Liberation Operation the Ascent: Where to Find The Foreman?

About The Ascent

The Ascent is a single and cooperative action-shooter RPG based in Veles, a densely populated cyberpunk society. You play as a worker enslaved by the corporation that owns you and the rest of your area. One day, you find yourself trapped in a tornado of disaster:

The Ascent Group halts for mysterious reasons. Your district’s viability is compromised: rival firms attempt to compel appropriation while criminal gangs are striving to expand their black-market modification business. To prevent them from capturing authority, you must pick up guns and pursue a new journey to discover what began it all. To figure out what began it all, you’ll have to take up guns and go on a new quest. 

To discover what happened, explore the planet of Veles alone or with up to three friends. Your journey through to the Arcology will take you past some of the most formidable foes, as well as some surprising allies. Customize your character’s looks, skills, and powers to fit your play style, and gain access to new equipment and weapons as you proceed. Violence, gore, and foul language are all present in this game. 

Missions in the Ascent

For all corresponding Xbox accomplishments, you’ll need to complete 28 Ascent Side Missions and 12 Main Missions or objectives.

The following are all of The Ascent’s primary missions:

  • Blues from Arcology
  • Mutual Requirements
  • Changing Locations
  • Empowerment
  • Miner of Data
  • Code of a Foreign Country
  • Protocol for Tracing
  • Error in Syntax
  • Recompile
  • Meeting of the Board of Directors
  • Root Permissions
  • The exception that was not handled

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Side Missions

Side Missions are a mission type in The Ascent that lists numerous assignments that a user can obtain and finish during the game. As the plot progresses and you take the employment offer from specific NPCs, a series of side quests become available. 

Completing tasks earns the player EXP, which is used to level up their character, granting Skill Points and boosts to various stats. Side missions, on either hand, are obtained through interacting with NPCs and choosing the work that is provided. Side missions are non-essential chores that must be completed to explore mysteries and new regions. By going to the Main Menu > Map & Missions, you can choose whatever mission you want to follow and review the objectives and other relevant information.

These are all of the Ascent side-missions that are available, in no particular order:

  • H2O 9th Generation
  • If you don’t wake up, you’ll miss out on Plug & Play.
  • The Method
  • Liberation Operation 
  • Dreadful Situation 
  • The Champ 
  • That Guy
  • Silicon Optics
  • One More Rep
  • Lost and Found
  • The Dark Horse
  • Silicon Optics
  • One More Rep
  • Lost and Found
  • The Dark Horse

Where To Find Foreman in the Ascent Liberation Operation?

The Ascent Liberation Operation is an assassination side quest.

Liberation Operation is a pretty lengthy side objective. You must locate and kill a Foreman in charge of an abandoned workshop in Scrap-land; however, the Scrap-land Foreman may contain a video game bug.

Even though the side mission is very straightforward to complete, the Ascent Liberation Operation bug you may encounter may prevent you from completing it.

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In the Ascent, How Can You Get To Scrapland?

Your first goal after speaking with Lockesley in Nitroad (Tier Warrens) is to travel to Scrapland. Call a taxi to Arcology now that you’ve activated the fast-traveling mechanism. The Warrens next will head to Tier Highstreet here on the opposite flank.

If you look at the figures immediately, Scrapland is located in the northwest of The Node.

If this location is unknown, head towards The Node and put this quest on hold for a while.

Alternatively, initiate the Plug & Play side quests, and you’ll ultimately meet Grigori. After that, you’ll have access to an elevator that will take you to Scrapland.

If you can’t go to Scrapland, do this.

Since the way is unobstructed and you have already accessed this section, you will be asked to locate the Foreman once you arrive.

The Scrapland Foreman’s Location

The Scrapland Foreman is easy to identify. He’s within a building that oversees the camp. Make a note of the location of your plot.

Once you’ve entered the room, go downstairs and speak with him. After that, you must murder him to complete the job. Based on level, he may or may not be a viable opponent.

If you are unable to defeat him, upgrade your character and weapons.

Ascent Liberation Operation Bug: Foreman Disappearance

This mission may be buggy for some participants, as previously stated. After you speak with the Foreman, the glitch causes him to vanish.

If this arises, close the game entirely and refresh your console.

If the glitch remains, continue the game’s story by finishing the next main quest, then returning to Scrapland. Return to Lockesley in Tier Warrens after killing the Foreman in Scrapland to collect your bonuses and delete Liberation Operation from the missions list in your Ascent. 

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Veles is a massive area, and the Developed system is a jungle of infrastructure and cities to discover in The Ascent. Throughout your adventure, you will encounter several people who will beg you to perform anything for them or ask you to accompany them where they are unable to go. 

After completing the first objective of The Ascent, Arcology Blues, you will be presented with a variety of Side Missions to acquire from Cluster 13’s center. These Side Tasks are fun to complete, but you won’t be able to complete most of them if you proceed to collect them right after they become available.

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