How to Appear Offline in Warzone? (2022 Update)

Although playing Warzone alongside friends is enjoyable, there will be moments when you would wish to play alone without the interruption of any friends. This can be accomplished by going offline. Let’s dig in.

Warzone is a videogame that allows players to connect with one another. You may talk to your friends, meet different gamers, and even enjoy a game with all of your friends. Still, playing alone might be more enjoyable at times.

If you don’t really want your mates to play Warzone with you, you may try going offline. The sad fact is that there isn’t an in-game option for this, so you will have to log in to Activision to accomplish this.

The solution to appearing offline in Warzone isn’t exactly as simple as it ought to be.

Even though your PS4 or Xbox One status is configured to show offline, this does not guarantee you will appear offline while playing Warzone. The game manages your public settings via a different online account, thus you will find the option to show offline on your associated Activision account.

Here’s how to make yourself appear offline in COD Warzone.

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How to Appear Offline in Warzone via Activision

While the lack of an in-game option might be annoying, going offline in COD Warzone is a straightforward procedure, provided you know where to look. Here’s how and when to use your Activision account to appear offline in Warzone:

  • Go to the Activision site and log in to the profile. You may do this by logging in with your email address and password or logging in with your connected accounts (e.g. Xbox Account).
  • Go to the Profile menu in the upper right corner.
  • Choose the appropriate network of your profile. Based on your game platform, it would either be Steam, Xbox Live, or Playstation. Now would be the time to connect your accounts if you haven’t already.
  • Sign On Visible is the option that you have to select. Change your online status using the drop-down options here. To show offline, choose None.
  • You will be invisible after changing the setting, enabling you to enjoy playing the game without your buddies knowing. Once you’re keen to get back into the game, remember to change your settings back to Friends.

It also is worth mentioning that you may configure what info is shown to other gamers and whether other gamers may search for you. Because any in-game settings you’ve previously selected will be overridden by Activision, this can only be done on the Activision site.

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Final Thoughts

It’s crucial to remember that every Warzone gamer who wants to compete should become acclimated to playing alongside others. The Duos and Trios format will be used in the forthcoming World Series of Warzone tournament. Most additional Warzone events follow the same format.

Playing with others offers several advantages. Other gamers may have greater expertise and be able to provide useful advice. Although there are several YouTube lessons available, no alternative for a practical gaming experience exists. Many players could have knowledge about the strongest weapons, perks, and so forth.

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