Epic Seven: Friendship – What Does It Offer?

Throughout most social media platforms, there are many platforms explicitly created in the hands of joint characters. Among those is Epic Seven, a provably fair anime role-playing game and entertaining platform that offers you different heroes, friendship levels, points, battles, among others. It directs towards engaging the existing pattern of RPG and management of friendship with different levels. It is a global authority on online gaming from smile gate.

Epic seven is a chief example of an all-hands-on-deck-approach towards lively and exciting gaming methods. Given below is the Epic Seven: Friendship, what it offers, and how you can benefit from it.

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Types of Friendship in Epic Seven

Epic seven offers two types of friendship for its users. The first one is achieved through the daily use and performance of different heroes. Another type is acquired through the number of supporters that you get.

How to increase friendship level in Epic Seven?

Increasing friendship level in Epic seven is of chief importance because it enables you to achieve silks and points. The first and easiest step to increase friendship level in Epic Seven comes through different heroes. Epic Seven takes note of the importance of heroes for its users. It relies strategically on utilizing heroes so that the players can maximize their friendship.

The central point and new direction of Epic Seven are evident in the large-scale friendship suggestion. With more than 180 heroes available, you can produce a high concentration of characters that will help you to get ahead with your friendship level.

You will need heroes to fight or go on adventures so that you can increase the friendship level. Role-Playing Game exhibits an exciting element where players take imaginary characters’ roles and embark on an exhilarating adventure. Using these characters frequently, you will be able to build connections, which will help you get closer to attaining a higher friendship level. Besides that, you can increase your friendship level by participating in battles, Arena or Guild War attacks, and Camping in Labyrinth.

Stages in Friendship

You need to clear 1,500 stages with 10 levels.  It would be best if you maximized everything to increase the friendship level. The most efficient way to increase your energy is during stages 1-5, where you will not have to fight with monsters; you will be in comfortable and friendly battles. With that easiness, it will only cost you two energy. Do this if you are only farming friendship.

Hero Friendship: How to increase it?

Hero friendship is an integral part of Epic Seven. Hero friendship helps in increasing expressions and voices. You will acquire 3 points when 4-5 stars heroes reach Friendship level 10. It can be difficult and time-consuming to reach level 10. You can either use those skill points to upgrade the skill level of a unit or use those skill points to reimburse Molagura. Molagura is a method of refunding your skill points. The hero needs to be 15+ to get ahead with the refund. In like manner, if your unit is 10+, you can use the three skill points to upgrade the heroes’ skills instead of Mola. Mola refund is only available to those units that have max skill enhance. With Max skill enhanced, you will receive more Molagura back with a full refund. You can enhance your heroes’ skill by using one or more Mola.

What are the benefits of maxing your friendship level?

  • After maxing the friendship, you get three medals or skill points. You can receive a little discount too.
  • It unlocks voices and expressions that give you different faces to put on your characters.
  • It helps in strengthening your hero’s skill enhancement for better performance.

Friendship Bookmarks and Summons

To increase bookmarks, you will have to boost your achievements. The more achievements you have, the more likely you will achieve bookmarks or sky stones. You can get friendship experience to get covenant bookmarks and can earn free bookmarks by running stages. Automation tower is a nice place to get many Summons; you can get entire galaxy bookmarks, aka moonlight, to summon, the chances of getting bookmarks in the hunt are very low.

Friendship Farming

The best location to increase farm friendship level is story mode 1-5. You have to click on the mini-map and exit any grey door, leaving the dungeon. This process will enable you to increase your friendship EXP. More steps to level up friendship farming are:

–  Level up your units to six stars

– Choose your units according to the stages. For instance, you will not need a powerful character for easy stages. In that manner, choose a suitable unit for every stage.

– After leveling up, get a catalyst to strengthen your heroes.

-Farm the energy you get daily plus all the rewards that you gain.

-The longer you farm, the more energy and rewards you will receive.

Here is an image of several catalysts:

How to increase Friendship points?

The first step to attain friendship points is by heading to 1.5 Tirel Castle and picking a supporter to teleport. It will cost you two energy per run; all you have to do is teleport and clear the portal. That way, you are doing counts as a quest clear and can easily attain friendship points. Also, remember that the more missions you do, the more it will refresh your supports. One great advantage of securing friendship points is that you can maximize your energy by buying friendship points. You can buy friendship bookmarks, flash, energy to exchange them with friendship points.

To get 10 friendship points, select a hero on your friend list. It is important to note that you will get more friendship points with more heroes. For instance, running a full team will give you the same amount from each of them. Whereas running only one hero in the stages will bring fewer points. Your friendship experience will boost and reward at the end of the stages, which will advance your friendship experience and points.

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