Does Neverwinter Support Cross-Platform in 2022?

If you found this article, then you might be looking for an answer to whether Neverwinter supports cross-platform or not. So if that’s your query, you are in the perfect place.

In this article, we will be discussing the Neverwinter Cross-platform specifications, but just to be clear, Neverwinter isn’t cross-platform play even though it is available on various gaming platforms. 

You will find this article quite useful if you want to know more about Neverwinter supporting cross-play and the game’s multiplayer features. So let’s get started: 

Does Neverwinter Support Cross-Platform Play? 

Do you know about the famous game Dungeons and Dragons? If yes, then you will be surprised that  Neverwinter got its name from a city that was a city in the Dungeons and Dragons game, even though you will find two games named after this city. Neverwinter is one of the games, and other than that, Neverwinter Nights or NWN is another game named after the city. 

But if you observe these games, you will find so much resemblance when it comes to features specifically and named after. Still, they are both very interesting and different games.

As we will be talking about whether Neverwinter is crossplay or not, we will concentrate on this particular question and cover areas related to it in this article.  

You can play Neverwinter on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. This game was released in 2013 by Cryptic games as a free movement action MMO game. 

Although you can play this game on three different gaming platforms, Back in 2018, Neverwinter’s official Twitter confirmed that it doesn’t support cross-play. Even in 2022, the game does not support cross-play.

Enthusiasts of this game are desperately asking Neverwinter’s developers group to enable support for cross-platform play. However, so far, Neverwinter doesn’t support cross-platform. However, the good news is that as Neverwinter is an MMO, this implies that the game will have multiplayer specifications that allow you to discover the unending dungeons with your fellow gamers. 

Other than co-op, Neverwinter additionally provides you with PVP to make you battle against your fellow gamers. You simply need to ensure that your fellow gamers and you are playing on a similar gaming platform. All things considered, Neverwinter doesn’t have cross-platform play support. 

Simply stating, you can’t roam around in the dungeons with your gamer friends if they are playing on a different gaming platform than you. Unfortunately, it seems that Cryptic Studio appears to have no plans to enable cross-platform support in this game. According to one of the game developers, to enable cross-platform support in Neverwinter, many resources are required, which is currently not available.

First and foremost, Neverwinter on consoles and computers are running on different renditions. Though Neverwinter on the computer normally will get more updates than the console partners, cross-play support is troublesome as they are not similar games.

Furthermore, the developers additionally said that there would be an excessive number of processes that the team will need to undergo to put each of the three gaming platforms on a similar page.

Because of these reasons, the developer’s team said that they are not planning on adding cross-platform support to Neverwinter. We should simply hope that things will be inexpensive and simpler so that the developers can soon enable cross-platform in this game. Playing an MMO will be far more fun with an ever-increasing number of gamers. 

Can PS4 Players Play Alongside Xbox Players?

No, you can’t play along with a player who is playing in a different gaming system. Neverwinter does not support cross-play at all. Just multiplayer on the same platform is possible. 

You can only play with other players if you play on a similar platform. As such, Xbox players can just play with Xbox players, while PS4 players play with PS4 players. There is no other alternative.  

Another game is pretty similar, NWN or Neverwinter Nights, which we recently referenced in the article. You should consider playing this game if you want to play Neverwinter with cross-platform support. Neverwinter Nights is additionally available for different gaming systems, for example, Computer, Playstation4, Xbox One, and Nintendo switch. 

Neverwinter Nights supports cross-platform play on all gaming platforms. Considerably, they likewise launched it on the Apple Appstore and Google Play Store. However, in contrast to Neverwinter, NWN is accompanied by a price. 

Can you Play a PS4 Character on PC? 

Unfortunately, you can’t play your Neverwinter Playstation 4 character on a computer. To lay it out plainly, Neverwinter isn’t cross-save, which implies that you can’t move your saved files or progressions starting with one gaming platform then onto the next gaming platform. 

Suppose you have a file on PS4. The Neverwinter character of yours on this record now has a maximum level, numerous abilities, and numerous rare things. At some point, a friend of yours is playing on PC, and you want to play with them. 

As cross-play is beyond the imagination, you wish to move your account from PS4 to PC if possible. 

Sadly, even something like this is impossible. This is because every edition of the game uses a different server. That is the reason it’s not possible to move the saved file. 

Is It Possible for PC Players To Play Alongside Xbox One Players? 

Even though Xbox has allowed cross-platform play, and twelve different games beginning to enable cross-platform support, Neverwinter has not supported cross-platform play between Xbox One and PC players. 

Also, there is no sign that the developers will do it, and meanwhile, a few players are stressing over whether Neverwinter will be enabling cross-play support. Fortunately, in 2022, an ever-increasing number of games have implemented cross-play support in Xbox and PC.

We are discussing games like ARK: Survival Evolved and Borderland 2, which don’t have full cross-platform support. Those games, in any case, have enabled cross-platform among Xbox and Windows PC players because Microsoft owns both. So this allows game developers to make cross-platform play conceivable as Microsoft will presently have the game on a similar server. 

For now, we can just hope that Cryptic Games can consider the gamers’ frustration and enable cross-platform support for Neverwinter in the future. 

Summary: Is Neverwinter Cross-Platform in 2022? 

To sum up the article, even in 2022 Neverwinter isn’t cross-platform. It is not possible for Xbox players, PC players, and PlayStation 4 players to play Neverwinter together. Neverwinter can only be played if you and your friends play it on the same gaming platform.

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