Does Astroneer Support Cross-Platform? – All You Need To Know

Have you just started playing the Astroneer and want to see whether you can play the game on multiple gaming systems? If you are looking for an answer to these questions, you have landed at the right place!

Astroneer is one of the most popular games developed by System Era. The game is set in outer space and is loaded with some excellent Indian art. The game is all about surviving in the area, exploring it, and crafting. Isn’t it exciting that you get to explore far off worlds scattered in the universe in a game?

The game is full of surprises and is adventurous. You have to be in sterile environments with your life at risk exploring the different areas of space. You have to look for the keys to unlock the mysteries of the universe. 

The Astroneer is a fantastic co-op game, and you get the option to choose from three different platforms. Many gamers like you ask whether the Astroneer supports cross-platform gameplay or not, and this is the most common question we get. To put things straight, cross-platform depends on which platform you are using. 

The multiplayer mode can often be a problem creator as, according to many gamers, they face a lot of issues on performance as their system takes the burden to host. 

In this article, we will talk about all the things you need to know about the cross-platform in Astroneer, and we will cover some information related to it.

Xbox and Windows

The Astroneer supports cross-play between both Xbox and Windows devices. So if you use these two platforms to play the Astroneer, you are in luck. You will be able to play with your friend if both of you are on either gaming platform. To play with your friends, all you have to do is invite them with the help of the Xbox feature on the app of Xbox itself.

According to some gamers, when a player is hosting the game from Windows, they may face some performance issues as hosting the game puts a lot of burden on the host system. Thus, all you can do is allow a player who is using Xbox to host the game. If it still does not show any result, we will recommend the users of both systems restart their devices.

Playstation 4

Unfortunately, if you are a PS4 user, you can’t enjoy this game with your friends, as Astroneer does not support cross-play with some other platform on PS4. For instance, if you are a Playstation 4 user and you want to play this game with gamers who use Windows or Xbox, then there is no possibility that you will be able to do this. Also, as of now, there is no chance that cross-play will be enabled on the PS4. There is no information from developers of the game either.

We will try our best to keep you informed when anything shows up in this aspect. If you found this article helpful, feel free to share it with your friends and family!

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