Investment Banks in Black Desert Online – The Ultimate Guide

Black Desert Online is a fantastic fantasy character game. With several activities similar to real life such as cooking, growing crops, and trading, BDO does not fail to impress. The game allows players to manage a colony or a region. Certain characters with essential skills are assigned to players, and your level rises as you fulfill the quests of the game.

However, some may find it complex or confusing to invest in banks in Black Desert Online. If you are also confused regarding investment banking in BDO, worry no more! In this guide, you will get to know everything about investment banks in BDO. Enough said, let’s get you to the guide.

You can also invest in different banks available in Black Desert Online. Also, as you know that investment is a risky way of earning money, you can never know what can happen. You can get a huge profit or a huge loss as both have the same ratio in investing.

However, with the right way of investment, you can change the profit-loss ratio towards profit more in the right shares. So let’s continue to know that investment in BDO is risky or profitable.

First, I invested in NWP and Florin, but after finding out about Lodging Workers’ cost and connecting the nodes of contribution points is inefficient, I left the and drew all of my investments. Then, I found Calpheon and Gringotts. So let’s get on to them.

At first, you will not be able to see the investment bank inside of Calpheon. It would be best if you directed your interior designer to open the investment banks available in Calpheon, or you can try any other big city. However, it would be best if you focused on it because it offers more investment options than any other city. 

If you don’t have the sense, call any of your friends for help or buy chandeliers in a large amount. There is a rank given to each house that can be converted into a living space. The higher you can get to that rank, the more beautiful furniture you will have. Every investment will be willing to take your investment once you reach the top of this specific house. 

If you have a big luxury house with high rankings, the banks will come for your investments. So don’t start by going directly to the highest rank house. Start from low and look for a low top rank house in town. Also, figure out the number of interior points you can get, or you can also buy a house near any bank and can take all your stuff inside. So progress from low to high. Don’t go for a top-rank house first.

Now, if you open your world map and go to Calpheon, you will notice that four investment banks have been unlocked. Now, let’s begin the investment process. Lasquean Ljurik is the investment bank for low tier players. To begin investing in the bank, you must have a total of 1Gs (Gold Ingot) in your Calpheon storage. 

There is also a need for a worker in Calpheon. I’m now under the idea that the only factor affecting the investment in banks is work speed. I decided to utilize Goblins because they have the fastest work speed. Luck may enhance the possibility of keeping bricks or the real return, but this is simply an assumption. This will only shorten the time it usually takes to complete a transaction (or one work cycle).

If you have the Gold Ingot in your Calpheon storage and a worker ready to work, you are doing fantastic so far. Click the node and get to work! You only have to wait for the most satisfactory part. You will get your first return after fourteen hours, assuming a work speed of 65 – or it could be a loss.

Yes, you can face loss in them too. After all, they are investments, and in investments, no assurance can be given. It’s the possibility that your workers will return with a smaller amount of Gold Ingots than you sent them with, as well as not enough money to compensate for the missing bricks. Is there any way to avoid this? For the time being, I have no clue, but my theories are that the bank nodes can be leveled with energy. 

What I do know is that I’m currently profiting from my investments, and it would take a lot of brick dumps for me to go into the red. So I’m going to attempt some things with the banks, share my current plans with you, and show you the outcomes in the future. Let’s begin with Calpheon’s banking alternatives.

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Different Calpheon Investment Banks

There are the following investment banks in Calpheon:

  • Basquean Ljuric
  • Lehard Mertenan
  • Luolo Grebe
  • Enrique Encarotia

Basquean Ljuric

The capital is safe against loss in this investment bank, but it must be kept in a low-interest account for a long time.

This investment bank usually emphasizes the possibility of brick drops inside the investment. It appears that several investments in a similar node will yield a profit. 

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Lehard Mertenan

The capital is safe against loss in this investment bank, but it must be kept in a low-interest account for a long time.

These investments, such as Florin & NWP, are usually not Brick Drop but will have their returns ranging from 1% to 4%, possibly a little more significant. 

Luolo Grebe

In this investment bank, you can earn a lot of money, but you could lose your money if you deposit an amount for the short term.

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Enrique Encarotia

The capital is safe against loss in this investment bank, but it must be kept in a low-interest account for a long time.

So you should invest in Lehard Mertenan as it is safe and will give you a guaranteed profit once you reach from Goblin to professional.

So that’s all about investment banking in Black Desert Online. Still, if you face any trouble in making the investment, feel free to leave a comment below.

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