How to Throw Grenades in Fallout 4?

In the beginning, many people don’t know how to toss grenades because the game’s tutorials don’t teach them everything. However, in Fallout 4, they’re essential, so I’m going to teach you.

In Fallout 4, there are several changes to the game mechanics from previous versions. In addition, some action-oriented tutorials failed to teach players how to throw other explosives or grenades. As a result, it takes time for gamers who have just recently started playing Fallout 4 before they learn how to toss grenades by trial and error. The mechanic changed slightly to use grenades as an effective way of eliminating groups of enemies to deliver damage rather than cause mass damage. 


First, go to the inventory of your weapons. You’ll need to register them to keep your guns and knives legal. So, after you’ve done that, you’ll know what needs to be asked first. Your assumption assumes various weapons and armor components, including grenades, which you accumulated while exploring the Commonwealth. Since a slew of grenades is necessary, you should have a supply of grenades in your inventory, which is ready for you to use.

Load your weapon the same way you would in Fallout 4. Once it is loaded, proceed forward. If the guns are newly acquired and have not been affected by any weapons in-game, they will be unaffected.

The grenade is armed when a small tip button appears on the screen. It indicates that the explosive has been fitted and is prepared to be thrown. It is the first confirmed success of a grenade test in which it was designed to go off as soon as it’s tossed and puncture nearby objects and cause explosions. Probably, you don’t always reveal the clue to the player. However, if it does appear, it may not reflect. If this happens, you must return to the equipment screen and start again. Keep heading in that direction, and the hint will be on the top left side of the screen. You can even choose the weapon that is most familiar to you if that’s what you want.

Since the initial hint (a hint on the top left side of the display) may not show or be as straightforward as it should be, you might look in the Support section below grenades. This frustrating process is repeated for every new explosive to be used in the weapon. The explosive arming process must be done again and again to avoid having to repeat it. When the grenade is fully assembled, you can exit the menu and make your adjustments to it. It’s normal for there to be a bit of confusion while assembling it as it’s your first time, but don’t worry. 

Tossing a Grenade

After you executed all of the procedures successfully and are ready to discharge the grenade, grab your Pip-boy & press the right side. Keep the right bumpers or just the melee key when you’ve targeted your objective and are prepared to shoot. Press the right side as much as you can and once you’re prepared to discharge the bomb. The standard melee button is determined by the computer on which you are playing Fallout 4.

  • PC: Alt
  • Xbox: RB
  • PS4: R1

Meanwhile, you’ll notice a ticking signal, which indicates that the explosive is prepared to be fired. Don’t misinterpret the ticking sounds for such a timer. The explosive countdown will begin as you release the melee key. When you let go of the right bumper/plunger, the explosive is thrown and will explode at any moment. Just ensure you’re a fair distance from the blast when you throw it. When throwing the bomb, you can draw an arc. By gazing up or above, you can choose how far the grenade would fly until exploding. It will be considerably more manageable once you obtain a Fallout 4 ability that will assist you in determining the direction of your grenades.


Ensure you carry grenades inside your weapon stock because if you are running out, you’ll have had to resort to a combat attack. Selecting explosives as favorites additionally making them quicker to load and discharge. In Fallout 4, unlike earlier versions, it is just not essential to apply VATS & explosives simultaneously. Nonetheless, you may throw grenades, immediately change to VATS & blow them up. Newbies must recognize that you may go many rounds in Fallout 4 before knowing how to toss grenades when you’re a great player.

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