Akum Armor vs Boss Armour Which One Is Better? Black Desert Online

Black Desert is a popular game that is a hybrid of a ‘conventional’ MMO and a ‘non-traditional’ MMO. It has a world that is immensely rich and vivid, as well as engaging combat mechanisms. This game is deep, to the point of being overwhelming, and you’ll find yourself spending a lot of time with your characters.

Black Desert Online is a massive game with a broad range of play styles that appeal to various players. The game’s primary flaw is a shortage of official guidance on how to play it. Many things may appear weird or counterintuitive when you first start.

In Black Desert Online, gear evolution is crucial. Defense points and attack points take precedence over character ranks in the game.

You can annihilate opponents in your way with the appropriate armor, weaponry, and upgrades. You might have a hard time succeeding in the game if you don’t have the appropriate equipment.

Enhancement levels can be applied to armor, weapons, and accessories to increase their stats, raise defense points, attack points, and a variety of other attributes, for example. The major advantage of armor is that it provides defense points. This is the result of combining agility and damage reduction.

This means you will be able to avoid monster attacks more often and take minor damage from them. 

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about akum armor vs boss armor in Black Desert Online and conclude which one is better among the two. Keep reading to learn more.

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The Akum Armor Set vs The Boss Armour Set

The new area Drieghan, as well as a new blue armor set, have been added to BDO KR. The akum armor set is a brand-new armor set that may be found in Drieghan.

The boss armor set, which has been released alongside the Kamasylvia expansion, is quite similar to the akum armor set. Since akum armor components have two crystal lattice spaces while boss armor components have just one, it’s common to believe that the akum armor set is better than the boss armor set. The akum armor set can be transformed into a green armor set as well.

The akum armor set seems to have a set bonus with every of the blue awakening weapons. However, unlike the boss armor set, that has a set benefit with liverto weapons. All agility +4 (2.5 pieces), maximum defense points +150, every damage reduction +6 (3.5 pieces), as well as all the attack points +7 are also the set benefits 5 amounts.

Other numbers, like defense points, are quite similar to those for boss armor. An inveterate akum piece has fewer statistics than a boss piece at PEN.

However, despite having two crystal spaces instead of just one, the akum armor set does not appear to be as popular as expected. Although blue gear is typically costly, restoring it to its greatest durability and therefore improving it is tough.

The setup bonus also is unappealing since most players prefer to utilize refurbished blue weapons while going on to Dahlias. In addition, the dragon slayer, a new yellow awakening weapon, has been added. The dragon slayer is a craftable weapon; therefore, anybody who puts in the time and energy will ultimately obtain it. 

Blue awakening weapons and the new armor set, which has set benefits with blue awakening weapons, would be less often utilized, so now players may go on to the dragon slayer rather than the incredibly difficult-to-get Dandelion.

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About Weapon Fundamentals

Weapons and sub-weapons, also known as secondary weapons, are unique to each class. Different weapons can be used by distinct classes. Witch and wizards, for example, utilize the staff as their primary hand weapons. Witches, wizards, and rangers all have access to the sub-weapon steel dagger.

The characters with a level of 56 or above who have finished their class’s awakened quest path can use awaken weapons. The only exception is the archer, who is limited to a novice archer awakening weapon until he reaches level 56. Weapons that have been awakened cannot be exchanged with another class.

Final Thoughts

When the comparison is complete, it is self-evident that the akum armor set is superior to the boss armor set. It has a wide range of advantages and applications. The advantage of having an armor set and the reasons why akum armor is superior to a boss armor set are detailed in the above-written article.

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