Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Turquoise Trout – Locations Guide

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is an RPG with an action theme. CyberConnect2 developed this game, whereas Bandai Namco Entertainment published it based on the franchise of Dragon Ball. The game is based on the main character Goku and other Z-fighters within the course of Dragon Ball Z. 

Players battle opponents in the game and perform other tasks and activities such as collecting orbs, fishing, driving in a hovercar, eating, training, and getting certain characters inside soul emblems. 

Focusing mainly on the fishing aspect in this game, there are a number of fishes players have to catch. Some of them include:

  • Huge Trout 
  • Golden Trout 
  • Turquoise Trout 
  • Azure Catfishes 
  • Alien Whitefish, and many others. 

In this guide, we are looking at how to catch the Dragon ball Z Kakarot Turquoise Trout which is a rare trout, though not so rare as compared to the Golden Trout or the Huge Trout but it is required to filled all entries in the Z Encyclopedia in the newest Dragon Ball Z PS4 video game and because of this, I will tell you in this guide where you can find it in case you’re having trouble doing so. 

It is worth noting that Turquoise Trout isn’t a mission item. This basically means that you won’t be asked for it by any quest-giver or NPC. 

However, it is good to note that you only need the Turquoise Trout if you wish to complete all the entries in the Z Encyclopedia and if you want to have a little something to brag about. 

You might have noticed that it is even simpler to catch the Huge Trout and other fishes if you know the right place to search for it. If you are finding it a bit difficult to do so, you can use bait. This ultimately leads to the second part of this guide as well as additionally to landing in the place by the name of Darlinge Polynya. 

Where Can You Find the Turquoise Trout in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot? 

In DBZ Kakarot, Darlinge Polynya is definitely the initial place to go in search of exotic animals and rare fish species. It is in this same area that you will get Frozen Rabbit Meat, Premium Reindeer Meat, Azure Catfishes, as well as Golden Trouts. 

As there are basically only some fishing areas here, it will be relatively easy for you to find the Turquoise Trout. 

On your map, you can take out a special spot in Darlinge Polynya, this is usually where you will find the Azure Catfish in addition to the Golden Trout & the Turquoise Trout in case they are needed. 

How to Catch a Turquoise Trout in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

When you finally arrive at this location, the best thing you can do is to start fishing. Make sure to use the exact strategy explained earlier in the article for different fish types and cooking ingredients related to fish (for example, Alien Whitefish, Fatty Giant Fish, and Fin Muscle).

Please note that you don’t have to utilize any sort of bait to lure the Turquoise Trout fish while trying to catch them, however, you do need a great deal of patience and trying to look for the largest or medium-sized fish. This can be done by swinging your character’s tail upon facing the largest-sized fish. All other fish will look away. 

Your mission in catching the Turquoise Trout is to look for a blue-colored trout. 

You can probably achieve this in 5 minutes or even less. This is because this fishing area has a drop rate that’s incredibly high. 

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