Top 7 Best Gaming Monitors for Warzone in 2022

Call of Duty’s Warzone is one of the most played games recently. It is not unusual to see groups of people battling furiously in an artificially generated universe. Your success in this game doesn’t just lie in your playing prowess, contrary to what most people think. Your awareness level is also a major contributing factor. 

This is because certain situations within the game require rapid response and reactions. So your chances of success are higher if you are very aware of the game area. In the same vein, your knowledge of the surrounding areas and environment largely influences your successes in battle. 

For this reason, most people prefer gaming monitors to regular T.Vs, especially when it comes to playing Warzone. It’s not like regular T.Vs cannot be used for console games, but if you are a serious gamer, you’ll know better. Several things set these two devices apart. One significant difference is the response time which does a lot in determining how well you fare during a gaming session. 

Usually, monitors often have a higher response time when compared to televisions, and this has contributed to their widespread use. Another major factor is the input lag which refers to the time the signal received on the part of your display to be shown back to you. This is a defining factor in games as every second is very important, especially in Warzone. 

Unlike televisions which often use a long time to process input lag, monitors are not affected in any way. So you can expect the quickest display time from your monitor, which would, in turn, enhance your success chances. 

Using a quality monitor to play Warzone would not only increase your chances of game success but also provide a warm and intense gaming experience. In addition to this, you get to feel the intensity of the game’s universe and your awareness levels soar. The level of realness and how much you are absorbed into the game environment also influence how well you perform. 

Good quality monitors are sometimes hard to find, especially when you are a fan of fast-paced games involving many quick movements. However, once you get a good one, the quicker you begin the journey to becoming a great player and having wonderful gaming experiences.  This article will show you the best monitors to use for Warzone.

Top Seven Gaming Monitors for Warzone

1. Alienware AW2521H – Best Overall

If you are very familiar with console games, then this device should not be strange to you. When you search for the best screen for Warzone, then this device is just perfect for you. Response time is an essential defining feature for most monitors designed for gaming purposes. This is because it influences how well the players enjoy the game. 

With a refresh rate of 340 Hz, this monitor offers you a tremendous advantage over all other competitors in the game. So with it, you are always one instant ahead of other players, thereby increasing your chances of success. This is by far the best thing to happen to gamers as far as viewing Warzone is concerned. It is also important to note that the refresh rate of this monitor is the fastest in the world presently. 

In addition to this, it is fitted with G-sync technology which essentially involves the input lag—with the presence of this advanced technology, lagging after each command elicits joy to every user’s face. So the images it displays appear super-fast, are free from tearing, shattering, or ghosting even in very crowded situations. In straightforward terms, the device ensures that the picture quality of its display is maintained all through the gaming session. 

With the multiple connectivity outlets and its adjustable height feature, it is easy to handle and launch wherever you choose. One fantastic feature that most individuals overlook is holes at the top and bottom of the device. These holes serve as a cooling system for the monitor even while in use. So no matter how long your gaming sessions last, this device would still function as efficiently as it should. 

You can play for as long you wish without having to worry about overheating. It has a widescreen of about twenty-four inches, so you can quickly get immersed in the display and the game itself. It is designed with top-quality materials; regardless of how much use it undergoes, it would still serve you to the maximum capacity. If you are a gamer that seeks quality all the time, then you would be satisfied with the performance of this device. 

2. BenQ ZOWIE XL2411K – Runner Up

You are sure to enter into a new gaming world with this device. It is the brainchild of one of the leading brands of monitors, so there is a guarantee of high-class quality. The first eye-catching feature of this device is the design. Usually, with other monitors, one has to worry about space which can result in slight rigidity, primarily in-home arrangements. 

With this device, there is a significant difference. It is designed to need much space no longer to fit it into. This way, gamers get quality for less space consumption and are still offered flexibility in adjustments and outlook. You can choose to adjust its height or position to however you want. So simply saying, this device gives you premium enjoyment and value for your money. 

