Why Does Dota 2 Update So Often?

As a general rule, no game that has ever been developed is perfect. No matter how great the game may be, whenever it is released, it incorporates some bugs. Bugs and technical glitches are inevitable when it comes to developing games. 

Especially in games that require multiplayer users, the game’s worth is impacted by the presence of a single dominant strategy/weapon. Therefore, multiplayer games need more and regular updates for their smooth function.

However, with the evolution of technology, high-end games like Dota 2 do not come with huge bugs. All the bugs that appear are fixed with auto-updates, which is the primary reason why it updates so often.

Generally, the game does not come up with a huge glitch that would crash your game or make you lose any data.

The Dota 2 updating system updates the game regularly to avoid any issues or glitches that show up in your game or interrupt your gaming experience.

Adding to that, the developer of the game, ‘valve’, is regularly working on making the game better with each passing day. This leads to the Dota 2 game coming up with a new update almost every fortnight.

The updates require the game to go through various changes every other day. For instance, an update of 100mb would happen typically every other day, which would work in a manner that 20mb would be used to ward off bugged functionality, while the rest 80mb would add new features or bug/functionality/security update fix.

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The updates in Dota 2 are generally called patches, which are there to fix the known errors and exploits that show up in your game. They are also there to add new features and content to your game, which includes the latest versions of heroes, new items, and other cosmetics. This process is very normal as it happens in all modern day games.

Adding to that, the regular updates not only cater bugs, but also are there for the improvisation of balance in the game. If there is not a balance in the game, it would make a few enemies very difficult to fight with, or may alter the difficulty level of the game. 

It can also make the functionality of a Dota 2 hero less effective, or make a weapon less accurate. So regular updates are really important for the smooth running of the game.

Generally, the majority of the patches are officially documented. However, not all changes are documented. The undocumented patches are often noticed by the avid players, who then spread the word to other players.

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Latest Features

Another reason why Dota 2 constantly updates is it is very vigilant and quick to add the latest features in the game. When a game gets popular, the developers realize that there is a need to add better features in the game to keep the players hooked to the game, which obviously requires the game to have updates on a regular basis.

Adding to that, Dota 2 continuously updates that game so that it can run on higher resolutions or run smoothly on advanced systems. The developers of Dota 2 update the game often in order to add better, higher resolution features in order to run the game at a swift frame rate.

You must know that like the players, the process of constant upgradation is equally frustrating for the developers as well. Patching a game takes time and energy, this means that unless a chance is very important, a developer won’t bring an update to the game.

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Can Dota 2 be Played Without Updating?

Dota 2 can be played without updating by opening Dota 2 without using the Internet. It can be done by launching the game by using a shortcut. After you have used a shortcut, it would require you to go through a window that requires  authorization. This window will be opened automatically.

You must know that Steam in this regard won’t be able to make a connection with the server. It would offer you to either opt for the offline mode or  try again. You will be required to select the offline mode. After selecting it, your game will begin in the offline mode, which obviously won’t require any updates since you are not connected to the internet.

Latest Dota 2 Update

The latest update of Dota 2 is called the 7.0 update, and it is garnering mixed reviews from players and gamers all over the world. Most gamers are criticizing this new update as they find that all the innovations and updates had already been present in the earlier versions of the system.

However, users who have more technical knowledge are applauding the new update. They think this update focuses more on HUD as it requires more maintenance and constant updating to make the gaming experience smooth and seamless!

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