GTA 5: Freighter or Offshore – Which One Should You Pick & Why?

GTA 5 Freighter or Offshore are the two different ways a player can complete the mission “The Merryweather Heist” on the offline version of GTA 5. This is Trevor’s first mission, just after he is brought to the story.

Trevor, Franklin, and Micheal meet for the first mission of the heist to plan what to do. The primary objective is to steal a confidential government superweapon.

While most people assume they may have different outcomes, the GTA V container ship or offshore missions result is the same.

The missions are set up differently, and you’ll engage in different events.

Franklin’s snipping skills must be improved for the Freighter mission since his task will be sniping.

Whereas for the Offshore mission, you must boost Micheal’s flying abilities since he will be flying the helicopter.

Trevor must complete a few training missions so that he can procure the required supplies for the mission.

The amount of preparation missions required varies depending on the strategy, but all enable the player to obtain a Submersible.

You will later use the Submersible to steal the superweapon during the climax of the mission, which will take place submerged in the ocean.

They address what kind of preparation they’ll need at the meeting.

There are two choices to complete the mission: offshore or freighter. Whichever approach you choose, the end result of the mission will be the same. 

For the freighter mission, you will have to plant explosives and snip all over the freighter. Next, you have to retrieve an item by taking the submarine. You will use a helicopter to fly the submarine to the ocean and pick the item offshore.

You have to protect the helicopter from attackers while flying towards offshore.

Both methods would not give you any reward money. It really doesn’t matter what you choose as long as you prefer it.

If you like sniping, a freighter is a way to go, but if flying is your thing, offshore might be the better option.

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If you take the freighter route, Trevor will call Franklin and recommend that he goes to the Range so that he can practice and improve his shooting skills.

When the mission starts, Franklin will be the sniper. You only have to complete one mission (Minisub) to prepare for this mission. 

Trevor, Micheal, and Franklin travel to the freighter location after discussing and planning everything at Trevor’s cousin’s home.

They drop Franklin at the sniping site because he will be responsible for sniping.

After a few hours, the project resumes late at night, and you’re transferred to Micheal.

He was standing alongside the freight in a tiny boat.

Micheal has to plant the explosives at the game-selected places as Franklin snipes the opponents in the freighter.

After Franklin and Micheal have cleared the boat, they take the item and depart with the freight.

As Micheal departs, he explodes the freight, and Trevor then embarks on a hunt for the superweapon aboard the minisub.

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Floyd lifts the minisub to the surface using a crane after Trevor retrieves the object from the seafloor.

Lester appears shortly after, wearing hospital robes, and warns the squad that the superweapon they just stole is very unstable and that it should be returned to its owners as soon as possible.

Trevor disagrees to do so, but Micheal convinces him to return the item and assures him that they will go on another heist.


If you choose the offshore, Trevor will advise Micheal to attend Flight School to improve his flying abilities.

There are two missions to do in order to prepare for the heist. The Cargobob and Minisub are the first.

Trevor describes the heist plot in-depth at Floyd’s flat.

To begin the mission, Trevor, Floyd, and Micheal go to the Sandy Shore hangar.

Franklin and Micheal board the cargobob, while Trevor boards the minisub.

Micheal then takes the cargo box to the sea (the Merryweather test site) to retrieve the superpower item.

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After arriving at the place, you must dump the minisub into the ocean and change to control Trevor’s character. Trevor uses an app on his phone to find the device.

The minisub is connected to the cargo box and raised after he finds the device. When you’re heading back, the Merryweather helicopter will attack you.

You’ll then have to take out the Merryweather buzzards. Once you’ve finished fighting, you’ll return to Sandy Shores.

Lester arrives at Sandy Shores and advises that the weapon should be returned because it is very risky.

Trevor disagrees to do so, but Micheal convinces him to return the item and assures him that they will go on another heist.

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