Where is Xur and What’s He Selling? Map+Items Included

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LIVE UPDATE: If you’re wondering where is Xur this weekend. 🙂 Xûr is currently on IO at Giant’s Scar.

At the time of writing this post, there are over 54,000 PC players currently playing Destiny 2. It’s weekend and every single Destiny gamer is in search of Xûr in hopes of purchasing his items. Hundreds of thousands of players are curious and trying to discover where Xur is located or what he’s selling. Xur only makes his appearance between 12 PM EST on Friday until 12 PM EST on a Tuesday.

Xur is currently located on Giant’s Scar.

Giant’s Scar is located in Echo Mesa, IO. It is known as one of the Red Legion areas for drilling with the intention of tapping into the pockets of what’s known as the Traveler’s energy.

giant's scar

Just about an hour ago, Destiny 2 reached its 24-hour peak on Steam Charts at 63,591 players. Players are excited while in search of Xur to obtain his valuables. The game’s all-time peak is currently at 292,314 players.

screenshot steamcharts.com 2020.05.15 11 52 45

where is xur

What is Xur Selling Today?


This Destiny weapon from Xur has 100 attacks and shoots 140 rounds per minute. The magazine is 7.

screenshot destinytracker.com 2020.05.15 11 28 29

The Sixth Coyote

With 1,000 defense, the mobility of The Sixth Coyote is at 11, resilience at 7. recovery at 7, discipline at 10, intellect at 6, and strength at 6.

the sixth coyote

Claws of Ahamkara

This item from Xur has 1000 defense, 6 mobility, 10 resilience, 8 recoveries, 6 discipline, 6 intellect, and 12 strength.

screenshot destinytracker.com 2020.05.15 11 25 06


This item from Xur has 1000 defense, 13 mobility, 7 resilience, 6 recoveries, 6 discipline, 6 intellect, and 12 strength.

screenshot destinytracker.com 2020.05.15 11 27 13

For the unaware, Xûr has actually been around since the start of Destiny. Now popping up at a certain time, Xûr hangs around till Monday. The only problem for most gamers is locating where Xûr is, which makes it the exciting part of the game.

For curious Destiny gamers, Xur sold these following items last week:

  1. Gwisin Vest
  2. Hallowfire Heart
  3. Apotheosis Veil.
  4. Hard Light

This article is currently being updated every minute. Be sure to follow for updates.

PS: We’re working on a comparison chart!

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