38 Top Clicker Games on AddictingGames.com (Multitask Like A Boss!)

Before we get started into the 43 top clicker games, let’s introduce to you what this type of game is for those who don’t know. There are many types of flash games out there and clicker games happen to be fast-paced and simple to play. You can play games from almost any genre. With clicker games, the definition is obvious. All you have to do is click on your mouse to play.

Who told you that you can’t multitask like a boss?

The days of assigning attack moves to your keyboard are over. With this list of clicker games on AddictingGames.com, you will now be able to grind while you’re snacking. You will be able to play arcade games while checking your Facebook or Twitter newsfeed.

Is your so-other calling you on your phone? Relax! You can pick up while you’re in the middle of a fight with an enemy on your game. No need to press over 10+ different buttons on your keyboard.

Wait a minute… You’re out of games to play? Here’s a list of 43 top clicker games on AddictingGames.com for you to enjoy.

1. Line Dash

line dash flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: April 9th, 2020 | Rating: 97%

Line Dash is a pretty simple and straightforward game. The objective and idea of this game are to get the ball into the hoop. This flash game is not a sports game where you have to strategically figure out how to get the ball in, but rather a brainteaser. Line Dash has simple animations.

The lines that you draw with your mouse is limited for every level. To win this game, you’ll have to figure out where to draw the lines and the length of it. In Line Dash, there will be some levels where you will have more than one ball to score. As you advance in the game, there will be fewer clear paths which means that you’ll have to work with portals and bouncers.  There is a total of 36 levels in the game. At the end of every game, your score is added to the leaderboard. Can you beat the high score?

2. Bounce Ball

bounce ball flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: April 9th, 2020 | Rating: 94%

This flash game is a simple clicker game where your goal in the game is to get the ball through every sliding block. Bounce Ball is played on a simple solid background with plain animation. The colors of the background changes as you increase in level. The creator’s goal is to make sure that this game is entertaining, simple gameplay, and relaxing. When playing this game, the animation is a little white ball and blocks sliding back and forth.

How many levels can you pass on Bounce Ball? Can you beat the leaderboard?

Bounce Ball can be a great time-killer. This flash game is also playable on your mobile device. It’s easy to learn, quick to play, and competitive!

3. Dot And Cross

dot and cross flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: April 9th, 2020 | Rating: 90%

Many flash games are easy to play, and this is not one of them. With a plain white background and a target, you will see only two options to click on. This game can be stressful and might even cause you to rage when you miss by a click. The goal of this game is to click as many green targets or circles as possible. As it speeds up, it will try to make you accidentally click the yellow cross. Every level has a bar at the bottom that will show your progress to advance to the next level. Go ahead and test your luck at this game. I tried.

4. Junk Jam

junk jam flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: April 2nd, 2020| Rating: 96%

While it’s on a website for my desktop users, Junk Jam is also playable on mobile. Cool, right? We’re living in one of those times where a lot of us might feel like there’s not much you can do. Incorrect! Don’t worry: Recycle. Junk Jam is a quick-paced flash game specifically designed for mobile where you can take on the exciting life and brave job as a recycling plant employee. Use your intelligence to cycle through a wide range of plastic trash, metal trash, and paper trash. You have to decide which type of recyclable waste goes to the right bin and doing your part on creating an eco-friendly planet. Your job is to do all the organizing and sorting while pressurized walls (the sides that say danger, obviously) are pressing together. Just like real life, this game wasn’t created just to be like a game but rather created to be similar to reality. As you level up in the game, you’ll have to work faster and be more accurate with the items you’re placing in the bin. Don’t let the steel walls pressure you into making a mistake. This is a job that’ll be making history for your planet.

5. Mess Up And Die

mess up and die flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: March 26th, 2020 | Rating: 91%

When you were a young kid, there’s a high chance of you playing Simon Says in class or with your friends. Mess Up And Die happens to be another version of it; the flash game version instead of real life. This is a quiz-type and puzzle-style game that’ll put your skills to the test. It’ll also tests your ability to follow instructions. Can you do it?

