Top 5 Best Games Like Epic Seven in 2022

Epic Seven is a recently released game for iPhone that takes a different approach to gameplay. It combines augmented reality and virtual reality to make it seem like you’re in the wild, not on your screen. It is a Fantasy RPG game, a world that the Goddess Dishea constructs. As one of four combinations of characters, you have a different assortment of attacks and special abilities. Dishe, the Goddess of the planet Orbis, fell in love with her world and chose to stay in it instead of fighting in the holy war.

In this article, we’ll go through five games that are related to Epic Seven.

5 Best Games like Epic Seven 2022

Here are five similar games to Epic Seven that are worth checking out:

1. King’s Raid

You enter a phase as a dungeon and go on like Epic Seven mobile games. The rating is based on each character’s number of stars and divided into seven unique occupations. The main benefits of this game are its characteristics and the 3D modeling of mobile games. This mobile game is ranked first in the rankings. The relationship between King’s Raid and Epic Seven is described as perfect. You can download it on your android or iPhone.

Game Information:

The Title: King’s Raid

The Publisher: The Vespa Inc.

The Genre: A Role-Playing Game

The File Size: Android: 103 Megabytes/ iOS: 348 Megabytes

Download Options: Play Store and App Store

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2. Exos Heroes

Exos Heroes is a gacha game that you can play on your mobile free of charge. Get the old aerospace captain and seek the ancient sword of the emperor. You must explore the most distant and risky corners included in the map and confront many hostile beings who only want to celebrate you. Fight with legendary monsters to increase your character. Increase the number of stars from 1 to 7, and you will face the most potent enemies without having to worry about getting bored. You will also get different heroes with unique skills.

Game Information:

The Title: Exos Heroes

The Publisher: The LINE Games

The Genre: A Role-Playing Game

The File Size: Android: 80 Megabytes/ iOS: 699 Megabytes

Download Options: Play Store and App Store

3. The 7 Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Grand Cross is a mobile RPG similar to Epic Seven. During this game, Meliodas, Elizabeth, Hawk, and other heroes can be followed by their original show. Consider a store that has graphics that match the actual show. Fight in real-time with your friends. Bow down to the devils and defend the Kingdom with a friend in the allotted time. There is also a place to compete against players from all over the world. Look for your winning strategy. Give your heroes a plethora of hairstyles and accessories to suit their every need in one-of-a-kind costumes.

Game Information:

The Title: The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

The Publisher: The Netmarble

The Genre: A Role-Playing Game

The File Size: Android: 122 Megabytes /iOS: 299 Megabytes

Download Options: Play Store and App Store

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4. Summoners War

The Summoners War is the next game on the list. It is an action-packed game of fantasy RPG with more than 100 million Summons worldwide. The fight is turned around, and one of three skills is selected. You can act naturally if you are fast. Find as many monsters as possible and choose the best team possible to defeat the boss. You can use artifacts and their various properties to increase the power of your monsters.

Game Information:

The Title: Summoners war

The Publisher: The Com2uS Corp

The Genre: A Role-Playing Game

The File Size: Android: 85 Megabytes / iOS: 157 Megabytes

Download Options: Play Store and App Store

5. Another Eden

Another Eden is a large-scale single-player role-playing game. The plot, scene, and soundtrack are all fantastic. For relatively large battles, tips will be provided ahead of time so that players can prepare before getting started. Because the game is focused on the story, there are no social or competitive elements. Regardless of what you do, you will always be able to return to the main story. Furthermore, there is no time limit on any of the contents, allowing the user to play at their own pace.

Game Information:

The Title: Another Eden

The Publisher: The WFS, Inc.

The Genre: A Role-Playing Game

The File Size: Android: 95 Megabytes/ iOS: 3.8 Gigabytes

Download Options: Play Store and App Store

The similarities between the mobile games Exos Heroes, King’s Raid, Summoners War, and Another Eden are in the fact that they are all 3D role-playing games with many characters. They have a similar action combat system and limited social or competitive elements.

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