How to Do AFK Strength Training in Black Desert Online?

Black Desert Online is an excellent game with a diverse set of different strategies which appeal to players all around the world. This game’s main fault is the absence of clear instructions on how to play it. Several things may look strange or contradictory before you begin.

Despite the fact that Black Desert Online has been available for more than seven years, it is still regarded as among the most challenging MMORPGs available. It is a simulation game with layers upon layers of features that players need to master in order to progress. Some MMORPG games may even need the usage of spreadsheets.

In comparison to the menu system seen in most MMORPGs, a genuine combat system involves precise physical targeting, evasion, and the usage of combos. Skills could also be activated by striking, evading, or avoiding combinations. Equestrian combat is also an option for players. Mounts can be gained by conquering them in the wild, while players can produce unique mounts by marrying particular species. Mounts must be cherished and looked for; they can also be kept and could be slaughtered at any time.

In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know about AFK strength training in Black Desert Online. Keep reading for more information.

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How to Do AFK Strength Training in Black Desert Online?

There are three phases on your character page that impact your stamina, health, and weight limit. All of the phases are outlined below.

Breathe More Deeply

Breath is the simplest of the three to learn. The breath may be trained by just running about and strolling. You wouldn’t have to bother with manually learning it because all you have to do is move around. You will gain a lot of Breath by moving around, which you will be doing anyhow when grinding.

Health Skill

Health also is a relatively simple skill to master. You just consume food to acquire a health experience, which gives you an HP increase. The key to good health is to consume yellow foods. All yellow foods acquire the very same number of Health experiences.

Anything you eat depends on your activities, but you should generally attempt to get a Serendia Meals or a Balenos Meals. Serendia is fantastic for action, increasing AP, Precision, and Essential Rate, but the Balenos Meal is excellent for anything, including movement, mobility, fishing, as well as gathering.

Both of these meals are quite inexpensive, costing around 30,000 silver each, so you may buy a little stack of each, 10-20, then consume them anytime the cooldown increases to boost your health levels.

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Increase Your Strength

The only difference is that strength training is a little unique. Strength grants you a +1 or +2 maximum weight for each level. So you can go to the market dealer and just purchase something. Purchasing and lugging things puts a strain on your back. Merely strolling around with this bag will provide you with a Strength experience. 

Now what you have to do is go through the maps, pick a spot, and afterward hit autoloop, and your character will travel back and forth between the loops. After that, you may leave the pc for a few more hours. It usually takes 30 to 45 hours to thoroughly train it.

You will be working on your Strength experience the whole time. However, one thing to keep in mind when doing this: do not do it outside of town, since bandits will arrive and assault you, killing you if you own a trading pack, and the only ground bandits emerge is that you have trade items on you.

Therefore, try to do this within the town as much as possible to avoid being murdered.

That’s how you develop Strength, Breath, and Health. Try walking, running, or just do that even while digging or exploring — it’s simple to accomplish. Buy a trading pack from the trading manager and establish an autoloop for just a good few hours for Strength. For your health, consume only yellowish cooldown foods.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Training is a fantastically complicated talent that offers up a world of possibilities within Black Desert Online. Only trade power levels are changeable if you get a compelling cause to do. You must modify your playing style to facilitate trade just after considerable consideration and planning. The above article explains everything you need to know about How to do AFK Strength Training in Black Desert Online.

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