In this game, be prepared because “Mess Up And Die” will test your nerves and you’ll be encountering random questions that’ll drive you insane. You have to focus and pay extra attention to every word while thinking quickly about what they truly mean. The creation of this game was meant to be tricking you — the title says it all. It’s not like other games where you get to upgrade, power up, or save your levels. If you mess up, then death is waiting. Are you up for the challenge?

6. Stair Jump

stair jump flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: March 26th, 2020 | Rating: 91%

Admit it. We all hate stairs. What you don’t know is that there’s a stair flash game with a 91% rating on AddictingGames called “Stair Jump.” This flash game is an exciting clicker game where your mission is to climb up the stairs. As simple as it sounds, it’s not. You’ll be encountering with different obstacles on the way up.

You’ll be facing moving blocks and dangerous spikes making things more tough for you. When you encounter the stairs with the blue arrow facing down, it’ll help boost your jump. You’ll also have to collect as many stars as possible and at the same time, you’ll have to avoid falling down or hitting the spikes.

When it comes to scores, it’s all dependent on how many stars you can collect. It doesn’t count on the number of stairs you climb. As much as I hate using the stair master at the gym, I guess getting a high score on “Stair Jump” will help redeem myself in the stair world.

7. Crazy Circle

crazy circle flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: March 19th, 2020 | Rating: 90%

This flash game, Crazy Circle is a clicker game that is extremely simple to play. The goal of this game is to click on the screen whenever the arrow in the game matches the circle’s color. When starting off, you can choose its difficult level (easy, normal, and hard).

  1. Easy – This difficulty level has 4 colors.
  2. Normal – This difficulty level has 6 colors.
  3.  Hard – This difficulty level has 8 colors.

For a colorblind, I don’t think this game is for me. When you’re clicking and match the color to the arrow, it will go opposite ways and change colors. At first, it’ll seem simple and easy. But every time the arrow flips, you’ll have to keep up as it gets faster. You can play this game on desktop and mobile.

8. Slime Love

slime love flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: March 19th, 2020 | Rating: 92%

Based on love, Slime Love is another cute clicking game that you might enjoy. The lovers are trying to stick together but split between an unusual puzzle that you’ll have to figure out. In the game, you have to find a way to grab the love key and then move out of the area into the portal that will appear. Still too easy? There will be obstacles that you may have to jump over as your character moves around. Try your best to avoid them.

Slime Love has 30 levels to complete. Can you beat it? You can replay the level you’re on as many times as you need to pass on to the next. Find the best way to get to your goal.

9. Tap The Rat

tap the rat flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: March 12th, 2020 | Rating: 91%

Tap The Rat is a free-to-play online puzzle game. The rats are everywhere. The rats have gotten into and just your beautiful feline can quit them. Smash the rats as fast as you can. The snarling little gnat is trying to spread disease as well as teal your precious cheese in this cute, busy video game of activity, intrigue, and the undoubtedly of hierarchy. Individuals possess cats, and also cats have mice. Shatter your way through a nonstop degree and also safeguard the cheese. If you assume being a pet cat simply suggest lying around, absorbing the sunlight, snapping your tail as well as licking your paws: RECONSIDER! In this totally free and also interesting mobile game, you’ll be put to work as you wreck rats, secure the cheese, as well as conserve the day!

10. Neon Blitz

neon blitz flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: March 12th, 2020 | Rating: 95%

Neon Blitz is a cost-free activity game where you’re bouncing a block off the wall surfaces. No tutorial is needed for this immediate game where you simply hit the ground running. This online video game’s animation is embellished with different blues that will radiance off your display. As quickly as you click on the game, the action begins! Bounce bizarre backward and forward while avoiding harmful barriers. There are flying bullets and also rotating spiked wheels that are seeking to ruin your box. Your objective is to prevent getting hit while also gathering celebrities to advance your rating. At the end of each video game, you’ll see your most recent rating in addition to your finest rating. Select the crown icon from the major food selection to dropdown the scoreboards as well as see where you stand. Play the game again till you wind up at the leading place. There’s no residing in this online game that is busy and loads of fun. You can play this online on your cellphone or your home computer! You made it to the 10 top clicker games. Let’s move on.

