How to Get Sweetwater Equips in Maplestory?

The Sweetwater Equips in MapleStory arrives from the mini-game of Commerci Voyages, where you can take on day-to-day dungeons along with a simple party voyage. By doing this, you can earn Equipment and Commerci Denaro.

You can access this area from level 140. This area also offers some of the gear related to mid-game and end-game that several players struggle towards. It is usually easy to finish, but you may need to finish off the content multiple times to recoup enough coins for your gear.

If you want to access the Commerci Voyages, then you’ll need to finish the Prequests of the Commerci Republic at a specific point.

Firstly, it’s necessary to find the quest Lightbulb which comes at approximately 140th level. Then, you’ll drive to Ereve immediately, and here you will have to speak again to Neinheart. Now, the game will transfer you to Lith Harbor to speak to Parbell.

At this stage, the Parbell will drift you to the start of Commerci quests. At the starting point, you will reach Berry: the Commerci Republic where you must communicate with Mayor Berry.

After completing these quests, you’ll be required to move in the right direction on the map. Then you’ll automatically get teleported before you reach the end. Now, you’ll have to destroy the twelve Calico Tim cats. Then have a dialogue with Leon Daniella.

It’s time to head towards the main town of the Commerci Republic. You don’t need to do anything. Simply move according to the maps in the right direction and you’ll reach the destination in no time.

Now, you will get access to Sweetwater Equipment available in the Commerci Voyages. Have a look at your quest notifier Lightbulb for the new quest. You will Get Rich Quickly and then converse with Maestra Fiametta. After completing the quests, you’ll get a chance to visit some manageable voyages, which should not come with any major problem. At this stage, you can speak with Maestra Fiametta and then go for Start Trade. This will begin with Commerci Voyage.

Guide to Commerci Voyages

You can easily obtain Commerci Denaro through Commerci Voyages. Moreover, you’ll also have some chances of dropping Sweetwater Equipment. When you just start Commerci Voyages, you will only get entry to the initial Region. This region is known as Dolce. However, you don’t need to rely upon the favorable news coming from the Commerci Voyages. This is because it is not at all needed to farm equipment and coins, as you’ll be just repeatedly farming the similar Commerci Voyages.

Now, it’s time to talk to Maestra Fiametta. After talking, you’ll have to press the Start Trade to begin a Commerci Voyage. Also, you’ll start the day with 100 Energy, which will be deducted to a certain amount on each mission you take on. 

On every mission, you’ll be able to take some items on your journey. Each you take comes with its own cost. However, if you complete all the voyages successfully, you will easily earn additional Denaros for every single being delivered. Always remember that these missions are often profitable unless you die. This is because, if you die then you’ll lose all your Denaros that you have spent on purchasing different items.

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