How to Add All Subscribed Items to a Collection in Cities: Skylines?

Welcome back, Cities: Skylines players! It’s time for another guide on one of the most popular city-building simulation games today. Yes, it is a Cities: Skylines game that came out in 2015 and is still extremely popular among different gaming generations. 

In this game you have to take a risk when building a city while balancing with a limited city budget. Let’s not forget, you have to take care of the citizens and their demands, be careful not to get sick or make them so angry that they decide to leave your city. And that’s just the beginning!

The Cities: Skylines game is a game that many compare to the SimCity franchise, but many players will agree that Cities: Skylines is a far better game. It depends of course on the taste of the players but also the opportunities that the players encounter during the gameplay.

In Cities: Skylines, your role is to build and maintain the city, as well as the satisfaction of its citizens. You start by choosing the map on which you will build the city, you have to divide the city into three zones – residential, commercial and industrial. After that, you have to connect the city with roads and highways, provide citizens with public transport by setting up bus or tram stations, connect buildings to a source of drinking water and electricity, and enable citizens to collect waste.

Oh, did we mention pollution? You have to set up a lot of green areas that will neutralize the pollution in your city, which is created due to industries and traffic pollution. And then you have to perfect the tourism sector, set up tourist buildings, beaches, souvenir shops, national parks, etc. This will increase your city budget and increase the popularity of your city.

All this and much more awaits you if you decide to try yourself as mayor of the city, in the Cities: Skylines. Go to the Steam official site, find Cities: Skylines and download it. You can choose between classic PC or MacOS versions, or if you prefer game consoles, the Cities: Skylines game is available for PS, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Download and install this game and your adventure can begin, being the best mayor of all time.

If you are already familiar with this game then you probably know about mods that improve the quality of the game. There are various mods, from mods that remove fog from your city, to mods that give a more realistic look to the city, to mods with which you can influence the sunlight in the city.

Today’s guide is related to Collections in Cities: Skylines, so read it carefully to learn how to arrange mods in collections and thus facilitate clarity in your game.

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Cities: Skylines – Collections Tutorial

Let’s not lie, mods and assets really refresh every game, so players can’t wait to install new mods and upgrade their city. There are players who need one mod, or maybe two, and there is another group of players who like to have a multitude of mods and assets. This tutorial is intended for this second group to make it much easier for players to handle all these mods and assets.

Unfortunately, Content Manager in Cities: Skylines does not allow players to accurately sort mods and assets, fortunately there are Collections.

For example, if you have two active cities in your Cities: Skylines active gameplay then you know that each of those two cities will need different assets. You can subscribe for all items, but why have unnecessary assets in one city, if they are intended for another city? These unnecessary assets will only consume your RAM and thus slow down the processor and therefore your game will be slower.

Conversely, if the assets are in the Collection on the Steam Workshop site, players will simply be able to choose what they need from the assets offered. And that significantly speeds up the process.

Let’s do this step by step. On the Steam Workshop page you have to find the asset you want to have in your city, you have to add it to Favorites first. When you add it to Favorites it will be much easier for you to find it, and this is necessary for the next step. 

After that, click on Browse and choose Collections from the offered menu. When the Collections menu opens, you will see the Create Collection option at the top right. Choose this option to open a window where you can create your own Collection.

When this window opens, you must first give your collection a name, then choose and upload a branding image from your computer and then below the option that says Describe your collection write briefly what is in your collection to make it more readable. The next step is to indicate which type this Collection belongs to, depending on the assets contained in it. 

Below that are the categories you also need to highlight, those categories need to describe your Collection as accurately as possible. Once you have completed this step, click on the Save and Continue button.

Then the next window will open in which you have to add all the items that you want to belong to your Collection. There will be three tabs: Items you’ve published, Items in your Favorites and Subscribed Items. Do you understand now why we said add items you want to have in Favorites?

Under the Favorites tab you will be able to search all the items you have acquired. In case you have too many items and you find it difficult to navigate, just right-click to see details about some item, it will open the Workshop page but in a new window and you will easily check which item it is.

With the plus button next to items you will automatically add the desired item to your premade Collection. Repeat this process until you have added all the desired items to your Collection. After that, click Save and Continue again. Your Collection page will automatically open to review once again all the changes you have made so far.

In case you want to change something, you can do so by using the Owner Controls located on the right side of this window. Also, in this window you can delete the entire Collection if you don’t like it for some reason.

Furthermore, if you’re happy with creating your Collection, it’s time to share it with other Cities: Skylines players. Scroll up to the top of the page and select the Publish option. Your collection is now public and available to other players to download in their cities.

Remember, you can change your Collection at any time. Just hover your mouse over your name located at the top left at the Workshop page. Then choose Content, and when the Content window opens, select the Collections tab. Here will be all your Collections made so far.

Also, you can indicate that your Collection is visible only to you, this option is located just below the Delete option, and is called Change Visibility. Keep in mind that Collections can cover a variety of things, from mods, themes, trees, and other stuff. Depending on your wishes. So, every time you subscribe for a new item just add it to your Collection so you can easily find it and put it in the game.

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Making a Collection in your Cities: Skylines game is really easy. And once you make the Collection you will see how much easier and clearer it is to have all the assets and mods in place for your Cities: Skylines game. Just follow these steps and do it yourself. And finally, don’t forget to share with us and other Cities: Skylines players additional tips on how to distribute subscribed items, we look forward to new innovative methods!

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