11. Slacking School

slacking school flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: March 12th, 2020 | Rating: 81%

Slacking School is a cost-free puzzle video game that has a number of mini-games for you to promptly finish. When your instructor is chatting about things that do not interest you, college can be a birthed particularly. That’s why you have to think of enjoyable as well as innovative points to maintain on your own amused. You have a rigorous educator that likes to come about and also inspects on you to make sure you’re taking notes. When the educator is gone, click on among the numerous mini-games and also try to finish it prior to the educator returns. There’s a piling video game, an action game, as well as even a tinting game for you to choose. This online game is set on a timer so attempt to finish all the video games prior to that. The educator’s time is random and also may not provide you sufficient time to complete all the mini-games. If the instructor catches you, you shed that degree and lose a level! Repaint your nails and shoot paper rounds in this amusing as well as arbitrary online game.

12. Square Stacker

square stacker flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: March 5th, 2020 | Rating: 90%

Square Stacker is a free-to-play puzzle game. If you wish to win at square takers you will need to be able to believe a few continue, ee links, as well as discover patterns. This is a square piling video game where you are attempting to obtain three straight. You can either score 3 squares of the same color or 3 square of the very same form. You can rack up the heaps flat, vertically, or angled so there will always be a lot of choices offered to you. You pile the various colored as well as different sized squares on top of each other as well as alongside or diagonal. You can also stack the squares within each-other as well as try to get your three in a row by doing this. This provides you three horizontal, three vertical, as well as 3 diagonal along with 3 high in order to complete the straightforward task of obtaining three straight. Besides all of these various angles at which you can get three in a row you will certainly have 3 x three times to rating. If you do not feel you have a course to triumph, remember there is constantly an option of three even more squares on the side of the screen you can pick to add to the scrum.

13. Blumon

blumon flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: March 5th, 2020 | Rating: 88%

Blumon is a cost-free clicker game where your objective is to travel with a microscopic world. Blumon is a round as well as blue single-cell organism that is just attempting to mind his own service while drifting around a small environment. Blumon can jump onto harmless germs of intense as well as transparent colors like environment-friendly as well as red.

14. Squeezer

squeezer flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: March 5th, 2020 | Rating: 88%

Squeezer is a free clicker video game where you can play as a creepy eyeball that is traveling up a maze-like course. This is an easy online game with straightforward computer animation that changes with every session. The neon-colored history adjustments from purple to blue to eco-friendly as well as other enjoyable colors. Each time you play as a black little eyeball, you will certainly aid navigate with hazardous challenges. The dangers you run into vary from rotating spiked circles to 2 simple lines. Beware not to touch any part of the obstacle otherwise you lose that video game session. Whatever the challenge, each one you pass makes you a factor. Click on the “leaders” icon to see where you rank against other Squeezer gamers. Play, over and over, to defeat your very own score and to rise up the scoreboards. This is an easy online game that you can play from your computer or mobile phone for hrs as well as hours. No tutorial needed for this clicker game. Just begin clicking away!

15. Dumb Ways To Die 3

dumb ways to die 3 flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: March 5th, 2020 | Rating: 88%

Dumb Ways to Die 3 is a complimentary strategy video game where you can play as an oddly designed personality that is little on the foolish side. Select from a range of mini-games that all have foolish and various methods to die. You can play as a pilot in a clicker variation of the video game where you’re avoiding warm air balloons and also other things in the sky. Or you can go snowboarding down a snowy mountain as you avoid rocks and trees. There are many means to pass away with this online video game. When you first play, you can be Stupe. However, as you gather coins, you can unlock other foolish personalities, like and also Lax as well as Dippy, for you to extremely kill. Each personality isn’t as pointless as Stupe, though. They might have boosts that you can make use of in particular video games to assist you to accumulate many more coins or have a more powerful defense. Even though there are many dumb methods to die, use your mind to survive and also unlock every one of the personalities.

