What’s Posted In The Warframe Reddit? (LINK INSIDE)

You’ve ever wondered what’s in the Warframe Reddit? Well before we get started, let’s introduce Warframe to those who don’t know what the game is about.

Warframe is a wonder. It was created around the same time as another known game, “Destiny.” During the beginning of your gameplay, you start off as a Tenno, a surviving race that can use extraordinary Warframes. In the game, your goal is to take retake your solar system from terrible creatures that inhabit it. It’s definitely not a small task.

In the fast-paced action/shooter game, you play as a third-person character, fighting in extreme melee combats, and dealing with a lot of lore. While it may seem confusing when you’re starting off, it’ll slowly become easier as you play throughout the story. Don’t worry or hesitate on playing if it looks confusing, most of the best games start off as confusing.

Warframe currently has over 30,000,000 registered players. Its all-time peak for players reached over 131,000 players online.

warframe statistics

Warframe Reddit Community

The Warframe Reddit community (r/Warframe) was created on August 12, 2012, and now has over 400,000 subscribers. Now that’s a lot of Tennos. In the community, many members come to give tips and advice, ask questions, and help from other players. If you find yourself struggling on the forum, don’t hesitate to be a part of the community.

warframe reddit

Weekly Discussions for Warframe Reddit

Thanks to the hard work of the moderators from this subreddit, there have been weekly discussions for the betterment of the community. These discussion helps increase Warframe players’ interests and engagement building a stronger subreddit. As players discuss their questions and answers, they get a better perspective of the topic. The weekly discussions are posted from Sunday until Friday. Saturdays on this Warframe Reddit won’t be having any discussion posted by the moderators, but community members are still able to post. Having discussion threads also helps reduce spam on the subreddit.

warframe funny meme

Sunday: Question & Answer

If you’re not knowledgable with the game, you can go to the Sunday thread and ask questions. Your questions will be answered any day of the week.

Monday: Moments Thread

Every Monday, moderators will post a subreddit where you can share your Warframe experience with other community members.

Tuesday: Off-Topic Discussion

It’s called Top(ic)-less Tuesday for a reason. You can comment on this post and it doesn’t have to be related to Warframe. Have a personal story that you’ve been urging to share with your fellow gamers? This discussion thread is all yours.

Wednesday: Warframe Communities

While it’s not much of a thread, the Wednesday section on the Warframe Reddit posted a list of communities. These are smaller communities and you can find which targeted community fits best for you.

warframe communities

warframe communities

Thursday: Vent Thread

Have you been holding in rage to the point where you just want to vent to every other Warframe players? On the vent posts, you’re free to rant about whatever you feel or bothering you. The description of their post is quite funny.

warframe rant

Friday: Recruitment Thread

That’s right. If you’re looking to recruit or looking to request others to help them out, feel free to post on the Friday recruitment threads.  As a Warframe player, you can ask for help from other players on the community. Don’t hesitate to share your character name! You can look for people to complete runs. If you’re in search of a clan or recruiting for your clan, then this is the thread for you.

Looking forward to joining this Warframe subreddit? Be sure to read the rules before becoming a subscriber!

Warframe Reddit Rules

The subreddit wouldn’t be as successful as it is today if it weren’t for rules. Below is a screenshot of the rules.

warframe rules

Interested in joining the subreddit? Click here.

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