Stardew Valley Secret Note 11 – Explained (2022)

Stardew Valley is a game that includes messages about strange occurrences, but players can’t always be sure if they’re real or not. If not, don’t worry; go through the A Winter Mystery quest to gain access to Secret Notes. Some of these hidden messages are even more unsettling than the main game’s creepiest moments.

For instance, Secret Note 11 contains an image and no text for elucidation. So, what is the goal of this note? And does anything even have to do with it? Keep reading to find out!

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What Should You Do With Stardew Valley’s Secret Note 11?

The 11th secret note in Stardew Valley has no purpose other than to be a collectible, seemingly unrelated to the plot. It’s not locked away or anything, so you can find it as soon as you’re ready, unlike the others, which are located all over the valley.

The letter is a picture of two people, an older woman, and a small child. The woman is holding the child’s hand on her own as they walk down the sidewalk. The child is looking up at her with a severe expression on his face.

Why is this note in the game? There are no other Secret Notes like it in Stardew Valley or any other games, so I guess there’s no way to know. There has been much conjecture regarding who these two individuals are, but no clear answer has been provided. All I can say is that there are enough indications to make a guess.

This image is of two people, a man, and a woman. The woman is wearing the same style of clothing that Marnie wore in an episode of Girls season 1. Some people believe this to be a picture of her.

Others think that the letter is a photograph of Jas, a baby girl, holding hands with her mother. The mother is not in the game. Also, Secret Note 11 isn’t the only one in Stardew Valley. There are many more mysteries that you’ll need to uncover throughout your time spent in the valley.

It would seem that this is the only message of the 25 that does not serve a purpose. This collectible object can be classified as a commodity. 

The game has been around for quite a few years, and still, no one has figured it out. The game creators have remained anonymous, and the only clues to solving this puzzle lie.

If there is a goal, developer ConcernedApe may have to offer us a hint at some point! It might be worth waiting for. Perhaps nobody will ever solve it. Maybe the code is a joke or an intentional tease, or just a kind of an art piece that we can never figure out. The future may hold a solution, but for now, we are left to view the mystery that is Secret Note 11.

You should have found Secret Note 11 and completed the A Winter Mystery quest line. After then, you’ll start getting notes by doing unusual things, like producing huge crops and battling monsters in mines.

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