16. Running Jack

running jack flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: February 27th, 2020 | Rating: 86%

Running Jack is a free endless jogger video game with an amusing spin. Jack is a professional bagpipe gamer as well as he uses this to help him float with the air. Help him escape this uncommon scenario he’s caught in with flying rockets and lasers. All Jack has are his bagpipes however you can assist him to gather gold coins in the video game. Accumulate spins that you can use at the end of the video game to acquire rewards. Use the gold coins to buy boosts like speed, shield, and life. You will additionally locate tools like rockets and also tennis weapons. There are additionally shoes to make you jump much better and also hats to collect more coins. Open everything as well as get the highest rating on the leaderboard. Click the quests to see what you need to do complete all of them. Running Jack is on an objective and your task is to assist him to travel.

17. Flappy Cannon

flappy cannon flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: February 20th, 2020 | Rating: 79%

Flappy Cannon is a cost-free clicker-style idle video game. Mathematics is hard, flying is hard, clicking is hard, shooting is hard, and in Flappy Cannon you will have to balance all of these difficult to grasp abilities as well as combine them in an elegant game of waving, flying, shooting, and range. This is a flappy design video game with a spin. You don’t simply dodge the obstacles you need to blow up through them! The hit factor worth for each barrier is listed on it so you’ll have to do a fast computation on just how long it will certainly take you to blow up through the walls. Do you assume that that is difficult? Well, there is more! In this video game, you’ll be collecting stars that you conserve up and also use to acquire upgrades. You can either update the power of your weapon or the speed at which it discharges. One more intriguing decision point. As you are playing, maintain your eyes open for power-ups which will offer you a restricted quantity of the kind of power-ups you can get. This is a countless racer style game so your put on the leaderboard will be based on for how long you can last. Load up on upgrades and start flapping!

18. Line Color

line color flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: February 20th, 2020 | Rating: 82%

Line Color is a free flash game that has several levels for you to fix. This is an on the internet video game with straightforward computer animation where you play as a square that is decreasing a course against an ocean-like history. Along this path, you’ll find fascinating barriers like turning propellers and moving blocks. Prevent these obstacles. However, if you do face them, you’ll fall short the degree. Survive the course as well as to the goal to pass the degree. Play via the levels to win even more coins and also unlock personality skins. You can open various shades for your character shape yet you can additionally change the shade of the course it leaves. This is a video game that requires ability as well as thought. Due to the fact that you have to thoroughly plan out your escape to prevent striking an obstacle, don’t simply run via the course. You get the chance to pass the level again! Click the leaderboard icon to see where you stand against other clicker game players.

19. Incremental Popping

incremental popping flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: January 9th, 2020 | Rating: 85%

Incremental Popping is an addicting still game that will certainly keep you hectic for hours! This instantaneous video game is extremely easy to play, all you need to do is click on one bubble and also you’ve already begun. Your objective is to create a lengthy bubble chain that obtains as lots of connections and points. When you click on a bubble it will end up being larger and also attach to any kind of bubble that touches it while it is big. Various other bubbles touching it will certainly do the very same developing a chain reaction. With the upgrades that you can acquire, you can raise the dimension of the bubble, the moment it appears, and also the number it increases to acquire points. Play this online idle video game over and over once again to gain all of the success as well as bought all the upgrades. There is no competition in this idle game, simply an easy game that you can quickly bet hours.

20. Santa Gifts

santa gifts flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: December 23rd, 2019 | Rating: 69%

Santa Gifts is an easy online game where Santa requires to accumulate as several gifts as feasible! This is an online Christmas-themed video game set against a snowy background with cheery songs. Gifts, as well as various other Christmas things, are dropping from the skies and also Santa Claus needs to collect every one of them. Whatever you do, do not allow the reindeer to get its unguis on any of the gifts, otherwise, you lose the video game. The reindeer will certainly take Christmas cookies and also candy walking sticks but not the presents! This is an easy game to have fun with no tutorial as well as just simple guidelines needed to get having fun.