As far as fighting in Warzone is concerned, you are sure to have the best time of your life with this monitor. This is because it has a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a twenty-four-inch colossal screen display, so you can be easily absorbed in what you are viewing. The monitor is specifically ideal for Warzone because there is no delay whatsoever as far as input lag is concerned. 

In addition to this, the device offers classic comfort even while gaming. It comes with height adjustment features and even allows you to swivel and tilt for a more pleasurable experience in the game’s universe. So when you think of a monitor good enough to give you an unforgettable gaming experience, this should quickly come to mind.

3. Samsung Odyssey G7 – Premium Pick

In the world of gaming and as far as monitors are concerned, this particular device stands out as unique and unforgettable. One thing that this monitor is easily known for is the high display quality. With a game like Warzone, you can understand the place of a clear, smooth, and crisp display. It is easy for you to succeed when you genuinely know your surroundings. 

With this monitor, you get to truly take in every sight and sound of your environment as its widescreen display of thirty-two inches makes it an enjoyable experience. Amazingly, there is a feature in this device that most similar devices do not have. Staring at a screen may sometimes be tiring and weak, especially the eyes. 

For this reason, this device is fitted with a certain kind of curvature that matches that of the eyes. With this in place, you can stare for as long you want and not worry about eye strains. You also get proper and complete immersion making the game very realistic.  

You get to be one step ahead of your competitors and teammates with a refresh rate of 240 Hz, which is much higher than traditional screens. You would want to be delayed by input lag or to experience shattering or screen tearing, especially during a fierce Warzone session. The easiest way to avoid this is to get this device and take your gaming experience to a whole new level. 

In addition to this, darker areas with the game are made more evident due to the technology fitted in the device.  So even in dark places, you still get to see your enemies so that you can kill them quickly. Usually, with other similar screens, staring for too long can be dangerous to the eyes. However, you can stare at this particular screen for a long time because it has an eye care feature. This feature changes the color of the light displayed by the screen so that your eyes are not affected. 

So you get a whole different viewing and playing experience with this screen. It is effortless to get immersed while your comfort is still assured. The device offers you the chance to adjust the height, tilt, and swivel till you find a position you are comfortable with. 


Most heavy-duty games like Warzone come with fluctuations due to their size and concept. To fully enjoy such games, you need a monitor that can efficiently handle the fluctuations of the game. You would also need a sharp one that can perform multitasking efficiently. 

Your search for the above is over features is over with this device. It comes with a refresh rate of 144 Hz, and as it is fitted with an advanced graphic card, it displays images that are very real and crystal clear. This is often a significant concern for gamers. The picture quality of a display influences its performance. A significant factor that influences most screen models is the panels they display. 

Lower panels often result in a slower display speed. However, with this screen, speed is four times faster as its panel is designed in liquid crystal element, enabling it to work faster. When running Warzone with this monitor, prepare yourself for a long gaming session entirely free from input lag, screen tearing, shattering, and stuttering. 

Its relatively high refresh rate makes it an ideal screen for competitive games such as Warzone. You can also enjoy long sessions starting at it as it comes with specific features to protect your eyes. These features include flicker-free and low blue light radiance.

If you are ever in need of a powerful gaming monitor that comes with the promise of a premium and game-changing experience, then this particular device is perfect for you.  

5. LG Ultra Gear 27GN850

Technology is advancing, and companies are always looking to create better products and gadgets. In the same vein, most individuals search for advanced and current technologies that can give them premium enjoyment. This is where this particular device comes in. 

The device consists of all the latest hardware and technologies combined to give gamers the best experience they can have, especially when playing competitive games. Its design, which is more current than other monitors’ is sleek and does not take up much of the desk space. You, therefore, don’t have to worry too much about where to install and use it. 

Gaming is made a whole lot authentic and enjoyable with this device as any delay as a result of lag is eliminated. Picture and screen tearing is also made of the past with this device. One fantastic feature of this screen that is essential to gamers is the G-sync element. It is vital simply because it helps to reduce any occurrence of a blurry display and supports the delivery of a smooth display even during gaming sessions. This feature comes in handy as you can easily defeat enemies this way. 

