How to Prevent Infestations in RimWorld?

The bite of bugs is not just an irritation. They will eventually release bugs and then produce further hives, resulting in a full-fledged infestation. These tiny creatures are capable of wreaking havoc. Even after a lot of effort, if you succeed in eliminating them, half of your colony may be destroyed in the eliminating procedure. Unluckily, by constructing an underground, there is no possible way to prevent infestations. However, there is some information that can assist you in developing strategies for controlling infestations. It can also help you in minimizing the damage.

What Causes Infestations and When Do Infestations Happen?

Infestation is bad news. We can never know how and when it will happen. We can just say that the events of infestation can’t be foretold. They follow the same pattern as raids and sieges. It happens at whatever time the AI storyteller of the game decides that it’s time for an infestation. Although you can’t predict when it will happen, you can get a clue of where they will spawn. Here’s how the AI of the game decides on where to generate an infestation in your base. 

An appropriate area for infestation has to be:

  • Below the roof of a mountain.
  • In a place that has a moderate temperature.
  • In an area that has been unblocked for a long time.
  • Inside a linked area of 16 tiles, to the least.

Methods for Preventing Infestation

Although we can never know when and where infestation will occur, we can still take some precautionary measures to prevent it. The different ways to prevent infestations are as follows:

Give a Place to Homeless Bugs to Live

The AI analyzes per square when spawning colonies. The meaning of this analysis is that if your colony has 40 squares of an above mountain and 120 squares of the mined land on the outer side of the base, the AI will toss 10 hives, but there is a chance that out of ten, only three will get to spawn your base.

Give Them a Death by Cold

Hives won’t germinate in low temperatures like -17⁰ or lower. Yet, be careful if there is a mined area of 300 squares and only the section where the colonists sleep is -15⁰C, then the AI will automatically thrust all of the hives into the sleeping region. 

Furthermore, transforming your base into an everlasting fridge will waste a lot of your power and involves the usage of parkas.

Do Not Construct an Underground Base

One of the guaranteed safe methods to avoid infestations is to avoid forming anything important inside the mountains. Try not to construct necessary amenities such as dining rooms and bedrooms within the mountain. Although this is a possible strategy for preventing the infestations of bugs, covert bases, regardless of the hives, have numerous advantages over outside bases.

The Decisive Way of Dealing with Bugs

Due to their quick attack speed, bugs have great armor and DPS, as well as the ability to stagger-lock the colonists of your colony. Furthermore, they move quickly, ensuring that your colonists will be unable to flee at any time. Bugs are tough as well. They have 15 percent armor and multiple redundant hit sites, which hardly decrease the bug’s efficacy.

Bugs are hard to anticipate and plan for. While the algorithm of spawn prefers dark quarters and rooms that are further distant from your colony’s “center,” they can efficiently spawn anyplace that is built under the ground. A spawning ring that traps bugs surrounding your base is a great way to keep track of where the infestation starts, but it takes a great amount of time and area. Furthermore, it involves a great deal of planning and can make assembling a “natural” colony extremely difficult.

The bugs can be killed by freezing or burning them without causing a lot of colonists to perish. Freezing is an effective method of killing them. However, it is impractical due to the high power and fundamental costs. Burning is cost-effective because it simply requires wood, but it will often result in the destruction of the colony in which you’re living. In either case, these approaches are time-consuming and will not aid colonists that are close to the illness. This is the best-case scenario, a strategy for preventing more harm after the infestation has started.

Anyways, never allow the bugs to grow and proliferate at all costs, or it will all be for nothing. If you were unable to defeat the bugs before they reproduce again, you might never be able to defeat them again. So it is important to take precautionary measures against an undefeatable enemy.

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