21. Rotare

rotare flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: December 5th, 2019 | Rating: 80%

Rotare is a puzzle flash game. In Rotare the only option you have is to click at the exact right time or face specific doom. Your dot will auto browse the mazes and also geometric shapes supplied, they understand where to go, yet they don’t recognize when to obtain thee. Your click will instruct the dot when to turn and not where to go because if you click late or rapid, the dot will certainly smash versus the edges of the puzzle and it will be ruined. There are no 2nd opportunities in this video game, there are no hit factors, as well as there are no power-ups or unique capabilities. The only capacity that matters in this distinct problem game is the ability to tactically establish the most effective moment to move. This challenge game is a true examination of your perseverance, spacial recognition, as well as timing. Do you trust your very own ability to navigate the sharp sides as well as harmful straight-aways of a series of progressively intricate puzzles?

22. Gold Reef

gold reef flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: December 5th, 2019 | Rating: 77%

Gold Reef is a slots flash game just like the slots at a casino. Join them under the sea for experience in fantasy, good luck, and prizes. Rotate the wheel and also seal the deal in this cute, aquatic-themed ports video game where you’ll be contending to get a row loaded with your preferred sea-themed symbols. Watch for starfish, mermaids, clownfish, sharks, as well as conk shells. Differ your bet based on your sixth sense and also spin to win. Do not worry, it’s not actually wagering if it isn’t real money, and this isn’t real money. Consider it an exercise in case you ever want to head to Vegas and become a high roller. Perhaps you’ve simply thought regarding living under the sea. This is your chance to be the merperson you were constantly meant to be, just put a quarter in the port and shut off your thoughts. It’s easy money. Remember to wager big or don’t bet at all. This gaming machine comes complete with a fishtail and intends to satisfy your every wish. Just drop your quarter, draw the lever as well as roll your way into the big time. Open combinations, unique abilities, and also sea-themed fun in this simple to play, difficult to quit flash game.

23. Pocket Jump

pocket jump flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: November 28th, 2019 | Rating: 79%

Pocket Jump is an online leaping video game that needs fast reflexes. This little blue square with its cute little face gets on a take on the adventure. It’s your work to aid it to leap over these arbitrary spikes and stand up as high as it can. When the spikes are coming, the game is set versus a bright yellow background that makes it simpler to see. Once you land on it, you have to leap over the spikes so you can avoid it. You can not bump into it from any type of side. At the end of each game session, you’ll see your final score as well as the latest score. Click on the buying symbol to utilize your blue diamonds to buy amazing character skins for you to have fun with. There’s no guide required for this quick fast-to-play game. It’s readily available for both desktop and smartphones. Just hit play and you’ll be playing!

24. Mr Pong

mr pong flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: November 21st, 2019 | Rating: 59%

Mr. Pong is an avoider game. Meet Mr. Pong. He likes to prevent spikes, as do we all. In order to avoid these spikes and hang on to what is left of his life, Mr. Pong needs you to click properly as you lead him from one marshmallow to one more marshmallow while staying clear of the black spikes which line the side of the display. Remember, the spikes misbehave, and also the marshmallows are great. Mr. Pong is a physics game that depends upon your ability to browse the video game with yet a couple of clicks of your mouse. The physics engine is this video game that is predictable yet not practical. You’ll have to spend time attempting to assess the sensitivity of each click before you can genuinely master this puzzling method video game and also rocket your method up the leader board. The leader board is the just real action of a person’s well worth. In order to overcome it, you’ll need to collaborate with the physics of the game as well as beat the game entirely.

