(Guide) How to Get Rid of a Planet in Stellaris in 2022?

In Stellaris, resource control is crucial for victory. But, of course, this is not the same as resource acquisition.

You could end up with resources you might not need, such as whole planets. You should be doing something more productive for your resources instead of micromanaging unwelcome planets.

The game doesn’t explicitly tell you how to get rid of a planet in Stellaris. Thankfully, this guide will help you get rid of such pesky heavenly bodies.

What Does It Mean To Remove Planet in Stellaris?

It’s critical that we describe our terminology before proceeding. What exactly does “getting rid of a planet” mean in Stellaris?

In this situation, “get rid of” refers to taking steps to guarantee that you are no longer responsible for the planet. Making deals with others or seeking a new habitat for the inhabitants of your planet may be essential.

After following the steps of any method, the outcome will be the same: you no longer have to think about another planet!

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Why Is It Essential To Get Rid Of Planets?

The best methods to get rid of planets are mentioned below. However, the simple question must be addressed: why should you even consider getting rid of your planets?

The simplest explanation is that you’re increasingly stressed. When a player has an excessive number of planets to handle, the only way out is to reduce the amount to a reasonable size.

In certain circumstances, having numerous planets may be detrimental to your gameplay. This will result in you beyond your managerial capability. As a result, the economy will be severely harmed.

Now that we’ve covered the explanation why you may want to get rid of a planet, let’s look at how you can get started.

Give It To Someone Else

One of the simplest ways to reduce your planet count is pleasant and easy. Simply hand it over to an empire!

You can gift the planet to some other emperor if you know an empire that feels protective for your planets and is not your foe. Doing this will help you get rid of the planet and make it someone else’s responsibility.

That’s a fair point of view. Most players experience regret after giving a planet away. They reflect on the planet’s full potential.

However, there was a justification why you decided to give that planet away. You now will concentrate on your central kingdom rather than worrying over what you might have achieved about an unwelcome planet.

Population Resettlement

It’s not always easy to gift your planet to someone. In any scenario, reducing the population of the planet to nil is among the most effective ways to eliminate it. After that, it reverts to being an unconquered planet.

This approach is a bit more complicated than you think. You’ll have to think of how adding a whole planet’s inhabitants to somewhere else would affect it. As a result, you must choose your destination planet wisely.

Displacing or Purging the Population

Many people have doubts regarding how to purge a world in Stellaris. When done correctly, purging is among the most effective strategies for eliminating a planet’s inhabitants.

Be aware of some of the disadvantages of this strategy. Purging is possible only by individuals, not by the planet. Purging will take a long time if you have a large community of several different species. 

Displacement of the community is another choice. Displacement is a distinct purge category that, for certain empires, could be their only choice. Within ten months, the species will have been displaced from the planet.

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Vassals Creation

As a beginner Stellaris player, you may think that making vassals is merely a fun way to grow your kingdom. However, this method comes in handy when you have to get rid of unwanted planets.

When you convert a planet to a vassal state, it essentially distinguishes itself from the empire. You may pay influence to rejoin the kingdom later, but they would otherwise remain apart from you.

Such vessel states can also participate in your wars, possibly turning the balance during a critical battle.

Console Commands

Suppose you are more of a “hacker” person. In that case, you can get rid of unnecessary planets by using the Stellaris remove planet command: debugtooltype, following which you have to type kill_pop along with the number of inhabitants that you want removed. 

Final Thoughts

Having a large number of planets in Stellaris may make you feel proud, however, with these planets come great responsibility. Therefore, getting rid of a few planets is essential so that you can get that responsibility off your shoulder and focus on more important things instead. 

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