Top 3 Best Spill Proof Gaming Keyboards in 2022

Accidentally pouring your drink onto your keyboard is inevitable during heavy gaming or a long day of hard typing. As a result, having a spillproof keyboard for gaming is a viable option. If you’re a professional gamer or a regular office worker in search of a stable keyboard, you’re bound to spill something. In this post, we will go through the top five spill-proof and waterproof mechanical keyboards for gamers.

After putting in $100 or more on a brand new keyboard, it could be disappointing to discover that it short-circuits after just one accident. There are plenty of spillproof keyboards on the market, but today we’ll concentrate on keyboards designed especially for your clumsiness.

Spill-resistant keyboards are made to avoid spills, as well as the fear and harm that comes with them, at bay. By delaying the period it takes for a spill to hit your machine’s mainboard, a spillproof keyboard allows you ample time to recover your data and power of your system before anything catastrophic happens.

In the past, when the concept of waterproof gaming keyboards was not yet introduced, if anything spilled on a person’s keyboard, the mainboard and everything attached to it would get destroyed and/or lost before waterproof gaming keyboards, resulting in device failure.

But now, with double tape wrapping, shielding, and a variety of other systems, this latest invention guarantees that your device is safe against harm caused by spills contacting the operating components.

How to Choose the Best Waterproof Keyboard?

The most critical part of keyboard purchasing is knowing just what you want. Even if a keyboard has many of these admirable qualities, maybe it’s not the best choice for your use and function. Here’s a fast rundown on what makes a decent keyboard:

– Price

A cleanable keyboard will cost anything from $20 to $80, with specific high-end peripherals costing much more. If you purchase a budget keyboard, you’re likely to get just the most simple collection of features, so expect to pay between $30 and $50 if you want to add anything else.

Expensive keyboards are guaranteed to last longer. On the other hand, finding a genuinely reliable keyboard on a shoestring budget is almost impossible.

– Performance and Usability

While most keyboards are labeled as “waterproof,” it will be more accurate to refer to them as “water-resistant.” The reason that most keypads won’t quit functioning if you drop something on them and then clean it with a dry cloth explains even a minor “fluctuation of context.”

However, if you sink the keyboard in water and let them stay in there for several seconds, the smooth job becomes difficult. Some keyboards can only be washed on the spot, while others can be cleaned thoroughly with soap and water.

– Connectivity

In this feature, the important question is whether to go wireless or cable. The benefit of a wireless keyboard is ideal for people who choose to declutter their workspace. It also ensures that you are not bound to computers and can connect to other devices. On the other hand, most gamers would choose the cabled version since they won’t have to contend with the latency and compatibility problems that come with wireless models. Although a cabled keyboard is cumbersome, it offers a comfortable experience.

– Key Switches

To simplify, key switches are structures under the keys that determine how a keyboard user types.

Due to the spring-loaded sliding key post under each tile, mechanical keyboards are common with both computer nerds and gamers. This product is long-lasting and effective. A mechanical keyboard is also ideal for those who enjoy typing with a “clickity-clack” sound.

– Spill-Resistance

Many developments have been made in order to improve the infrastructure of keyboards. The best are made to conform to the masses, from rubber floodwalls to waterproof key switch casings. Always buy a keyboard that is spill-resistant to avoid unfavorable conditions during beverage spills.

– Durability

The IP (Ingress Protection) scale is used to rate the durability of electronics to water and dust. Look for keyboards with an IP65 score since it indicates that they are fully dust-proof and can survive being sprayed with powerful water jets. That’s a little excessive for a keyboard, but it’s good to have. Some companies, though, do not use this metric, so you’ll have to search for functionality that renders their keyboard more reliable.

Top 3 Best Spill Proof Gaming Keyboards in 2022

1. Best Overall – Corsair K68 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

If you’re the kind of gamer who likes to eat and drink while playing, you’ve always been concerned about what would result if you spilled your drink on your costly gaming keyboard. Who wants to waste money on a new keyboard while they should be spending it on expanding their Steam library?