25. Cake Walk Daily

cake walk daily flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: November 21st, 2019 | Rating: 65%

Cake Walk is a casino game where you don’t spend real money. The gambling establishment is anywhere. If you like cakes and also you love spinning, then you will enjoy cinch. This is a video game that proves the gambling establishment is almost everywhere. In Cake Walk you will certainly have a restricted quantity of spins to earn as many points as feasible. Can you beat the other players with the flick of your wrist? You will not know up until you try. You do not ever have to quit attempting. There are no limits in this insane cake-themed globe of online casinos.

26. Bounce Dot

bounce dot flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: November 14th, 2019 | Rating: 57%

Bounce Dot is a daring puzzle game where your goal is to lead a dot via a falling apart background. It’s a hard globe around, as well as this simply occurred to wondered into the wrong place. The ground is collapsing and there threaten obstacles anywhere. Your task is to aid lead this dot out of its tight spot. Hit the screen to bounce down your dot as well as flee as for you can in this easy endless runner game. You don’t need a tutorial for this online video game, just hit play, and start playing as soon as possible for instantaneous enjoyment. To obtain factors, keep an eye out for white stars that you need to go for when jumping down. Don’t fall for any kind of traps while aiming for them, as well as be aware of your surroundings for any type of unsafe barrier.

27. Vortex

vortex flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: October 25th, 2019 | Rating: 68%

Being embedded in a vortex is not expected to be enjoyable, but Vortex is a flash game that flips the script, alters the guidelines, as well as makes it a total blast! With only a click of a button, you can leave the forever spinning confines of the vortex. This is a game of timing, response, and spatial recognition. If you have the ability to master both time and area, you will be able to click your way out of the vortex. What will you find on the other side of the vortex?

28. Jump Ball Arcade

jump ball arcade flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: October 17th, 2019 | Rating: 61%

Jump Ball Arcade is an easy yet enjoyable sport’s flash game. This online video game is a puzzle video game with a little bit of a spin. Maintain your sphere jumping as long as you can while preventing unsafe spikes that can pop your ball creating you to shed. While you are bouncing your ball, attempt to go for any floating coins you may locate. Utilize your coins to unlock cool character skins for your sport’s ball. This is a fun sport’s game that’s simple to use and you can play on your smartphone as well as desktop. Play this online video game to end up being the highest-ranking sphere bouncer on AddictingGames.

29. Lemonade

lemonade flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: October 17th, 2019 | Rating: 62%

Lemonade is an easy challenge video game where your goal is to fill out a mug of lemonade. This is the game for you if you like making lemonade! To play this online video game, you need to press the juice out of a rotating lemon into the cup listed below until you load it up. When you squeeze the juice, go for any gems you may see. To obtain the highest possible rating, fill as numerous mugs as you can while going for the jewels. Utilize your gem collection to unlock other fruits that you can make use of to play. This is a game that you can repeat as well as over because of its very easy mechanics. All you have to do is fill the mug as often times as you can to obtain the highest possible rating on the leaderboard.

30. Jump Red Square

jump red square flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: October 10th, 2019 | Rating: 56%

Jump Red Square is an addictive and easy-to-play internet flash game. The objective of this game is to hit the ruby with your red square while preventing the swerving gray square. When you want to challenge your mind, puzzle video games are excellent. Get as far as you can each time to beat your own rank and also to climb up the leaderboards. Gather as many rubies as you can to open all the trendy character skins you can play with. The grey square moves side to side but starts going faster and also moving to uncertain locations of the gameplay location. Even if you shed, do not sweat it. The joy of this online video game is that you can start over as well as play as many times as you desire.

31. Falling Dots

falling dots flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: October 3rd, 2019 | Rating: 64%

Falling Dots is an easy-to-play flash game where you are traveling quickly to prevent barriers. Relax from your busy life with this fast flash game that will certainly keep you on the edge of your seat. The idea of the video game is easy however this video game is still a mind intro. Your objective is to stay away from the black dots while aiming for the red dots. For all the red dots collected, you will obtain factors that assist you to rise in the leaderboard.

