Path of Exile Fractured Wall – A Complete Guide

If you’re searching for a guide to the popular Path of Exile Fractured Wall System, you have come to the right place. In this Path of Exile Fractured Wall system guide, amongst many things, I am going to teach you how to use the Delve mechanic for maximum profitability. The Delve system in Path of Exile just so happens to be one of the most rewarding piece of content they have released. 

When it comes to Delving, and the profitability, a good portion of it depends on fractured walls in Path of Exile. I’m probably not the first one to admit this, but finding these walls isn’t exactly a piece of cake. I have friends who spend eleven hours trying to find a fractured wall, then they gave up for the day.

In fact, one friend, at one point in time, was convinced that the fractured walls in Path of Exile were a completer hoax, but I’m telling you, it exists and that’s basically why I have decided to give you guys this guide. I’m going to tell you how to find and farm fractured walls. 

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Fractured Wall in Path of Exile – What are They?

Before I jump straight in, I first want to explain what a Fractured Wall in Path of Exile is. Long story short, the Fractured Wall is an environmental object that can be found along specific Delve routes. As the name suggests, this is a wall that you can shatter in order to gain access to a secret room. 

These rooms tend to hold some decent loot, such as currency, valuable prophecies, items, and a lot of other loot that you will be able to sell for a nice bit of currency on Path of Exile. 

How Do You Locate Fractured Walls?

Many players believe finding a good amount of fractured walls in Path of Exile is dependant on a “run and gun” approach. Basically, they believe it’s like going on a skyscraper, and rolling a dice off and trying to guess the numbers. Instead, I’m going to put some science into this.

The aim here is to create a good system that will give us the opportunity to find a large amount of fractured walls and loot them in order to gain a lot of currency, without any form of exhaustive effort going into play.

Step-by-Step – Finding Fractured Walls on PoE

Step 1: Locate the Node You Would Like to Loot

Before you go off, set a clear target. Fractured walls are normally associated with hidden nodes. These are nodes you can locate on the delve map that don’t have any type of path connecting them to any other node. 

Step 2: Gain an Understanding of How Pathing Works in Delve

In order to really understand the system that is behind easily locating fractured walls and hidden nodes, you will first need to understand how pathing works in Delve.

Here’s a little hint to get you started: It is one large grid. 

The Delve world is a flat grid, so each node can have a total of 4 paths that are connected to it. You can have one per direction (up, down, left, right) with none of the paths being diagonal. Nodes are able to have up to 4 paths, however, they can only have 1,3, or 4 connections – there’s never a number 2 because there’s always going to be a third hidden connection. 

On another note, when a square isn’t a node, it can only have one path going through them  from one side to the next because if it has any type of intersection, it would make them a node. Does that make sense? 

Step 3 – Some Helpful Tips to Help You Save Some Time

There are a couple of counter examples to that 1,3,4 rule I just mentioned. Some of the nosed in the mineshaft have 2 random paths.

2 Path Nodes

You may also stumble across some 2-path nodes and they tend to spawn towards the top of the layout. Perhaps these are the result of the procedural generation algorithm that is employed by Path of Exiles.

There are certain situations where a hidden node that is of depth 3 can be found at the very top part of the layout and despite being labeled a dead-end, it does actually have a hidden path.  Just remember, a dead-end node isn’t going to have a connection to a hidden note or anything else apart from the node that will lead you there. 

Step 4 – Choose a Starting Point

Now that you have a pretty good idea on how the pathing is structure in Path of Exile’s Delve System, it is not time to take that knowledge and apply it so that you can pick out the possible nodes that could lead you to a hidden node. 

Step 5 – Time to Start Looking

Now that you have decided where you will be starting, it’s time to check your paths to see which one is going to lead you to that hidden node and fractured wall. 

Don’t worry, you don’t need to run the entire map. Once you are officially in the node, you will be able to establish which path it has and whether those paths run in the direction you need them to. 

Additional Notes to Help You Locate Fractured Walls on Path of Exile

Fractured walls can be located in dark hidden areas. If you are close enough and hovering over it, you can find them marked on the mini map – it will also show you the health bar of the wall. You can destroy the walls using dynamite.

In grids that don’t contain checkpoints, there’s always going to be at least one fractured wall. 

A Hidden Path

Some checkpoints aren’t going to have any paths leading to them. This means it’s hidden behind a fractured wall. Once you have destroyed the wall, you can send a Crawled to the checkpoint. 

If you notice the checkpoint having 2 paths, then there will more than likely be a hidden path around it. If there’s no checkpoints with 2 paths, then go ahead and check the checkpoints that contain 3 paths. It’s also possible for a checkpoint that has a single path to contain two paths that are hidden. 

Use Dynamite to Destroy the Fractured Walls

In order to destroy fractured walls, you will want to use Dynamite. Each fractured wall is only going to require one dynamite to be destroyed. You can also use dynamite to deal damage to any enemies that get in your way. 

You can upgrade the Dynamite radius, capacity, and damage using Azurite. 


Fractured Walls on Path of Exile’s can be difficult to find and there is no denying this, but at the same time, that challenge is what makes it so exciting when we finally do find the fractured wall. Just remember, you will first need to find a node. They show up on the map as a “node” and they will not have any paths leading to it. Some of them will be more worthwhile, special nodes, like abyss or talisman.

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