An IP32-rated gaming keyboard, designed to survive spills and messy eating disasters, appears to be the solution to all your woes.

The Corsair K68 has a straightforward design. On the surface, it looks like a typical gaming keyboard with an excellent design. It isn’t the sleekest or high-end model on our list, but it is well-made and loaded with functionality.

However, the interior of the keyboard is what makes it unique. A raised rubberized housing protects each key switch independently, keeping liquids out. Though the keyboard couldn’t be submerged in water, it’s understandable that this enclosure will protect the internal components from splashes and spills.

If you’re curious if this design affects how you utilize the keyboard on a daily basis, we’re glad to say it doesn’t. You wouldn’t really know the difference until you removed the keycaps and have a peek.

Both in gaming and in daily usage, the Corsair K68 provides a surprisingly relaxed and enjoyable experience. There are no compromises in terms of comfort or efficiency, and the IP32 housing does not affect the main response.

We’re also glad to tell you that the splashproof housing has no impact on the lighting results. This keyboard has cool lighting to it without being too bright.

2. Premium Pick – SteelSeries Apex M750 TKL RGB

SteelSeries is quite popular for its strong gaming hardware, and the company has been around for a long time. This engineering behemoth shows no signs of slowing down, and top-of-the-line gaming devices continue to hit the market.

Mechanical keyboards have often been standard in gaming, but the Apex M750 Steelseries does not seem to be following suit. The Apex M750 is a waterproof gaming keyboard designed for quiet gaming sessions.

It has a high-quality aluminum frame that would seem comparable to plastic equivalents right away. The SteelSeries Apex M750 has a sturdy body, as well as some very comfortable keycaps.

We really like the SteelSeries Apex M750’s lighting customization features, including the ability to add effects on top of base patterns. As an example, you might have a multi-colored keyboard that reacts to your typing with various color patterns. This gaming keyboard has some of the brightest and most customizable RGB lightings we’ve ever seen on a gaming keyboard.

The Apex M750’s keys are responsive and smooth, and they aren’t muddy. It has a responsive feel to it, which is surprising for a membrane keyboard.

However, certain gamers can find the lack of specific media and macro buttons, as well as the lack of a USB passthrough or wrist rest, unappealing. However, this is a water-resistant keyboard, so you’re getting some bang for your buck.

To summarise, the Apex M750 is a worthy investment. The Apex M750 is an excellent alternative for budget-conscious gamers, thanks to its excellent keys and app customization choices.

3. Budget Pick – Redragon K557 RGB Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Redragon K557 is a mechanical gaming keyboard that can be detached. We have to admit that Redragon has produced a superb keyboard with excellent build quality while remaining cost-effective.

The Redragon K557 is a mechanical keyboard that is notable for being a little quieter than its rivals. The keys are responsive and do not require much effort to press. The Redragon K557 has full RGB capability. The fact that the Redragon K557 is a water-resistant keyboard is what really sets it apart. While being a low-cost keyboard, it continues to impress.

Anti-ghosting capabilities enable the Redragon K557 to record individual strokes as well as simultaneous signals. The keys are well-made and sit over a convenient wrist rest so that they can withstand a pounding. The keyboard is backed by a metal base with slip-resistant rubber feet, and it stays stable on your gaming table or surface even if you pound the keys hard. This keyboard also has 18 different backlighting modes, which is quite impressive. This product, though, might not be suitable for everybody since it is a mechanical model. The keys are high and produce a loud clickety-clack tone, which may not be acceptable in an office environment.

If you’re looking for a premium keyboard, look elsewhere. The Redragon K557, on the other hand, is a keyboard that works impressively well and will withstand any spills or splashes. This is definitely one of the best spillproof keyboards around!

Final Thoughts – Best Spillproof Keyboards

If you’re searching for a water-resistant keyboard, then you’ve reached the perfect page. The keyboards we’ve pointed out in this article are some of the best spillproof keyboards on the market. Read through the different options and get yourself the waterproof gaming keyboard that best suits your needs.

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