Top 5 Best Things to Purchase at BDO’s Pearl Shop in 2022

At Pearl Shop, you can buy unique merchandise and gain access to exclusive items with pearls as currency. It is a store with a wide variety of goods on display. It has great items, so it’s easy to shop here. Here are the top 5 products to make your gaming a better choice when you seek a vital item to buy in the shop:

1. Expansion of Weight Limit

To make the most efficient use of our time, we need to restrict the weight during molding. Unfortunately, the weight limit is not legally applicable. There are no universally accepted guidelines for what constitutes an ideal weight or what weight people should carry. 

You can’t transmit it to other individuals. Some characters require a weight restriction, like the fish you’re fishing. Others don’t have any weight limits. 

It is important to inspect your character before you make any transaction so that you have the chance to get at least a little bit of it. In addition, it is straightforward for a weight-restricted item to be tampered with or stolen.

A higher catch weight is a good thing if you’re trying to catch as many fish as possible. You should buy one box at a time to see how much your character will need to get the weight restriction.

You can purchase back progressively until the weight requirement of the character is met. Go to your ‘User Preferences’ page and click on the weight control when you enlarge the weight limit. Several packages from 600 pearls to 2800 pearls are offered. A further 650 LT is decent enough to assist you in grinding in the Black Desert proficiently.

2. Slot Expansion Inventory

You can improve your grind in Black Desert to trade in some of your inventory slots for a larger one. It would be unrealistic to let go of other things you have to get simply because you no longer had any space. You may want something that’s not as important or something new with more space, but don’t let that stop you from playing Black Desert.

1450 Pearls gets you the maximum number of inventory slots. You can also buy extra slots for the game using Pearls. Try going to your Quest Menu and then click on “[QUEST SUPPORT] Inventory Expansion.”

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3. Tent

The Pearl Shop has four permanent attachments for tents. These attachments are beneficial on a journey. There are a lot of ways to make your gameplay more effective in the Black Desert. One is to include fire, tin containers, yellow and shops. It could allow you to get Villa bonuses and more. The best part about that is that you can grind and cook food while you’re away from your camp.

Naphart is one of the finest tents for you to buy, priced at just 4900 pearls. It’s a resort-ready tent that’s perfect for the adventurous who want to take it all in. It is a great item. It comes with villa bonuses for one hour, 16 container slots, 200 LT, and Naphart equipment that never expires.

There’s a new option where you can buy Villa Scroll boosts without physically being there. It is easy, and it saves time! You must return to the Pearl store to buy a tent when you are there, press on the ‘travel support’ button. There are also many different tents for your budget and requirements.

4. Pets

The grinding in Black Desert is long and tedious. Pets are valuable companions in that they help grab up and bring things to you. The act of retracing your steps is a beneficial use of time and effort. You can inherit more items and make more money over time if you have pets around. Nevertheless, if you wait long enough, BDO may occasionally offer free pets. You can also acquire them at the central marketplace.

Adding four more pets to the one pet you are granted for free is best. Aside from transporting loot, they possess a slew of other advantages. Polar bears are an excellent option for weightlifting and developing your ability to fish while AFK! Pets are a great way to boost gathering rates. They range in price from 900 to 1100 Pearls.

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5. Costumes

It’s nearly challenging to look nice in Black Desert without giving up some of those pearls. You can find a costume if you’re patient. You have to be able to hunt down the perfect one. You can make some of your clothes, but if you want to look your best in the game, you might consider buying costumes. They range in price from 2200 to 3400 pearls. It is excellent to find a different costume for you that you can wear to show your unique style.

The site is currently weekly, so you’re guaranteed to locate costumes with relatively low prices. Navigate to the ‘Apparel’ page, where you can view all the available costumes. You can even buy costumes associated with the Pearl Store to appear in the game. Costumes have to be bought with pearls, and you should browse through all of them at one time.

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