MapleStory: How to Unlock Inner Ability

An Inner Ability in MapleStory means that your character gets three stat boost lines, and this significantly increases the character’s damage output.

In order to unlock the inner ability of a character, you’ll have to have reached Level 50, and after that you’ll receive “The Eye Opener” quest by means of the quest opener located on the left side.

The inner ability of your character will be unlocked after you talk to the NPC Maple Administrator.

Inner abilities usually follow your potential system, meaning that stat boosts are classified into four tiers. They are Legendary, Unique, Epic, or Rare (from highest to lowest).

The stats of each line have the potential to go higher with the increase in the tier level.

How Inner Abilities Work

Unlocking the inner ability of your character means that you get three lines of stat boosts. Every player starts with the Rare Ability rank before starting to “Rank Up” to higher ones.

For you to rank up, you’ll need to use the Reset button to reroll the inner ability of your character rank. Each reset costs 100 Honor EXP points.

When you reset the inner ability of your character, all three stat boosts lines will receive new ranks. The lines can change either Rank Up or Rank Down, which you have no control over. You can’t go lower than the Rare rank or higher than the Legendary Rank.

However, you will be able to ‘Lock’ the Inner Ability of your character, which prevents it from ranking up or down and will cost you some Honor EXP points.

It is recommended by experienced players that you don’t lock the inner ability of your character until you’ve reached the Legendary Rank. Although there is every chance that not locking the inner ability of your character will mean that you could be ranked down from Unique to Epic a few times before you reach Legendary, this method is safer.

You also have the option of using Miracle Calculators, which you can purchase from the Cash Shop. This gives you a higher chance of Ranking Up without the risk of it Ranking Down. Miracle Calculators cost 1,900 NX in Regular Worlds and 19,000,000 mesos in Reboot Worlds.

When you initially unlock the inner ability of your character, only the first line will get the stat corresponding to its rank. The second and third lines will get the lower ranks, with a maximum of Unique. They can not get higher than the actual Inner Ability Rank.

Using a Miracle Calculator will award you the maximum possible value for each line. For example, rerolling your Legendary Rank line with the hopes of getting 20% damage will get you to 15-20% range, while using a Miracle Calculator will always get you to 20%.

How to Unlock Inner Ability

Unlocking the inner ability of your character is a fast process that doesn’t cost anything.

As stated previously, you have to reach level 50 to unlock the inner ability of your character. Once you’ve reached Level 50, click the lightbulb icon on the left side of the screen.

Once you’re there, you’ll find a list of available quests. Look for and select the quest labeled as “The Eye Opener.”

Go through the dialogue with the Maple Administrator NPC and the inner ability of your character will be immediately unlocked.

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