How To Combine Units In Civilization VI?

In the civilization VI game, you have the option to combine units into armadas, armies, fleets, and corps. With the advancements in technology, it is easy to create simple units. There are two different methods to combine different units in Civilization VI.

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Combining Units using Corps or Fleet

There are certain requirements to be met for you to combine units when creating a fleet or corps. Firstly, you need to be around an industrial area and have successfully completed the research on the industrial area. However, there might be at least one civilization with an entirely different name for the civic. As soon as you are within this area and have the right to research, you can create a fleet or corps.

If the merging is possible, you will see a particular icon appear in the action tab. The unit that starts the merging will become the remaining unit as soon as your merging is finished. A merged unit can and willl be established in the tile where the unit begins. However, if one unit gets injured, the combined unit will cause either loss or gain half of their health. 

To create a fleet or corps, two identical units must be close to each other. You have to click on the unit you want merging with the other unit. Two stars with icons will appear on the actions bars if another unit that’s compatible is close to it. Pressing the icon that has the two-stars causes the hex to turn to green. To complete the combining process, you have to left-click a unit in the hex.

After this, the unit combined together with the initial unit disappears, whereas the current unit currently has two different stars on its emblem. This indicates that you have created a fleet or corps.

Combining Units using an army or Armada

To create an armada or army, you must have created a fleet or corps. Additionally, it would help if you are within the modern area. Trying to combine three units that are identical to form an army at the same time won’t work. You must complete the research on mobilization civic to create an armada or army. Furthermore, a matching unit must be close to the fleet or corps. 

Press on the corps or fleet; under any compatible unit, a blue highlighted tile would appear. However, to merge, you need to left-click on the compatible unit. Once you combine the unit emblem, you will have three stars, which will indicate if it is an armada or army. Immediately after combining it, you will have seventeen additional points in your army or armada in combat strength.

After combining, the higher unit keeps its name, experience, and promotions. However, the lower-ranking unit’s loses their promotions while gaining the experience other units have. Therefore, it is preferable to combine the new units with the experienced units. Furthermore, it would help you to increase your military strength on the crowded battlefield. When both units have at the same level but with other promotions, the unit combined loses its promotions, whereas it gains the promotion the other unit has.

How to build Formations in Civilization VI Cities

If you don’t want to combine units in Civilization VI, another way is to build a formation in a city. To construct a formation using the army, armada, fleet, and corps in a city, you need a speciality district such as an industrial zone or theatre square. 

Furthermore, you need a seaport for naval units and a military academy for land units. The corps and fleets unit typically require 150% of the production and gold costs. It takes twice the strategic resources needed. However, the armies and armadas take about 225% of production and gold costs, which is about three times the amount of strategic resources.

Although it might take a longer time than building an individual unit, it is faster than building two or three units by combining them.

Creating Units in Civilization VI

In Civilization VI, there are four major units – Civilian, military, religious, and support. Each unit occupies one particular type, but hardly can you use two units of the same type to occupy the same tile. You can build units by purchasing or creating them. You need to have gold to buy the units. Units you buy with gold will not be available until the next turn.

There is also maintenance for most units to keep them going. You need gold and food to maintain the units. However, if you don’t have adequate gold to maintain these units, they start disbanding. The more advanced your units are, the higher the cost becomes. Therefore, you must pay close attention to your account, or you stand losing your military unit.

Furthermore, unlike military units, civilian units cannot defend themselves. Once an enemy unit enters a civilian unit, the enemy player will capture and own them. Additionally, they become part of the player’s civilization as they force the civilians to do their bidding.

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