How to Join a Guild/Clan in Black Desert Online?

Have you just started playing Black Desert Online and cannot figure out how to join your first guild or clan? Well, worry no more because, in this article, we will be discussing what clan and guild are and how to join or leave one.

Clan vs. Guild

Clan are like gatherings and are responsible for around fifteen individuals. You can build a clan by conversing with the Guild NPC. Once you have made your clan, you can invite different players by approaching them or using the Guild Invitation option.

By opening the clan window, you can also disband the clan at any time. However, changing the authority of the clan can not be done by anybody.

In contrast, Guilds are a lot bigger and can hold around hundreds of individuals. With Guilds, you can do guild missions, profit with sea beast chasing, and explicit guild mount like the guild galley and elephant. Likewise, guilds can proclaim wars and partake in attacks.

You can only change the guild’s authority with two crore guild reserves and when the master will not be active for thirty days. 

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Step by Step Instructions to Make/Disband a Guild

If you want to make a guild, first, you need to have 100,000 silver.  To make a guild, you have to communicate with a manager of the guild NPC. If you already own a clan, you can overhaul its property, but doing the same with a guild will require 100,000 silver.

You can set the clan name when you move to a guild, and you should allocate an agreement to every player of yours. 

A guild name can contain around ten characters, excluding swear words and a set of unique characters. 

When starting a guild, eighty thousand silver should go in the guild reserves. The guild master should consecrate all these assets, and the assets cannot be used for personal use. Also, the guild should have no individuals when you want to disband it. 

How to Upload a Guild Icon

Here are some quick steps to upload your guild icon:

  • Pictures should be sixty by sixty size and in “.png” file format. 
  • To transfer the picture, input the picture in your  “Records/Black Desert” organizer along with the name “Gmark.png.” 
  • Then, you should purchase an emblem certificate from the Guild manager NPC, which will cost around 100,000 silver.
  • When the token is yours, click G and then apply the guild emblem to open the guild window.
  • Organization Emblems are updated each Monday. 

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Recruitment and Contracts

Here is how you can invite a member and what the rules and regulations of a contract are:

  • To invite a random gamer to be part of your guild, you will have to approach them and snap the invitation interaction. Likewise, you can ask a player to join you by clicking on the player’s name in the chatbox. To invite someone to your guild, you should be in the same channel.
  • To turn in an individual from an organization, there will be an agreement that a player has to sign.
  • In the guild, if a player is thrown out during the agreement, the players have to pay multiple times the measure of their everyday pay. 

For example, if a guild member is still under an agreement and decides to leave, they will suffer the penalty expense as a dropping cost. On that condition, the player can’t bear the cost of the charge. They have to be in the guild and cannot step out.

When a first selected player steps into another guild, they get the position “Disciple” and can’t get the guild reward money. The players can’t advance in this phase also. Following two weeks, the player will be promoted to the General member position. 

Here are some of the most important rules and regulations of a contract that you should be aware of:

  • When an agreement declines, the member is allowed to leave the guild without any punishment, and the guild mentor is allowed to throw the player out without any punishment. After  24 hours of leaving your last guild, then you can join a new guild. 
  • Agreements can be reestablished 24 hours after provided by the guild expert or officials. Only a guild expert can recharge official agreements or officer contracts. 
  • Five million silver can be offered when the agreements are overhauled. This is finished by expanding your guild movement and getting your agreement restored with a pay increase. 
  • Guild highlights will start to debilitate and deteriorate over the long haul if the guild needs more assets to pay the members every day. A few highlights which can be hindered are guild journeys, commitment charge as a reward, and agreements.

Any guild members or masters can provide silver in the guild reserve when the guild fund is low. Players who are as yet under an agreement can likewise leave uninhibitedly without paying the agreement expense.

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