How to Get Plasteel in RimWorld? – 5 Easy Methods

Apart from being the toughest and the most durable material in RimWorld, plasteel has a wide range of applications outside of construction. Various amounts of plasteel are required to manufacture a variety of objects. The only issue is that plasteel is extremely difficult to come by in RimWorld, and thinking of how to obtain a significant quantity can be difficult at first. We’ll go through some of the applications for plasteel, as well as some of the strategies for locating your supply.

Plasteel is a late-game material. However, if the colony is destroying the study trees at an alarming rate, you will require plasteel sooner than later throughout your game. This plasteel guide will walk you through how to find the best plasteel in the RimWorld Vanilla game. On the Steam Workshop, some mods will change the game and add new or simple ways to find plasteel. If you’re still having trouble finding plasteel, we’ll go over some of these options at the end.

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Different Ways to Find Plasteel in RimWorld

As we have discussed earlier that plasteel is difficult to find, but here are some of the ways of getting plasteel in RimWorld:

  1. You can get from mountain deposits by mining.
  2. You can also get plasteel by trading with different groups for silver or other items.
  3. Disassembling of fallen mechanoids also helps you find plasteel.
  4. Mining using deep drill in order to get Plasteel.
  5. Plasteel meteorite drop is an event that will also help you get plasteel.

Mining Plasteel from The Deposits of Mountain

This is one of the most straightforward methods of obtaining plasteel. Since compacted plasteel is not always available on a produced map area, this method will require some luck. When creating a gaming world, use the maximum map size and colonize an area with mountainous terrain to increase your chances of finding compressed plasteel.

If you find that strip mining in the entire colonized region does not provide any plasteel, you can send colonists to various tiles on the map and can let them construct a new area there.

Multiple colonies are possible due to a certain option in the settings. You can easily colonize a new location on the map, mine any available plasteel, and can return the caravan to the main base with a single option. This is a practical way for locating a virtually infinite supply of plasteel on the rim.

Getting Plasteel Via Trading

You can also get Plasteel through trading. You can get Plasteel by trading it with some other object or paying with silver or gold. It is an important material in RimWorld and has many applications.

By Trading Caravans

Like most other things, the simplest way to obtain plasteel is to trade it with other objects available on the rim. Trading caravans usually pass through a colony on occasions in search of buying and selling goods. Select a colonist who has the top social skill and right-click on the group’s trader to begin trading attempts.

The sole person in the group with whom you can trade will have a question mark sign on their head. 

You can trade with any colonist, but you will get the greatest bargain if you use the one with the top social skill, as trade prices of a person are usually determined by a colonist’s social ability. Some traders may not have plasteel. For instance, because plasteel is a late-game item, the traders who trade among tribes will rarely have any to trade.

By Sending Your Colonists to Trade with Various Groups

You can even use the world menu to send your colonists to do a trade with allied groups. Select your colony from the globe menu. After organizing a caravan, you must make a decision about which of the colonists and animals will accompany you on your voyage.

Remember to bring a few silver or valuable items to sell with the friendly group, as plasteel is rather costly! By knowing about how far away the community is, you’ll want to bring enough food and some bedrolls for your colonists so that they stay in a good mood throughout the voyage.

By Trading with the Travelling Ships Through the Comms Console

If you’ve done enough technology research, you’ll get a Comms console late in the game. Trading ships may periodically sail above, and you can trade with them directly using the Comms console.

This will require the use of electricity.  To interact with the passing ship, simply send your colonist over to the Comms console for trading purposes, just as you would with a trading party. You’ll also need an Orbital trading beacon in your pile of stock to sell and trade products from your colony.

By Taking Down to Pieces the Loose Mechanoids to Earn Plasteel

At the machining table, beaten mechanoids can be dismantled into parts. To do so, just defeat mechanoids and place them somewhere on the map where your colonist may access them.

When all mechanoids are disassembled, plasteel is produced. The gaining amount of plasteel is proportional to the number of body parts missing from the creature you’re dismantling. You may discover a warning about an ‘Ancient Danger’ hidden into the side of a mountain or encased by walls at some time in your colony.

There’s a probability that mechanoids or insects will spawn in this location. One way to find more mechanoids is to keep settling in new places, revealing ancient threats on the map, destroying the mechanoids, and repeating the process. You’d do the same thing with the mining method. There’s a potential that mechanoids will attack your colony as well. If you make it through the raid, you’ll have a tiny supply of plasteel at your clearance.

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Performing Mining Using Deep Drill in Order to Get Plasteel

In RimWorld, you’ll eventually come crossways to the Deep drill item as part of your study tree. This deep drill can mine massive underground plasteel deposits. You can also use the deep thrill to scavenge for plasteel on the ground, but it will cost you a lot of your time and we would not recommend it. 

The ‘Ground Penetrating Scanner’ is an item you can make. This searches for enormous reserves of ore beneath the ground which also includes the elusive plasteel. It’s only a question of placing your deep drill on the uppermost region, powering it up, and passing it on to a colonist to drill once you’ve found a decent spot.

If there are no more pressing jobs, colonists who have the ‘mining’ job selected will drill from time to time. This is one of the best Plasteel sources because many ore veins can be found beneath the earth in a single map area. 

One disadvantage is that when utilizing the deep drill, you may experience an unpleasant event known as a “small infestation.”

If this happens, you’ve dug into the wrong place such as sleeping in an insectoid’s region at random. Don’t worry, you haven’t done anything wrong; this is simply a coincidence. A tiny infestation should be no problem if you’ve progressed far enough in the game to have deep drilling technology. 

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The Drop of Plasteel Meteorite

A meteorite falling from the sky is once in the blue moon chance occurrences that might occur in RimWorld. A large portion of ore will fall anywhere on your map as a meteorite. Be cautious that if you’re unlucky, the meteorite may drop on your region, crushing anyone who is caught beneath it. Any ore type present in the game, even plasteel, can be used to make the meteorite. 

A meteorite could be made of silver, gold, or even uranium! If a plasteel meteorite lands on your map, you’ll be in luck since it’ll drop a large portion of compacted plasteel for you to mine. However, the chances of a meteorite falling, as well as one made of plasteel, are extremely remote. So, if you’re in a hurry for plasteel, don’t wait for the occurrence of this event. 

These ways will surely help you in getting Plasteel in RimWorld. Still, if you have any problem getting Plasteel, feel free to leave a comment about it. We’ll try our best to solve your problem.

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