How to Get Knowledge of Shadow Grave in Black Desert Online?

Black Desert Online is a combat action game requiring free action and manual aiming skills. The game offers farming, fishing, and trading with castle battles and siege events. The setting of the game is based on a fantasy battle between two rival nations.

Knowing all about Black Desert Online means accumulation of power. Your energy stats are proportional to your capabilities. There are three main advantages of knowledge. First, you increase your energy pool, second, it improves your second frame score, and third, it increases the chances of looting rare items.

In this blog, we will discuss how to get knowledge of shadow graves in Black Desert Online.

1. Get Proficient in the Game

It takes a considerable amount of time to get your hands on the game. Once you know the desert area well, you will learn all about the shadow grave in Black Desert Online.

The best way to get there is to go across the tower on the broken ring. It is the entrance to the shadow knights near the orc camp. Take a clue from the creature on the opposite side of the bridge. Now run back on either side of the bridge; this way, you can buy knowledge of the shadow grave from the quest-giver.

2. Chasing and Acquiring Knowledge

The wisdom in Black Desert Online is fun and captivating; you should chase down and learn. Your aim must be knowledge-chasing, knowing the secret locations, and acquiring powers to acquire knowledge of the shadow grave.

The storyline itself reveals most of the facts. As you will delve into the story, you will find more truths and knowledge. In addition, you will realize how the story ties together the secrets and facts.

3. BDO Knowledge Locator

Another great way to get knowledge about shadow graves is by the BDO Knowledge locator. You can use the knowledge list to help increase understanding and increase maximum energy. In addition, you can find ecology and enemy knowledge over here.

At BDO knowledge locator, you can get knowledge regarding whatever you are looking for. You can get knowledge of weapons, impregnable tactics and strategies in the game, and knowledge about taking care of your equipment. If you are a beginner, use this platform to enhance your knowledge and game skills.

4. BDO Knowledge Guide

Knowledge of Black Desert Online is a measure of how much game experience you have. Your resources, hunting, and questing calculate it. Acquiring knowledge becomes important since it increases your energy levels. The energy level is important as it is the typical energy in the game.

A BDO knowledge guide comes in handy to gain knowledge, including the knowledge of shadow graves. It gives you an insight into the game, guiding you in your course of action.

5. BDO Online Community

Black Desert Online is a massive platform with millions of gamers and followers. The gaming community will answer all your queries, and you can discuss any issue freely. It also helps you develop your skills and guide you in a better way.

With BDO online community, you can share your views, feedback, and suggestions. A general discussion panel keeps you informed about what’s going on in the game. A good visual gallery introduces the characters, and on the adventure board, you can find tips and guides. To get knowledge of the shadow grave, do check out with the BDO online community.


Black Desert Online is an incredible option for the range of skilled players. Knowledge holds the key to progress in the game. With more than 20 million users worldwide, Black Desert Online is a lovable platform in the world of MMORPG.

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