32. Gold Miner Tom

gold miner tom flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: September 26th, 2019 | Rating: 80%

Gold Miner Tom is one of the top clicker games that is a challenging game. Nobody thought of old Tom when he claimed there was gold in those hills. They giggled when he showed them his custom-built rig and pulley-block system that would lash out like a fishing line as well as attract huge chunks of gold. With a glimmering mountain of gold treasures close to him, who is giggling now?

33. Circle Flip

circle flip flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: September 26th, 2019 | Rating: 63%

Circle Flip is a quick-thinking and addictive puzzle game. This is a simple-looking online video game with simple mechanics and simple artwork. The idea of this puzzle video game is also straightforward: do not hit the white circle with the black spike. Easy enough? As the puzzle video game progresses, ending up being quicker, you’ll discover it more challenging to prevent. You may need a couple of shots however your objective is to avoid striking the spike as lot of times as you can. While you’re preventing the dreadful spike, watch out for rubies that you can utilize to buy upgrades to your alter your character. Make it among your goals to buy up all character skins to keep things intriguing as you play again to beat your score each time.

34. Tower Mania

tower mania flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: September 26th, 2019 | Rating: 61%

Tower Mania is a stacking flash game based on ancient buildings. Come and stack in ancient Rome, Egypt, or Greece with these vivid animated towers for their enjoyable stacking flash game. Your goal is to construct your tower as high as you can while making coins for boosters and unlocking brand-new backgrounds. Utilize your coins to open boosters like insurance, coin multiplier, and headstart that can assist you get even more in the game each time. You can likewise utilize your coins to unlock 3 other towers, showcasing various architectures, that are readily available for gameplay. Have a look at the leaderboard to see if you’re the best stacker on AddictingGames!

35. Color Tower

color tower flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: September 12th, 2019 | Rating: 71%

Shade Tower is actually a basic stacking game for casual game players. Appreciate this activity along with simplistic art work as you pile multicolored blocks against a black background. Your goal is to stack vivid blocks right as much as the best of the activity’s view, at which point the game is going to totally reset and start you back. The concept may be deceivingly straightforward yet you will definitely find that maintaining the balance may be quite complicated. Only one off-balanced block can easily lead to the whole thing to swing. Pile as a lot of pillars as you can to beat your personal score or to vanquish other players on the leaderboard in this flash game.

36. Crazy Chiks

Crazy Chiks flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: August 1st, 2019 | Rating: 57%

Crazy Chiks is actually a farm-based flash game. In Fast Chicks, you play the role of a planter who has actually been entrusted along with collecting eggs from a collection of fake chickens. The hens have taken roost in the rafters of your barn. You can’t allow any eggs waste and you also need to manage back and forth in between all of the hens and capture the individual eggs as they drop. Utilize your basket to ensure you carefully acquire them and after that, you can trade them in for a neat revenue.

37. Falling Gadgets

faillng gadgets flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: July 25th, 2019 | Rating: 59%

In Falling Gadgets you will utilize your reflexes, as well as your spacial awareness to aim and stack plenty of extra gadgets. Exactly how high do you think you can go?

38. Zombie Massacre

zombie massacre flash game

Click Here To Play | Released Date: July 18th, 2019 | Rating: 56%

Zombie Massacre is a zombie battling flash game that takes place in the wild west. Now you’re working to destroy zombies while protecting the unprotected and fearful townspeople if it wasn’t challenging actually to be a cattle herder. Use your weapons to kill as many of these creatures as possible. As you pass each phase, you’ll make factors as well as unlocking tools that you may purchase. You can additionally uncover support like medkits, ammunition, and also various other items that may aid you in this activity game. During the course of gameplay, you’ll locate environment-friendly boxes that secure brand-new items that you may make use of. On your dashboard, click on the officer to watch all the accomplishments that you have actually accomplished or even reside in progress. As you get more achievements, you’ll increase in rankings. In addition to keeping yourself secure, defend the townspeople, and also the wagon. They might reward you with items if you protect the appropriate individual.

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