Diablo 3 – How to Reach Greater Rift Level 20

Greater Rifts (GRifts or GRs) are a unique timed variant of Nephalem Rift, introduced in Patch 2.1. They have a higher difficulty level than the regular game, and bonuses to compensate players.

This article will show you how to reach greater first level 20 in Diablo 3.

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How to reach greater rift level 20 – Diablo 3

Depending on your preferred playstyle, you can either increase your level with slaughter bonuses in the Corridors of Agony up to level 1-3 or find nephalem portals and activate them.

Players in a group or party can do this up to level 30, but they must switch to normal nephalem portals as the party usually makes quick progress there. Solo players can quickly move up with Carnage bonuses. 

Use the following methods to reach greater rift level 20.

  • At every 8-10 levels, go to your blacksmith and try to make a stronger weapon with it.
  • Visit vendors in town at regular intervals. They might sell you rings or charms that offer “+ damage” as an affix. They are great for leveling.
  • If you loot an item from the head with a plug, it’s better to put a red gem at that location, which will give you more experience points. 

You can also use red gemstones; they do more damage directly in the level phase.

  • Additionally, during your game phase, you should always adjust the difficulty. 

Garbage mobs should get out of the mountain with 1-3 hits. If almost everything is one hit for you, then the difficulty increases, but you can put the game on a lesser difficulty if you need more time.

How to reach greater level 24 – 40

As of now, experience has shown that it’s best to level up with nephalem portals; complete this as quickly as possible.

Group Tip: Designate a player who will immediately close the portal after the rift boss dies. In the remaining 30 seconds countdown, let the player return to the group, and then continue to kill monsters in the portal together.

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How to reach greater level 40 – 70

After reaching level 40, teleport to the city and visit the mystic to fully develop the weapons.

Next, craft a 2H yellow weapon for level 70 at the blacksmith. Build as many as possible until one has a % affix (% ​​chance to freeze, stun, etc.)

If you didn’t get a weapon as that, grow mats and try again. Then, go to the mystic and pass the other bonus (not the one with the %). The aim is to get a level reduction that is as close to 30 levels as possible.

As soon as you can get these weapons, equip them and increase the difficulty. At best, you’re already holding a 70’s weapon at level 40. Then go down slowly into Torment 6.

With the high damage level of the 70’s weapon, you should be making good progress now. At this point, you can now level up through nephalem portals with or without a ’70s gun. Note: It is best to be on a difficulty where you can quickly finish the portal.

Now grind portals up to level 70.

What’s next after 70?

After leveling up to 70, what build to play or start the travel season with is completely dependent on your choice. 

In exchange for the Season Trip, you will get Starter Sets in Season 22 which have a significant role in the Great Rifts.

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How do I access a Greater Rift?

To access a greater rift, get the greater rift key from any Rift Guardaian.

To do this, beat the Rift Guardian, then they’ll have a chance to provide a Greater Rift Key. Afterwards, use this item at the Nephalem Obelisk, in the same way as other Rift Fragments, to create a Greater Rift.


  • What is the highest Greater Rift?

The maximum rift level in Diablo 3 is 150.

  • How do I unlock the challenge rift in Diablo 3?

Open the character screen and click the Game Settings button on the left side. Select the Challenge Rift option and click Start Game.


To reach greater level 20 on Diablo 3, complete the Nephalem portal within the time limit.

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