 32bit default, the directory is C:\Program Files\\. 

For Win 64bit default, the directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\\

  • Next, locate the application (NOT the Launcher) and check the empty box in front of it.
  • Open the application and click the Add Selected Programs button.
  • Go to the Games menu, select “View Games Library,” then look for
  • After finding it, right-click on it, then select “Properties.”
  • Change the title (the top field) to Diablo 3.
  • In the Target box, you will find Launcher.exe. Remove ‘Launcher’ from the field until it reads (without any spaces).
  • Put a space after the last quotation mark, then type battlenet://Diablo 3. You should put it in the following format: “C:/Program Files (x86)\\” battlenet://Diablo3.
  • Lastly, click the close button (X).

You can now launch Diablo 3 using Steam. Just tap the Play button to launch.  

Side note: Ensure you exit the Launcher completely before launching Diablo 3 from Steam; otherwise, your “In Non-Steam Game” status will not update when exiting the game. 

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How to use Diablo 3 for free

The Diablo 3 Starter Edition and Guest Pass allow players to try out a limited version of the game. 

To get your Starter Edition, use the following steps;

  • Log in with the app
  • Select Diablo 3 and click Play Free. 
  • Verify your age.
  • Next, follow the Diablo 3 installation instructions to install the game.
  • Once the installation is completed, you can enjoy the Starter Edition.

Note that you have to create a Blizzard account before you can play the Starter Edition of Diablo 3.

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How much does Diablo 3 cost?

The base game of Diablo 3 on PC costs $19.99. Additionally, you can purchase the Battle Chest — which includes the Crusader class and Reaper of Souls, for $29.99. 

The Eternal Collection (everything above) and the Necromancer class costs $39.99.

What’s the most powerful character in Diablo 3?

Though all classes in Diablo 3 possess crowd-controlling spells ,  Wizard and Crusader are the strongest in this regard. Also, Crusader and Barbarian are capable of absorbing the most amount of damage.

What is the strongest Diablo 3 class?

Diablo 3 Best Classes are Barbarian (S-Tier), Demon Hunter (S-Tier), Monk (A-Tier),  Crusader (B-Tier), Necromancer (A-Tier), Arcanist (D-Tier) and Sorcerer (C-Tier).

Why is Diablo 3 not launching?

Diablo 3 may not launch if your drivers are outdated. Try updating your drivers to resolve any compatibility issues.

Also, try resetting your in-game options and disabling (or temporarily uninstalling) any security programs that may have mistakenly identified the login module as a security threat.

How can I download Diablo 3?

The first thing you need is a Blizzard account. Afterward, download and install the game’s software, This is where you will manage all your games and get automatic updates.

Once you receive the serial code sent to your email after purchase, enter the code on your account, and select “Add a game.” After this, the download will automatically begin and be stored on your download manager –

However, if you have purchased a physical copy of Diablo 3 or need to reinstall the game after purchase, use the following steps.

  • Download and install the Blizzard desktop apps
  • Sign in to the Blizzard desktop app.
  • Click on the Diablo 3 icon on the left side of the app.
  • Click Install.


Diablo 3 is not a native Steam game, so it has to be manually added to the Steam Library. Carefully follow all the steps in this article to get your Diablo 3 working on steam.

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