POLAR AURORA GAMING CHAIR REVIEW – Instructions, Parts & More!

Hearing your back cry out in pain as you are ultra-focused in a high-intensity mid-map RPG gank is a gamer’s worst nightmare. 

Gaming seems like an innocuous light activity. However, as any diehard gamer would tell you, it requires great physical skill. Not the power-pumping prowess of a wrestler maybe, but definitely subtle precision skills, more like that of a surgeon, that holds up for hours on a stretch. 

Not to mention the long-term back damage that daily 12-hour gaming sessions could cause. Getting the ergonomics right with a suitable gaming chair is essential for gamers. 

The Polar Aurora Gaming Chair packs in a host of features for that perfect gaming experience. It is one of the best gaming chairs in the under $100 category. For its price point, the Polar Aurora Gaming Chair really kicks above its weight with so many options and features loaded in. 

The Polar Aurora Gaming Chair Review

 Here is why gamers on a budget need to buy the Polar Aurora Gaming Chair now.


The little secret of gaming is that it is a physically very demanding activity. Gamers need to put their bodies in subtle configurations and postures for perfect execution of gaming tasks. With the desk and screen locked in space, all adjustments have to be made in your chair.

The Polar Aurora can be adjusted for any angle, height, or shape.

Its seat height can be adjusted over 4 inches – a wide range that can support the smallest guy to the tallest ones. It has an impressive SGS 3 adjusting pump – or in English, you can adjust seat height smoothly without any jerks.

It provides 2D adjustable armrests which can be tilted to any angle. Most times, the key to that perfect headshot is in the proper angle of your arms, and the Polar Aurora’s 2D armrests provide you with precisely that.


The secret to comfortable seating lies in a high back. High backs provide maximum support to your shoulders and spine, which keeps you pushed forward into the ideal straight position all the time.

For gamers, this is absolutely critical. Most games are lost due to wrong actions performed under aching backs and slumping shoulder. Also, lousy back support can lead to lifelong back issues.

The Polar Aurora is perfect with a very high backrest and sturdy frame that can support even up to 300lbs. Its materials have passed the SGS BIFMA wall pipe 300lbs Test. 


Gaming chairs take their inspiration from racing car seats. And for a good reason. As Drawer realized when it launched the first-ever gaming chair in 2006, gaming chairs need lots of space and high backs -just like racing car seats, which are designed specifically for long hours of focussed active sitting.

The Polar Aurora has a huge spacious seat and is modeled after racing cars. Enjoy long gaming sessions with minimum discomfort.


Games are only won when you are focused. You definitely can’t focus when you are straining your eyes and head into all sorts of awkward positions because your neck is crying out every time you turn your head!

Cushion support is key to a comfortable gaming experience. The Polar Aurora Gaming Chair comes with well-padded comfortable neck support and headrest. It also has a nice lumbar cushion to keep your back in the ideal arched position.


The one major glitch with budget chairs is that they tend to tear off too soon. 

That is one area where the Polar Aurora surprised us totally. It is covered with high-grade long-duration PU leather, which is much better than both PVC and low-grade PU. It is skin-friendly and way more breathable for extra comfort.

This makes the Polar Aurora unique – a gaming chair that is comfortable and durable!


The Polar Aurora Gaming Chair is fitted with 5 durable wheels with 360-degree swivel ability for both in-game and off-game easy mobility. The wheels roll smoothly and noiselessly overall textures – carpet, tile, or wood.


It is very easy to assemble the Polar Aurora Gaming Chair. The company also provides additional help with an instruction manual and video tutorials.


And finally, the best thing about the Polar Aurora Gaming Chair is that it packs in all that awesomeness in under $100. 

Seriously, we could not believe it at first! “Budget” chairs upwards of $150 perform far worse!

Does this review inspire you to buy the Polar Aurora Gaming Chair right away? Or perhaps you would to like to explore some of the high-end models? In either case. Here is a nice little buying guide we put together for you.

What to Look for in a Gaming Chair?

Adjustability and Ergonomics are the key factors here.

  1. The chair should have adjustable armrests, lumbar support, ample cushions and padding, and a headrest. Comfort is the key here.
  2. Multi-directional armrests are the best. 2D armrests are a must, and if money is not a concern, you can even try 3D and 4D variants.
  3. Material matters equally. Go for high-grade PU, which is breathable and durable. Again, if money is not a bar, then you could go for natural leather as well.
  4. Choose your fit. No gaming chair fits everybody. Always make sure one that can be adjusted to your size. 

Whether you are a casual gamer or pro gamer, you can’t get it wrong with the Polar Aurora Gaming Chair if you are on a budget!


  • Highly adjustable 
  • Ample cushion support
  • Sturdy frame – supports up to 300 lbs
  • Durable high-grade PU leather
  • Amazing Affordable price point 


  • Plastic body
  • Wheels are made of plastic


Q: Why should I buy the Polar Aurora Gaming Chair? I already have an expensive office chair.

A: Gaming Chairs are far more adjustable than other chairs. For example, the Polar Aurora Gaming Chair can be reclined to up to 160 degrees for mid-game rests or otherwise.
Also, these chairs have more cushions and support. They are designed after racing car seats which are the standard for seating ergonomics.

Q: Can gaming chairs improve gameplay?

A: Most definitely. Most gameplay lapses occur either due to weakness or loss of focus. Most gamers report physical discomfort as the reason for these. A gaming chair will thus definitely help you win more games.

Q: Am I too tall for a gaming chair?

A: No, most gaming chairs have adjustable seat heights. The Polar Aurora can actually be adjusted for height over a huge 4-inch range. Everyone can easily fit into it.

Q: How much do gaming chairs cost?

A: Gaming chairs span a wide spectrum when it comes to cost – from $100 all the way to $1000. However, for most gaming needs, a budget or mid-range gaming chair will do the job. The Polar Aurora Gaming Chair priced at under $100 is a very good option that you may

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