How Do You Use Reward Points in MapleStory

So, obviously, for a job well done, a pat on the back, a thumbs up, cheers filled with praise, gifts, wages too are soothing and make you feel good. Come on, and you can’t hunch over that PC for hours on end the day in, day out and not get some reward after that? Not nice.

Well, MapleStory does not come up short on this one either. Reward points are given, and players can get these points through extra activities, completing tasks, including defeating the big, bad, vile bosses too.

In order to utilize these reward points, take the following steps. 

Go to the cash shop, click on the event button displayed at the left, look down the list, choose Maple Rewards. In the rewards shop, you can casually look through all the possible items you would be able to buy using reward points.

Reward points serve nicely in that you can buy items that would typically cost NX and get discounted purchases on some things available at the cash shop.

How Do You Make Use of These Reward Points?

After collecting maybe in heapings of reward points, you would definitely want to use them now.

These reward points can be spent on a couple of items or used to get discounted prices on a few items available in the cash shop.

You’ll find the event tab located at the left side in the cash shop. Click on it, then you’ll pick the Maple Rewards Shop as directed above. All available items for purchase by using reward points pop up, and you can look through them. 

Note that every item excluding the inventory slots coupons possess a set limit bar on how much of that particular item you are allowed to buy in a month.

Using your reward points wisely and weighing your options with the special item you want to purchase, all the while considering the limit bar set on that item, is wise.

Citing an example, now you are allowed to buy only five black cubes alongside five reds with these reward points per month.

The set limit of the items are found in the left corner at the top of the item’s display symbol.

The purchase limit goes back to its default come the very first day of every month, and it is advisable to be mindful of this if you almost always purchase a particular item.

Here I have put together a compiled list of valuable things you can buy using reward points.

  1. Black and red cubes
  2. Slot coupons (add a pendant and extra inventory coupons)
  3. Teleport rock
  4. The scissors of karma

The other way to spend reward points is to utilize the points as a kind of discount when you’re buying standard items available in the cash shop.

Reward points can only be used as a rebate on a few items, so browse through and check if you will be able to obtain a particular item using the reward points to get discounts.

Note that reward points utilized on the standard purchases through the cash shop are only responsible for about thirty percent (30%) of the total cost of the item you decide to purchase.

That’s all there is to use your reward points available in the MapleStory game.

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