How to Get Reward Points in MapleStory?

The Maple Rewards system is a way to access items normally available at the Cash Shop through the use of reward points. So I’d advise those who don’t enjoy spending money to pay close attention.

Items available at the Cash Shop can be bought using NX, which is Nexon’s universal currency but some items can also be bought using reward points. You can access the Maple Rewards Shop by clicking on the events tab on the left side of the screen available at the Cash Shop and selecting the Maple Rewards Shop. Here you can make purchases with your obtained points. 

These reward points are a separate currency that can be earned in game by leveling up, joining in on events, completing party quests and theme dungeons and defeating bosses. It is also possible for you to earn a small amount of Reward Points when you make purchases using NX prepaid or NX credit from the Cash Shop. This gives you 5% of your total purchase price as Reward Points.

Most of your obtained points will be gotten by defeating bosses all over the maple world. In the quests menu under progress you can see all the bosses to defeat to get reward points. After defeating them you can claim these reward points by talking to the reward points NPC, Worena and these unclaimed reward points expire after seven days so you’ll want to claim them as soon as you can. You can do this by using the Maple Mailbox on the left side of the screen.

Another major way to earn Reward Points is by simply playing the game. Through regular play, you can earn up to 2,000 Reward Points each day in each world and 1,000 Reward Points daily (also for each world) through star planet gameplay.

Each account can store up to 3,000 Reward Points available at the Cash Shop daily and 30,000 Reward Points monthly. Claiming these points is done automatically by entering the Cash Shop but you can only do this after earning reward points on 10 separate occasions. These also expire after seven days if unclaimed.

Your account has a limit of 150,000 Reward Points monthly though and they expire on the last day of the next month after they have been claimed so be sure to spend those Reward points.

Another way to earn these Reward Points is through the mobile game Maplestory M. Now, with Maplestory M, you can earn reward points on your account by completing quests on your mobile device.

You can link your PC account to your mobile account and when you do that it gives you five quests daily and it even has an autoplay feature which can be a turn off if you’re one of those gamers who loves to do every little bit of work yourself but who doesn’t like free stuff. Just let it play and collect your obtained points.

Each completed quest will reward your PC account with 100 reward points. The game is available on android and ios devices on their respective app stores.

You can also get Reward Points through the Monster Collection. Successfully collecting an entire row of monsters will give you a box containing reward points.

When you get to level 33, you can send monsters away on expeditions and the rarer the monsters the longer they’ll be gone and when they return, you’ll get reward points among a host of other useful rewards.

Monsters can be added to the collection by hunting them or using the extremely rare Monsterbloom item to randomly register a monster. There are also a few Monsterblooms that register a specific monster which can be gotten by completing certain rows in the Collection.

Just like the Cash Shop items, the items available in the Maple Rewards Shop except the inventory slot coupons have a monthly limit on the number of items you can purchase. These limits reset on the first day of each month so remember to check back each month. The limits for each item can be seen at the top left corner of its icon.

Certain cash shop items also allow you to get discounts using Maple Reward Points. To do this when you press the buy button on the item, select pay with either NX Credit, NX Prepaid or Maple Points and then tick the Use Reward Points checkbox.

Discounts can only cover up to 30% of the value of your transaction and If the game doesn’t let you do this then you can’t apply discounts to that item.

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