The Ascent Missions List: All Main & Side Quests

The Ascent, the Story-Driven RPG, is established by Neon Giant;. Many gamers are curious about how many primary and side missions there are. The short answer to this is 40.

For all associated Xbox accomplishments, you must complete twenty eight Ascent Side Missions and twelve Main Missions or objectives.

Shall we begin discussing all the missions below so that you don’t miss any? Let’s get started.

List of The Ascent Mission

As you may have seen, the Ascent missions are separated into two categories; similarly, this series is categorized to assist you in keeping track of the tasks you must accomplish.

Main Missions

Main Missions of The Ascent are incredibly easy, and they are connected. While playing, the game will constantly guide you to the other round in the queue.

The current missions can be seen on the Map and mission tab through the main menu.

Following are The Ascent Main missions with a brief description:

  1. Arcology Blues: This is the first side mission in which you have to complete two objectives then you have to beat Papa feral when you complete two objectives. The first objective is to reset the SI then your goal is to inspect the shutting down of SI. The second objective is to defeat Papa Feral who is escorted by minions. You just have to hit him continuously but remember that before taking a fight you have to defeat its minions so that you will get enough supplies to kill Papa Feral. You must keep going forward while collecting everything which comes your way. Continue on from the circle chamber till you hit the main region, known as Warrens. This is how you finish Arcology Blues.
  1. Mutual Dependencies: The main goal in this mission is to bring you to Veles world in mutual interdependence. It will start when you enter the main city, Cluster 13.

Steps to complete this mission:

  • Talk with Poone and he will tell you the details.
  • Side Mission: Level Up
  • Make your way towards the Grinder District.
  • Kill all chrome and remove Grinder

10,000 XP can be obtained after completing this mission

  1. Trading Places: Selling Places is one of The Ascent’s longest missions. As a result, you should improve your weapons and armor, as well as allocate all of your talent points to your strongest categories. As this is the longest mission so you will have to complete four submissions which are as follows:
  • Identifying the Hacker
  • The Node
  • The Cosmodrome
  • Siege Mech Boss
  1. Empowerment
  2. Data Miner
  3. Foreign Code
  4. Trace Protocol
  5. Syntax Error
  6. Recompile
  7. Board Meeting
  8. Root Access
  9. Unhandled Exception

Side Missions

The Ascent Side Missions are a little more difficult, or you can say tricky to complete since you must first locate the associated quest givers.

To locate them in the game, you must first explore every category and sector. The mark will display on the map after you enter that district.

Besides, you will not be able to see NPCs within the house until you enter it.

The links to the most troublesome ones are given below so that you can complete missions efficiently.

Following are The Ascent side-missions that are currently accessible, in no specific order:

  • The Stash: The Stash task is a difficult quest that appears early in-game, although it is worthwhile to complete it. You’ll have to fight your way past swarms of foes to find a missing object.
  • Gear Up! After conversing with stackBoss Poone during the main mission, Mutual Dependencies, this side quest becomes accessible. After obtaining mission information, talk with Poone’s henchman, who is right next to Poone’s desk. He’ll offer you 12,000 UCREDs to spend on Firearms, Gear, Augments, Mods, or Tac Weapons.
  • Anabolic Express: You will find this side mission simple, go to The Node and search for Merle. Merle may be found on the west side of The Node market, where he will hand you the gift.
  • Balls Deep: Speak with Hans in Cluster 13, close to the Grafter store and the Gunsmith nearby market. If you take the task, you’ll be instructed to collect Feral Testicles for a good guy. Start killing the Ferals in order for them to spill their Feral Testicles.
  • Bubble Trouble
  • Double Charge
  • Humidity Doctor
  • Silicon Optics
  • One More Rep
  • Lost and Found
  • The Dark Horse
  • Exotic Dinner
  • Prison Break
  • Wash-N’-Go
  • Gen 9 H2O
  • You Snooze You Lose
  • Plug & Play
  • The Recipe
  • The Champ
  • That Guy
  • Liberation Operation
  • Dreadful Situation
  • Dreaming High
  • Casino Courier: This mission’s NPC can be located within GoldenSatori Casino. To get to the casino, go to Tier-Highstreet and then take the rostrum  left to the escalator. Please speak with the purser and hand over the money to him.
  • Casino Courier 2: Head to the same clerk after finishing Casino Courier to begin this secret side-mission. Twisty in Blossom Hills needs the money.
  • Casino Courier 3: Head back to the same purser in the Casino after completing Casino Courier 2 hoist this secret task. You’ll be requested to give the cash to Polter Dee at The Node this time.
  • Casino Courier 4: Again head to the purser and take additional cash. This time, you’ll need to track down Won Harting in Pinnacle.
  • Casino Courier 5: Ultimately, once you’ve completed Casino Courier IV, speak with the purser and collect the funds you want to give to Salucious D in Cosmodrome.

Check that your list matches the one on the top, and if there are any queries, please leave them in the discussion section.

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