Pathfinder: The Kingmaker-Jamandi Aldori Statue

Deep Silver, the publisher, and Owlcat Games, the developer, have finally released Pathfinder: Kingmaker. It is a role-playing game for one player in which players control a variety of characters.

In the game, you will encounter a group of characters who are embarking on an escapade to the Looted Lands in order to establish their own new Kingdom. You will conquer numerous regions and construct new strongholds. Aside from that, you will have to make decisions that will shape your own story.

Continue up the hallway and through a door to the north after finding Jaethal in Jamandi’s Mansion to find two Assassins looking for Jamandi’s stash. Eliminate them, then make one character go into the first room on the right, while the others should proceed up the corridor and into a second room. 

There are several statues in both rooms: two in the southern room and four in the northern room. Half of them have their blades up, half of them have their blades down, and all of them can be interacted with. That’s right; it’s a enigma. Your goal is to get all of the statues to either hold their blades upright or put them down.

Use the far-right statue in the left room, then the left statue in the right room, and finally the far-left statue in the left room to make all of the blades point down from the beginning. You can open the other room from there by utilizing the far-left sculpture in the left room and then the right sculpture in the right room.

Jamandi Aldori Statue/ Prologue Kingmaker

You will be able to unlock many different secrets throughout the game by completing missions and solving various enigmas. One of the enigmas can be found right at the beginning of the game in Jamandi Aldori’s residence. There is an optional enigma here that, when solved, unlocks two secret rooms. The enigma is difficult to solve, and the game does not provide any instructions. As a result, this guide will teach you how to easily solve the enigma and open both secret doors.

Numbering Statues

To begin, we will name the statues in numerical order to make things easier. The left/upper room contains four statues. The statues will be numbered starting from the left side, as shown below.

  • First statue (– 1)
  • Second Statue (– 2)
  • Third Statue (– 3)
  • Fourth statue (– 4)

Now we’re in the right/lower room, which has two rooms. We’ll start counting the statues from the left side again.

  • First Statue (– 5)
  • Second Statue (– 6)


To access the room on the left/upper level, click on the statues in the order listed below. A secret door on the left/upper side 6 (both statue blades up), 5 (both sword up), 4 (sword down), 3 (sword up). Once you’ve opened the upper room, you’ll be able to open the right/lower room by clicking on the statues in the order listed below. 6 (both blades down) for the right/lower secret door, 1 for the upper secret door (all blades in the upper room down).

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