The Ultimate Total War: Warhammer 2 Puzzle Guide (2022)

Creative Assembly’s rendition of the Warhammer fantasy world, Total War Warhammer 2, is the sequel to the first. Originally launched in September of 2017, Total War Warhammer II included a number of new features that both shook up and improved upon the foundation that its forerunner, Total War Warhammer, had established.

Players must solve several Total War Warhammer 2 puzzles and take part in random events thanks to the inclusion of navigable ruins, which is one of the game’s most notable additions.

The player will be credited with special magical things or campaign map stat buffs if they successfully complete either of the puzzles. In this article, we will concentrate on 4 sorts of Total War Warhammer 2 puzzles because they may be more difficult to complete than most puzzles.

Is Total War: Warhammer II worth playing in 2022?

For those who are new to the franchise, Total War: Warhammer II is a game that is well worth your time. It is particularly recommended if you are a lover of strategy games and would like to play a combination of some of your favourite titles. Also, with the recent release of The Shadow & The Blade DLC, players will have access to even more content than they previously had.

That being said, here’s how to complete all of the puzzles in War Warhammer 2.

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How to Solve Every Puzzle

Players may discover puzzles among the ruins of towns spread throughout the map of either the Mortal Empires and Vortex campaigns, as stated earlier. You can even raze towns to produce searchable ruins, but you should only do this if you can’t locate any ruins to explore and don’t want to recapture that city in the future. By choosing the option that appears after defeating siege battles, you may raze cities.

We’ll show you how to solve all of the problems in War Warhammer 2 in the sections below. There are four different kinds of puzzles in the gameplay, and we’ll start with the Dail of the Old Ones riddles to show you how to solve them.

How to Solve the Dail of the Old Ones Puzzles

To complete the Dail of the Old Ones riddle in War Warhammer 2, visualise how the inside lines on both the centre circle and the inner circle would face if rotated clockwise. We decided to go ahead and marked the right answer for this one, then solved it by connecting the middle circle’s blue lines with the inner circle’s blue line.

How to Solve the The Cypher of the Old Ones Riddles

The Cypher of the Old Ones puzzles are much trickier. You will be presented with a tile with a question mark on it, and you have to determine the total number and tint of dots in it. You may accomplish this by whittling down your choices one by one.

It’s worth noting that these puzzles can’t have the same number or color of dots in both rows and columns. Also, every tile may have four different coloured dots.

We solved the Cypher problem above by noting that the lower purple dot is in the same column as 2 red dots as well as three yellow dots. After viewing this, note that the red dot shares a line with 3 yellow dots, whereas two purple dots with yellow. Depending on this, 3 red dots will be the correct solution for the mystery title since the purple dot currently shares a line with three yellow and two red dots.

How to Solve the Rubric of the Old Ones Riddles

These rubric problems are now quite easy to solve. You must complete the Section of the Old Ones brain teasers in War Warhammer 2 to find out which shape isn’t repeated. It wasn’t the form that looked like two spoons combined that weren’t replicated for this one.

How to Solve the Cuboid of the Old Ones Puzzles

The cuboid problems are the final of the Total War Warhammer 2 riddles, and players must determine what symbol would show on the sides of the cube with the question mark. To complete the Cuboid of the Old Ones problems, you should first find a shape that is similar to the one marked with a question mark.

Take note of how the symbol E is positioned just above the circle form on the cube that has the question mark. Consider turning the cube so that the circular form faces up, as in the cube whose symbol is hidden. Afterward, it’s obvious that the E shape is the symbol on the question mark cube.

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Final Thoughts

Solving the puzzles in War Warhammer 2 can be a tricky process. However, you must solve the puzzles in order to obtain special magical things or campaign map stat buffs. With the solutions mentioned in the above article, you can effectively solve all the puzzles in TWW 2. 

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