Movement is essential in fast-paced games such as Warzone. So it would be best if you had a monitor that can seamlessly and fluidly display quick movements. This device is up to the task as it has an adaptive feature that makes this possible. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow the actions in the game are; the display would remain unchanged. When this happens, it becomes effortless to become a significant part of the game and be immersed in it as images appearing on your screen are crisp and clear. 

With a widescreen of twenty-seven inches, you can easily get lost in the game you are viewing and playing. Its refresh rate of 144 Hz ultimately allows you to keep up with other players and even be a step ahead. If you want to turn your fortunes in Warzone today, get this monitor and watch your alertness and gaming prowess increase in the shortest time possible. 

6. MSI Optix MRG341CQR

Not all devices in the gaming world can be trusted, and likewise, not all brands are reliable. If your goal is reliability and you are searching for a screen that you would trust its quality, then this is the right one for you. A primary focus of this device is usually the comfort of the gamer. This is why it is fitted with 1800R curvature that is well accepted and not harmful to the eyes. 

Simply put, you can play games for as long as you want without endangering or risking your eyesight. You won’t even develop eye strains. In addition to this, you can also determine the height and neck level of the monitor. This way, your convenience remains a top priority even while the device is in use, and you can set it to any position that fits you. You don’t always have to worry about sitting erect in front of your television.

When playing a game like Warzone, you need to be in tune with your surroundings entirely. Viewing the game from different angles and perspectives would be an added advantage, and this device allows you to do so. Most gamers often complain of fatigue and eye strain after staring at their screen for long hours. With this device, you won’t get to experience any such thing as there is a low blue light feature that helps to lessen fatigue and eye strain. 

With a massive widescreen of about thirty-four inches, it stands out as one reliable screen for Warzone. Defeating your enemies here becomes an effortless task as you can see them correctly. You can even be a step ahead of them as it has a 144Hz refresh rate higher than regular screens. It also has a response time of one millisecond giving you the perfect time to act or react. You don’t also have to worry about tearing, stuttering, or shattering as the device doesn’t have lag issues. Every image displayed would therefore appear vivid and crystal clear. 

When you think of improving your gaming experience and searching for the right screen for it, this device should quickly come to mind. You would get the best experience when you battle in Warzone with this device. 

7. AOC 24G2

If you are in search of a classic monitor which offers premium, quality, and top-notch display with no interference or disturbance due to tearing and stuttering of pixels, then you are in luck. This is the best of its kind available in the market this year. The amazing fact about this device is that all your graphics, pictures, and pixels are displayed at the same level regardless of how fast the game is. 

For this reason, it is ideal for Warzone, an action-centered game that involves plenty of movement. Even with the numerous action scenes and tense situations, this device would still provide crisp and clear pictures at every level and scenario. Amazingly even with the twenty-three inches screen size display, it still manages to capture and display pictures with high quality for games effectively. 

One fantastic feature that arguably makes the device stand out is that you can perform numerous monitoring setups with it. This is due to the reduced distinction feature on all three sides of the device. With this feature, you can even use it for more extensive screens for other action and war games. So you can widen your view and enjoy excellent gaming sessions on an elaborate scale. 

Unlike similar gaming monitors, it retains picture quality, and as it has a refresh rate of 144 Hz, you have a silent advantage over other players. If you are in search of a premium and long-lasting gaming experience, then you should choose this device as it promises to create unforgettable game moments. 

Another feature worthy of mention is the wide range of viewing, which allows you to watch and play from any corner of the room. The beautiful part is that you’ll see the same results, the same high-quality pictures, and display from any angle in the room. So you don’t have to fix yourself to one position because of your sessions indefinitely. 


Regular televisions can be used to play games, but for action and war games like Warzone, you would need more than them if you indeed want to enjoy your gaming sessions. Therefore, you should get a gaming monitor as that would be the best option. You can always choose from the above monitors, and you will get quality output. 

Even with the numerous available screens, you should go for the best, as top quality is necessary for an enjoyable gaming experience. Each of the devices above is of standard quality and would surely give you the best experience upon purchase. So, spice up your gaming life today; get one of these monitors and begin to experience the joy that comes with gaming. 

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