The Best Sprinkler System Design for Stardew Valley

At the beginning of Stardew Valley, you possess a watering that can be only capable of being applied to a single crop. It takes a lot of effort, but it’s worth it during the first season because there aren’t many crops to tend.

Eventually, you increase the number of crops. You eat to get energy so you can tend to your crops. Your watering can is better now, so it waters more crops at once unless one day you begin to think, “I’ve been watering my crops a lot this season, but it feels like I’m not getting anywhere. Do you have any tips?”

Lucky for you, we’re here to help! In this article, we will talk about sprinkler system design for Stardew Valley and some tips and tricks. 

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Basic Sprinkler

The first farm built at Farming level 2 is a waste of resources, and it’s not worth the investment. There’s a reason there are free sprinklers in the garden center.

Copper is essential early on in the game because it’s required for Silo, mayonnaise machines, copper tools, and tappers. A significant portion of these is required for your early advancement.

Brewing items, which you can get from kegs, is a profitable way to make money in the game. A portion of your current expenses are made utilizing wine, and it’s much easier than brewing your own. Then you can make money to pay back what you spent making the kegs in the first place.

Instead, set your copper bars aside for those. It is even possible if you have too many bars. You can water only four crops at a time, and they’re hard to position. You must place them on various lines and columns to water all of the crops.

A Well-Planned Sprinkler System

A well-planned sprinkle system is perfect for watering eight crops in a 3×3 grid. Many people swear by the Iridium sprinkler and skip Farming level 6, but I believe this is a mistake.

The first justification is that they are effortless to produce in the first seasons of life. Since you’re still getting the hang of swinging a rake, you’ll have no problem shortening your cutting time and creating a simple sprinkler.

The iridium variant is difficult to manufacture but not much more so than the basic version. Iridium sprinklers are just the best variant. The increased functionality should be enough to entice you to stay at Farming level 6 for longer than is necessary.

The replacement of copper with gold is necessary because metal upgrades are not yet available. In the same way, you will have a lot of refined quartz.

I needed to go to Clint to fetch some copper ore because it was in high demand. I found that I could produce many high-quality sprinklers without any effort. Earlier, I did not need much gold ore.

The second reason is that it comprises two times as many crops as the standard version, but it also includes the adjacent tiles in a coherent pattern. It enables you to make your layout tidy.

Finally, an investment will not be lost even if later sprinklers are iridium. When you’re presented with rare pieces of armor that are too costly to equip, you can sell them for 450 gold instead. It’s a good deal considering the materials necessary to make them.

I recommend not skipping out on these quests. However, when you start making a lot of money, sell these quests back for an iridium profit after 2-3 years. View it as an investment that can provide you with more crops in the first year or two

If you feature quickly rather than after-game variation, you will make more cash in the first year or two. It should still be significantly less than the lowest price on the aftermarket.

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Layout Of Iridium Sprinklers

The elusive value of crop water, iridium sprinklers, can be arranged eight squares apart and irrigate 24 different crops.

Iridium sprinklers have a lot of good attributes. When it comes to the yield of crops, kegs and maybe pigs will hugely increase in number. They are likely to be the only thing that will bring you significant and sustainable income.

The main problem is that the required resources are challenging to come by. Simple designs allow for a short and easy installation process. For example, gold bars are just as easy to manufacture as they are to install. In the same vein, the battery pack is also easy to manufacture.

To get the iridium bars, you have to travel to Skull Cavern. It requires completing all 120 levels of the mine and restoring the vault of a community center. You’ll have to spend 42,500 gold to do so. The cost is enough to purchase an Iridium watering system. However, you can sell the vault for the same price without completing the quest.

It is unlikely to happen in your first year because the mine needs time to finish. You won’t have enough gold in the early game if you upgrade your farm. You need ten thousand gold to upgrade your farm.

The Skull Cavern is a tricky part of the game that is only available after it’s complete. You have to have completed it before you enter Skull Cavern. The creatures are mighty and should prove to be damaging. You might need an excellent protective suit. If you cannot take care of the creatures in the cave, you’ll be quickly eliminated.

It is because the monsters have potent attacks and a lot of health points. Therefore, they can destroy your armor and significantly damage your health. The special abilities and higher levels that occur in the mine are achieved after completion.

Iridium is more plentiful at later levels, so you might need to use bombs and staircases to get there, which are both expensive. 

If you don’t want to fight monsters and mine, you can get the sprinklers from Krobus in the sewers. You’ll need to meet him every Friday. It costs 10,000 gold, but it is expensive, but there might be an excellent time to use it.

However, if you’ve already completed the quest, you can retrieve the items for free. It’s not an excellent way to get cash in the early game because you will have difficulty crafting them because of your spade.

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