How To Get To Magnus? – The Ultimate Guide (2021)

Are you trying hard to find Magnus but your efforts are wasted? Also, every day nothing, but disappointment comes into your hands.

Well, folks, it’s okay. Finding Magnus is one out of all the laborious tasks of Maplestory. Let us know in detail all about Magnus with the help of this article.

What Is Magnus?

Mangus is the last boss that you come across in the castle of Heliseum Tyrant. You can fight with him in Normal, Hard, and Easy mode.

The players will fight at a Death Count of 15. When all players arrive at 0, the battle will finish, and all will be ejected. Each fight will be for thirty minutes.

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How Much Competent Does Magnus Be?

The battle with Magnus is difficult due to his tricks. His attacks will have a toll on the maximum HP of players, or it can kill them immediately. 

All his invasions involve Shadow Shifter, Dodge Rate of Dual Blade. He can also trap players into several OHKO attacks by applying Slow and Zombify on them.

You can recognize Magnus by a blue aura that deduces as the fight goes on. For the player outside of the blue air, the destruction and mixture efficiency reduces by 90%, and 10% of max HP damage by each moment in Hard mode.

His primary invasions comprise a spin, a rush, and a super knockback. He can hop upwards and generate a sword with flame and formulates an explosion that blazes on diagonal sides, in short, which can cause 100% damage to HP.

His poisonous gas can startle players for five seconds which directs to receiving strike by his different influential attacks. He can rain over three colored meteors over the battleground, which can cause 50% health-points damage, while the other two can cause 100% health-points damage.

Whenever you enter a new stage, it will reflect the message- Magnus can not suppress Guwaru now, and his power grows further. The occurrence of this in Easy mode does not accompany the shrinkage of aura to 25%.

How Can You Get To Magnus?

After accepting the quest, the lightbulb notifier on you begins with Easy Magnus. Move to Pantheon and speak to the fellow on the right-side to earn entry to Heliseum. Now drive to the right portal on top of Pantheon. 

Here you will come across a few stages of mobs, again you reach Heliseum. Then move in the lair and speak to another fellow. All this transpires as you move further in prequests. 

Now proceed further to do Easy Magnus. When you are done with unlocking Easy Magnus, subsequently you need to unlock Normal and Hard Mode.

Here you have to come across some compulsory prequests. All in all, the battle will take around thirty minutes to finish off the prequest. To finish Normal Mode, reach level 155 and perform some prequests. You can clear Normal Magnus once a day.

However, to do Hard Magnus, reach level 175 and perform the required prequests. You can clear Hard Magnus once a week.

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Final Thoughts

You can say that to take a toll on Magnus bosses of different modes, try to move carefully while saving your health points. Also, this is only possible if you are well versed with the above-said details of the Magnus. 

We hope you have a good time beating the Magnus bosses. Also, send this article to gaming fellows to help them up. To make any additions to this, write down in the comments section below.

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