Kingdom Hearts 3 – Dark Inferno Boss Location/Obtain Crystal Reward

Kingdom Hearts 3 is based on the event of Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Dispersion, which was released in 2012. Publisher Square Enix as well as developer Square Enix Business Division 3, have produced a new adventure role-playing hack and slash game.

Sora nearly came under Xehanort’s influence in Kingdom Hearts 3D. However, he fled and lost most of his strength. He embarks on a journey alongside Donald Duck and Goofy in order to restore his power and yet again try to stop Xehanort’s wicked schemes.

In Kingdom Hearts 3, Where Can You Find The Dark Inferno Boss, And Where Can You Get Crystal Regalia?

Various opponents and bosses will be encountered during the game. Some are simple to defeat, while others are quite difficult. However, conquering them can provide you with one-of-a-kind priceless resources and goods.

The Dark Inferno is one of the many powerful opponents in the game. Killing it can get you the rare item, crystal regalia. He isn’t mentioned in the tale guide, so you’ll have to hunt him down.

The location in the dark Inferno and the method to obtain the crystal regalia are as follows.

The Location of Dark Inferno

To encounter this boss, you must first finish the game’s storyline. After that, all locations on all planets will be available.

To go to Dark Inferno, travel to the Keyblade Graveyard first, then look for Battlegate 14. When you’ve located it, go inside to start fighting the Dark monster.

The Dark Inferno is indeed a 3-star level opponent, so expect a challenging battle. You’ll have to deal with him since his armament may cause long-range destruction, and he has a bunch of HP.

Bear in mind that this is a formidable foe. He’s a 3-star challenge, and you’ll have to go up against him without the help of your friends. He has a ridiculous amount of health, and also, his weapons are quite lengthy. If you haven’t perfected your combinations, it’ll be a living misery.

To make things even more difficult, you’ll be up against this opponent without the help of any of your friends.

Obtain The Reward-Crystal Regalia

You’ll get the crystal regalia, a one-of-a-kind treasure if you defeat this opponent. It increases Power by 5, AP by 15, and magic by 5, and gives you access to the MP Hastega ability, which refills MP.

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